The bodyguard episode 28



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While Micheal was still struggling to go back to punching Chief Anthony, Samson quickly dragged him to a corner before the policemen could spot him.

“Micheal you need to get hold of yourself,” Samson said placing his palms on the shoulder of Micheal who was trying to catch his breath as his heart was still boiling with anger.

When he was finally calm, Samson asked,

“Micheal, what happened here?”

“I finished them all” Micheal responded.

“You finished them as in killed them?”Samson asked.

“Yes. Except for that monster that is halfway dead” Micheal said referring to Chief Anthony.

“You’ve done well Micheal. But I think you have to find your way out of here before the police presume you to be one of them” Samson said.

“But it was an act of self-defence so why do I have to run like a thief?” Micheal asked,

“You don’t get it, do you? This is not Spain. If they find out that everyone in this building died except you, then, believe me, you will have lots of explaining to do in the police station. Especially how you were able to single-handedly defeat all of them. And before you know it, they might even detain you. So to avoid stories that touch, I will advise you to leave this place immediately” Samson said.

“What about Alisha? She was shut earlier” Micheal said.

“Don’t worry about Alisha. I believe she will be fine once she gets to the hospital. Have you forgotten that she’s strong-willed?” Samson asked.

“But she currently needs my attention,” Micheal said.

“Listen to me, Micheal. You need to leave now. I will text you the location of the hospital when she gets admitted. But for now, you just have to leave please” Samson urged.

Just then, one of the policemen noticed Samson talking with someone at the corner. And then he began walking in his direction.

Seeing him approaching them, Samson quickly urged Micheal to leave the crime scene immediately.

“Go now, Micheal. A police officer is coming in our direction” Samson whispered.

And without hesitation, Micheal found his way out.

When the policeman finally walked up to Samson, he found him easing himself.

“What are you doing here? And who were you speaking with?” He asked Samson who placed his hand on his chest and said.

“My goodness! You almost scared the hell out of me. Can’t you see that I am easing myself?” Samson asked.

“I am sure I heard you talking with someone earlier, who was it?” The policeman asked.

“As you can see, I was talking to myself because this whole scene scared the hell out of me. And when I’m scared, I always talk to myself to divert my mind from my fears” Samson responded.

And after that, he walked away to join Alisha’s parents. Leaving the policeman in utter confusion.

“I was sure I heard him talking with someone,” The policeman said still looking around.

When Alisha’s father saw him, he quickly dragged him aside and whispered,

“Where is Micheal?” He asked.

“I told him to leave,” Samson said.

“Good. Let’s quickly take Alisha to the hospital” Mr Nicholas said.

While they were leaving, Samson texted the hospital location to Micheal and told him to make sure he wash up before rejoining them in the hospital to avoid raising unnecessary suspicions from the policemen who were accompanying them to the hospital.

(At the hospital)

A few moments later, Micheal who had quickly gone home to change into a different outfit after taking a quick bath, returned and joined Samson and Alisha’s parents, as they all patiently waited in the waiting room for the doctor’s report on Alisha, who was currently undergoing emergency surgery in the operating room.

Micheal who also sustained some injuries on some parts of his body refused to receive treatments while waiting for the doctor’s report on Alisha.

And deep inside, Micheal couldn’t help but blame himself for bringing harm to Alisha. And so he silently prayed in his heart.

“If there is indeed a God in heaven, then I humbly ask that you grant Alisha divine healing. And in return, I promise to leave her life once she recovers. That way, I won’t be putting her in more danger in future. Because I know I’m the reason why she is in this condition. If I hadn’t dragged her into my quest for vengeance or if I hadn’t shown up in her house that day accepting to be her bodyguard, then none of this would have happened. I am nothing but a bad omen and all those who sincerely love me, always end up dying leaving me behind. I have lost enough people already please don’t let me loose Alisha too” He lamented inwardly burying his head in his palms with tears in his eyes.

Seeing him in that state, Alisha’s father walked up to him and rubbed his back while sitting next to him.

“Alisha will be fine Micheal” Mr Nicholas assured in a calm tone.

Hearing this, Micheal lifted his head and stared at him with tears looming in his eyes.

“I’m sorry sir. All these happened because of me. It is my fault that Alisha is in there fighting for her life” Micheal said with tears.

Then placing his palm on Micheal’s shoulder, Mr Nicholas said,

“No, Micheal. This is not in any way your fault. If there’s someone to blame for all this, then it should be my brother who didn’t know when to stop. I wasn’t expecting him to pull a trigger on my daughter but I guess he is a monster with no conscience after all” Mr Nicholas said.

“I have decided to leave once Alisha regains consciousness” Micheal revealed.

Hearing this, Mr Nicholas turned and gave him a quick look filled with surprise and curiosity.

“But why? I thought you liked my daughter?” Nicholas asked.

“So you already knew?” Micheal asked with a scoff.

“Of course Micheal. I knew all along that you weren’t just a bodyguard to Alisha but a lover. I only pretended not to know because I wanted you two to tell me first” Mr Nicholas said.

“Yes, you are right. I love you daughter. And that’s why I have to leave” Micheal said.

“Why? I still don’t understand. Why leave now after all you’ve both been through?” Me Nicholas asked.

“Because that’s the best way to keep Alisha from more harm in future. Because I am a bad Omen and any lady who sincerely cares about me, will end up getting hurt or dying. And as such, I promised God that if he let Alisha live, then I will leave” Micheal said.

