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(Inside Mrs Ifemi’s office)

Mrs ifemi was busy with her computer system when one of her boys came knocking at her office door.

“Yes, come in,” She said still operating her system.

The young man who was wearing a black suit, walked in and stood in front of her.

“Madam. The children are now ready for shipment” He said.

Hearing this, Mrs Ifemi leaned back in her seat smiling from ear to ear.

“Good. Now instruct Linda to put a call across to our foreign client Pablo Rodriguez. And tell her to be fast about it” Mrs Ifemi said.

“Yes ma’am,” The young man said with a bow. “But ma’am. Are you sure it’s okay to run such a transaction behind the chief? Don’t you think it’s right that we inform him about this like we always do? Because I am afraid that he will be angry and might react when he finds out that you went out to get children on your own and sold them to a foreign client without getting him involved” He said.

“He will only react if he finds out about this. And the only way he will get to know about this is when someone from my circle reveals this transaction which is supposed to be a secret, to him” She said.

“Of course, there’s no way I will want to snitch on you,” He said.

“Good. Now go deliver my instructions to Linda and tell her to make it snappy” She said.

“Yes, ma’am,” He said with a bow.

And as soon as he left her office, Mrs Ifemi smiled to herself and said,

“By this time tomorrow, I will become a million dollars richer. Hahaha. And I must say, it feels so good to know that I will be having all the money to myself this time around and not sharing fifty percent of it with Chief Anthony” She said as she burst out laughing happily.

(Back at Micheal’s house)

A few moments later, after Micheal was done making peace with Alisha, they were both sitting next to each other in the living room, when Alisha asked,

“Who is she?” Alisha asked fumbling with her dress.

”Who?” Micheal asked curiously staring at her.

“The lady in the picture that tore” Alisha responded with fear in her heart. As she was scared to hear that she was his girlfriend.

“Oh, you mean Jesse?” Micheal asked.

“Jesse. So that was her name?” Alisha asked jealously in her heart.

“She was my girlfriend until when she died,” Micheal said with a scoff while fighting back tears.

Hearing this, Alisha gave him a quick look with her jaw dropped in surprise.

“She’s dead?” She asked looking surprised.

Then with an affirmative nod, Micheal responded.

“Yes. She was killed by some gunmen who were sent by my adopted uncle to kill me a month ago in Spain” Micheal said.

“Oh, my goodness. So life wasn’t easy on you over there as well?” Alisha asked.

Then with a scoff, Micheal responded.

“Life has never been easy on me. I only got used to it and found a means to survive through its difficulties” He said.

“So, what kind of job were you doing over there?” Alisha asked.

“Drug business. I was a well-known drug Lord” He responded.

Hearing this, Alisha couldn’t help but covered her mouth with both palms in shock.

“Shocked right?” Micheal asked smiling at Alisha.

“Yeah. I’m quite surprised. But what happened to your late girlfriend’s killer? Were you able to send your adopted uncle to jail after you found out that it was he who was behind the death of your girlfriend?” Alisha asked.

“Jail? What jail? I couldn’t risk sending that beast to jail knowing that he was still going to bribe his way out of it. So I took laws into my hands and burnt down his secret warehouse where he stored lots of illicit drugs that were worth billions of euros. After that, I went on to attack him while he was asleep and damaged one of his arms. And I’m not done taking my vengeance on him. Because once I return to Spain, I will make sure to take his head as well” Micheal said.

“Are you that deadly? I mean, yes I know you can fight and all that but never had I known that you could be this scary” Alisha said.

“Well, I’m glad that now you know how deadly and scary I can be. Which is why you shouldn’t be close to someone like me. Because there are so many things about me that you wouldn’t want to know. And I indeed look calm on the outside. But the truth is, I can instantly become a devil when someone hurts the people I love” Micheal said.

“Hmmmm. So tell me, why do you find it difficult to share your problems with us even when we are your friends and partners in your quest for vengeance?” Alisha asked.

“Well, you that’s not entirely my fault though. Because while growing up and knowing that I would someday become a drug lord, my adopted father who already knew that I was going to have numerous enemies once I take over from him, went on to teach me how not to trust anyone and how to keep secrets even from my closest friends. He would always say, my son in drug business, no one is to be trusted. And that was how I grew up with that personality and habit of not opening up to people as everyone around me was a suspect” He said.

“Was that also applicable to Jesse your girlfriend?” Alisha asked.

“Well….., at the beginning of our relationship, yes. But as time went on, I learnt to trust her. But trust me, it wasn’t really easy opening up to her. And I can remember we had a series of fights over this issue. It persisted until I learnt to open up to her little by little. She started by making sure that I share every detail of my day-to-day activities with her. And that was how she became the only person who knew me well. She understood my mood and knew exactly what to do at the right time to ease my pains and worries. She became a shoulder I could cry and lean on. She became my number one favourite human on earth. She meant a whole lot to me. Too bad she had to leave that way just because she met an undeserving guy like me who has lots of enemies” Micheal said.

“You must have really loved her a lot,” Alisha said with jealousy in her eyes.

“Yes, I did love her with everything in me,” Micheal said with a sad smile.

“Won’t you love again if you eventually meet another woman who sincerely cares about you?” Alisha asked staring steadily at him.

“Well, I don’t think I would want to endanger another girl’s life all in the name of love. Because everyone that sincerely loves me, always ends up getting hurt or dying in the end” Micheal said with sadness in his eyes.

“What are you saying? Look Micheal whatever happened to Jesse wasn’t entirely your fault okay?” Alisha said.

“Then whose fault is it if not mine? If she hadn’t met and fallen in love with a guy like me, then she wouldn’t have inherited my enemies which means she would have still been alive by now. So, It’s just crystal clear that she died simply because of me. I am just someone she shouldn’t have met” Micheal lamented.

“That’s not true. You are currently surrounded by people who sincerely love you and yet, none of us is dead. So what are you saying?” Alisha asked.

“You think so?” Micheal asked staring at her with sadness in his eyes.

“No Micheal. I know so” Alisha responded.

“Then, what do you have to say about my mother whom the doctor has confirmed that she might be dying any moment from now?” Micheal asked staring deeply into Alisha’s eyes with pain in his eyes.

“What? Nanny Bunmi is dying?” Alisha asked with shock on her face.

“Who is dying?” Samson who overheard them discussing asked, as he walked in.

And instantly, Micheal who couldn’t hold it in anymore suddenly began to shed tears. Burying his face inside his palms.

“I don’t understand this. How come none of us knew about this? And when did her condition worsen to the point of the doctor saying she will be dying anytime?” Alisha asked.

“Wait a minute. Are you guys talking about Micheal’s mother?” Samson asked sitting upright.

“Yes, Samson” Alisha responded in a low tone.

“Oh, my goodness! This isn’t good” Samson exclaimed in shock.

“She already knew that her condition had worsened and that she was going to die sooner or later when she got hospitalised the second time. But she instructed the doctor to keep it a secret from us. And honestly, the thought of this whole thing almost drove me crazy yesterday. And that was why I took out my frustration on you” Micheal said trying so hard to control his tears.

“Man……, so you’ve been keeping such a thing from us all these while? You are really unbelievable” Samson said in disbelief.

“It’s okay Micheal. You have every right to feel sad, angry and emotional about this whole thing. But it’s wrong of you to assume that this whole misfortune is happening because of you. Believe me, it is not your fault in any way,” Alisha said slowly patting his back.

“Yes, Michael, Alisha is right. You don’t have to be hard on yourself over situations you have no control over. And believe me, it is not your fault that any of this Is happening to you. And I think since you already know that your mother has a short time to live, then you should take out time to spend quality time with her and do some of the things you’ve always wanted to do with her. That way, you won’t regret losing her much” Samson said.

“Yes, Micheal. I think I’m in support of what Samson said. Instead of blaming yourself, why not figure out how to create long-lasting memories with your mother? And whatever idea you come up with, always remember that we are here to support and cheer you on all through the way” Alisha said holding his hand in his.

“Exactly and I believe that’s what friends are for,” Samson said.

“Thank you guys,” Micheal said fighting back tears.

“You are not alone Micheal, we are right behind you. Any time, any day” Samson said with a reassuring smile.

Just then Micheal’s second phone rang. It was the phone he bought separately for his mission.

“Silence everyone. This might be a call from one of our targets,” Micheal said quickly standing to his feet.

“Hello……,” He said in a calm tone as soon as he picked up the call.

“Am I speaking with Pablo Rodriguez?” The lady over the phone asked.

“Well, this is his personal assistant. What message do you have for him?” Micheal lied.

“Please let him know that his order from Ifemi holdings is ready for delivery. And we will be texting him the time and place for delivery tomorrow morning” She said.

“Alright. I will make sure to deliver your message to him” Micheal said.

“Alright then. Bye,” The lady said and immediately ended the call.

Immediately after the call, Micheal exclaimed.

“Yes!” He exclaimed in joy.

“Who called?” Samson and Alisha chorused with curiosity on their faces.

“Ifemi holding just called to inform me that the children we ordered are now ready for delivery” Micheal announced with excitement in his voice.

Hearing this, Samson and Alisha jumped up for joy.

“This calls for a big celebration. I honestly cannot wait to expose those evil beings” Samson said.

“Me too” Alisha agreed.

“Once we are done exposing Ifemi. Then she will be left with no choice but to reveal who her boss is. And that will be, killing two birds with one stone” Micheal said with a mischievous smile.

Later that night, Micheal drove Alisha home. As they both got off the car, they stood facing each other beside Micheal’s car.

Just then, a car suddenly drove in their direction with its front light pointing directly at them.

Micheal and Alisha who were now blinded by the light, had to raise their hands to keep the light from blinding their eyes.

While they were still wondering who it was, Chief Anthony stepped out of the car with two of his bodyguards following him from behind.

Slowly taking his hand a little bit lower from his eyes, Micheal recognised him immediately.

“Isn’t that….?” He was still asking when Alisha responded.

“Yes. He is Chief Anthony the Chief Executive Officer of Anthony groups” Alisha muttered to him.

Walking up to them, Chief Anthony asked,

“Isn’t this my niece Alisha?” He asked now blocking the light with his body.

“Good evening Uncle” Alisha reluctantly greeted.

“Good evening Alisha. And who is this young man who isn’t bold enough to go meet your parents but is here engaging you in a flirty discussion outside your parent’s house?” Chief Anthony asked casting his gaze on Micheal who clenched his fist trying so hard not to retaliate.

“He is………” Alisha was yet speaking when Micheal interrupted.

“I am Micheal Pedro sir. Alisha’s bodyguard” He responded with a mischievous smile.

“Bodyguard? But why do you need a bodyguard if I may ask?” Chief Anthony asked Alisha.

Before Alisha could say a word, Micheal had already answered him.

“To protect herself from some evil and greedy men who would do anything to enrich themselves,” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony couldn’t help but wonder if he had met Micheal before.

“Young man, have we met before?” He asked Michael.

“Why? do I look familiar to you? Well, you don’t have to bother yourself by wondering if we have met before or not. Because we might be seeing each other more often from now on” Micheal said with a mischievous smile.

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