“You can’t say that about yourself, Micheal. You are not a bad Omen. And whatever happened to your past lovers, was never your fault. Alisha’s case is just another coincidence and not because you are ill-fated” Mr Nicholas said.

Just then, the doctor came out of the operating room and they all immediately rushed up to him with curiosity and anxiety.

“Doctor, how did the surgery go?” Mr Nicholas asked.

“Mr Nicholas. There was no bullet found in your daughter’s system as it had already pierced out through her back during the attack. And thankfully, it didn’t affect any of her vital organs except for the deep wounds it created in her back and her stomach which resulted in excessive bleeding. Although we’ve been able to stitch her wounds, she is still in danger as she needs an emergency blood transfusion” The doctor said.

“Then give her mine,” Mr Nicholas said.

“We will have to carry out a blood test on you to ascertain if your blood actually matches with hers,” The doctor said.

“Then in that case, how about you just run a blood test on all of us to know which one of our blood actually matches with hers?” Micheal asked.

“Yeah, I think he has a point doctor” Mr Nicholas supported.

“Alright then” The doctor agreed.

And when the test results came out, it was then confirmed that Micheal’s blood matched that of Alisha more. And so, he donated his blood to Alisha.

A few days later, Micheal located the hometown of his late biological father through the help of Mr Nicholas and his wife. And after communing with the elders of the family, Micheal went back to the hospital and retrieved his mother’s corpse from the morgue. After which, he laid his mother to rest beside her late husband.

And after his mother’s burial, Micheal met with Simi one last time at a bar.

“I was surprised when you called and asked that we meet. But what happened to your face and your lips?” Simi asked staring at his face.

“Well, I got into an accident,” Micheal said touching his face.

“Oh my, and you didn’t care to let me know?” She asked caringly trying to touch his face.

But Micheal held her hand and said,

“I have something to tell you,” He said.

“Okay, go on. I’m all ears” Simi said dropping her hand with excitement on her face.

Then taking a deep sigh, Micheal began.

“The truth is, I don’t have feelings for you” Micheal revealed.

Hearing this, Simi leaned back in her seat with her smile suddenly turned into a frown.

“What are you saying?” She asked.

“Look, I have someone else I love. So, I will advise you just move on and stop holding on to me because…,”

Micheal was yet speaking when Simi angrily stood up and slapped him very hard on his left chin.

“You know what? Screw you!” She said and angrily left the bar.

“Did she have to hit me in this same spot?” He asked rubbing his chin in pain.

After meeting with Simi, Micheal went on to sell off Ifemi holdings using the business transfer document in his possession. And once he was done selling it, he shared the money amongst the children that were affected by Chief Anthony and Mrs Ifemi’s illegal trade. As they were all moved to a different orphanage home.

Then after that, he dropped by the hospital to see Alisha for the last time.

Sitting next to her, he held her hand in his and said,

“I hope you have a better life once I am gone”

Then while leaving the hospital, he handed a letter to Mr Nicholas and instructed him to pass it on to Alisha once she awakens.

And thereafter, he left the hospital and eventually went back to Spain.

When Alisha finally regained consciousness, she was curious and confused as to why Micheal hasn’t come around to see her.

And after much persuasion, her father finally handed her the letter which Micheal left for her.

Reading through the letter, Alisha’s eyes began looming with tears and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Dear Alisha, if you are reading this letter, that means you are now well and back to life which is one thing I spent all night praying for.

I know by now, you must have been wondering why I haven’t come to see you. But the truth is, I won’t be coming anytime soon. Because by the time you get this letter, I must have left the country.

I am sorry for letting you down, especially in a moment like this when you need me most by your side. I also wished I could stay beside you and watch you get better. But the guilt in my heart won’t let me.

I blame myself for everything that has happened to you. And for it not to reoccur, I have decided to leave so that you can Live and enjoy your life to the fullest.

With me gone, I believe you will no longer be in danger and you won’t get hurt like you currently are. I have lost two persons who meant the world to me so I am not ready to lose you too.

On this note, I wish you well in all your endeavours. And I must say that the time I spent with you, was inarguably the best moment of my life. And everything we shared so far, was good while it lasted.

But In as much as it hurts me to say goodbye, I think this is where we both part ways.

Get over me soon and find someone else who will adore you as much as I do. And until we meet again, I will be here rooting and praying for your well-being and happiness.

yours faithfully,
Micheal Pedro
your bodyguard”

“No, this isn’t true,” Alisha said shaking her head in disbelief.

“Alisha, you need to calm down okay? You aren’t fully healed yet” Her mother said.

“No, leave me alone! Micheal can’t do this to me. Not after everything we’ve been through mummy” Alisha yelled crying profusely.

“I know my child. But he believes this is the best for the both of you” Her mother said

“No one knows what’s the best for me. Only I do. And what’s best for me, is Micheal and nothing else” Alisha said with pain in her heart.

And without hesitation, she got off the bed in pain and hurriedly rushed out of the hospital straight to Micheal’s house.

Getting there, she felt weakness in her bones as she met Samson alone in the house.

“Alisha” Samson called but she simply ignored him and climbed the staircase straight into Micheal’s room.

Then dragging her feet into Micheal’s bedroom which was now empty, Alisha fell to the floor and collapsed.

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