10 Countries People NEVER Regret And REGRET Moving To

10 Countries People NEVER Regret Moving To

People were asked about their experiences migrating to another nation in the past ten years and whether they were happy with their decision in a survey that included nearly 2,400 respondents. Almost 17 percent of respondents left comments on the survey, displaying a range of countries and reasons for happiness or regret, in addition to different viewpoints on moving.

Despite some overlap with a previous survey on countries people regret moving to, the results highlighted the subjective nature of such experiences and the uniqueness of individual preferences. According to a survey by World According to Briggs, here are the top ten countries people never regret moving to, counting down from number 10.

10). Portugal
Portugal secured the 10th spot on the list, with respondents praising its warm climate, relatively low cost of living, safety, and the friendliness of its residents. The country’s beautiful landscapes, excellent wine, food, and the prevalence of English speakers were also highlighted. Tax benefits and good healthcare further contribute to Portugal’s popularity, making it particularly attractive to retirees.

-9). Australia
Australia, often referred to as the “land down under,” claimed the 9th position on the list. Respondents appreciated Australians’ straightforward and direct communication style, along with the pleasant weather and stunning beaches. The country’s unique culture, job opportunities, and outdoor lifestyle contributed to the positive experiences reported by those who moved to Australia.

-8 ). Canada
Canada, which also appeared on the list of countries people regretted moving to in a previous survey, managed to secure the 8th spot this time. While some respondents found Canada to be more expensive than expected, many praised the friendly people, abundant outdoor activities, and the quality of life. Notably, a few respondents attributed their lack of regret to the superior quality of Canadian beer.

-7). New Zealand
New Zealand, a country often overlooked in discussions, claimed the 7th position. Respondents highlighted the cleanliness, decent people, and the country’s breathtaking beauty. While some noted the high cost of living in cities like Auckland, others mentioned the financial incentives offered by employers to offset these expenses, making New Zealand an attractive destination.

-6). Belgium
Securing the 6th position, Belgium received praise for being family-friendly, offering good education and healthcare, and having a rich cultural scene. Its safety, ease of commuting to work, and multilingual population (with many residents speaking multiple languages) contributed to the positive experiences reported by those who moved to Belgium.

-5). The Netherlands
Neighboring Belgium, the Netherlands took the 5th spot. Respondents appreciated the country’s excellent public transportation, job opportunities, and overall quality of life. Despite some discrepancies in perceived job opportunities, the Netherlands is often lauded for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and active lifestyle.

-4). Switzerland
Switzerland, known for its stunning mountains and low crime rate, claimed the 4th position. Respondents emphasized the country’s excellent skiing, high quality of life, and the absence of involvement in wars. The unique design of the Swiss flag, resembling the Red Cross flag, was also a noteworthy point of discussion.

-3). Denmark
Denmark secured the 3rd spot, with respondents praising its bike-friendly cities, lack of traffic congestion, and walkable or bikeable infrastructure. Denmark’s excellent healthcare system, great schools, and overall safety contributed to the positive sentiments expressed by those who moved to this Scandinavian country.

-2). Norway
Norway, another Scandinavian gem, took the 2nd position. Respondents appreciated Norway’s great schools, healthcare, and the country’s overall low crime rate. Despite the high cost of living, the natural beauty and quality of life in Norway outweighed the financial considerations for many respondents.

-1). Sweden
Securing the top spot, Sweden emerged as the country people rarely regret moving to. The Scandinavian nation is known for its low crime rate, excellent healthcare, and great schools. Respondents also highlighted Sweden’s reputation as one of the happiest countries globally, attributing its appeal to factors like cultural richness and a high quality of life.


10 Countries People Regret Moving To

Moving to a new country is a significant life decision, often driven by factors such as job opportunities, adventure, or a desire for a lifestyle change. However, not every relocation results in a positive experience, and many individuals find themselves regretting their decision.

According to a survey by ‘World According to Briggs’, 75% of individuals who moved for work in the last decade expressed dissatisfaction with their chosen country. The survey identified the most regretted destinations and the main reasons for expatriate discontent, highlighting the importance of careful planning and research before relocating for work.

Counting down from number 10, eliciting the least level of regret, to number one with the most level of regret, here are the top 10 countries people regret moving to.

-10). Canada
Surprisingly, Canada makes it to the list at number 10. While Canada is renowned for its beautiful scenery and high quality of life, some expatriates find the immigration process challenging and the cost of living higher than expected. Additionally, the cold weather is a common complaint among those who regret their move.

-9). United Kingdom
At number nine, the United Kingdom, with its rich history and broad culture, is not exempt from expat regrets. Complaints include the damp, cold weather and a perceived lack of work-life balance, especially in management positions. Some expats also mention the expense of living and difficulties accessing healthcare.

-8 ). Brazil
Ranking eighth on the list is Brazil, a country known for its vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes. However, concerns about safety and high crime rates in certain urban areas emerge as primary reasons for expat regret. Despite the allure of the people, beaches, and food, personal safety becomes a significant drawback.

-7). France
France takes the seventh spot, with expats citing difficulty integrating with locals, particularly in urban areas. Some claim that the hospitality in France is often just a façade, and Paris, in particular, does not always live up to its picturesque image. Cultural differences and a perceived lack of warmth from locals contribute to expat dissatisfaction.

-6). China
At number six, China reveals a unique set of challenges for expatriates. Many Westerners report feeling ignored or isolated in Chinese society, with language barriers exacerbating the issue. Expats also express frustration with work-related pressures, a lack of work-life balance, and cultural differences that make fitting in challenging.

-5). Japan
Japan secures the fifth spot, with Tokyo drawing mixed reviews from expats. Issues such as a lack of work-life balance, prevalent smoking in restaurants, and the use of squat toilets are frequently cited as sources of dissatisfaction. While Japan offers a unique cultural experience, some expats find it difficult to adapt to certain aspects of daily life.

-4). United States
Surprisingly, the United States lands at number four, with crime and racism being significant concerns for expatriates. While the U.S. is often seen as a land of opportunity, the realities of racial tensions and high crime rates in certain areas have left some regretting their decision to move.

-3). Mexico
Mexico takes the third spot, with ex-pats expressing concerns about crime and cleanliness in certain areas. While Mexico offers an affordable cost of living, issues such as theft and pickpocketing, particularly in border towns, contribute to expat dissatisfaction.

-2). Belarus
At number two, Belarus emerges as an unexpected entry on the list. Expatriates, especially those from the U.S., report feeling unwelcome and isolated. Cultural differences and general disapproval of non-Belarusians contribute to expat regret.

-1). Vietnam
Topping the list is Vietnam, where expats appreciate the exquisite food but struggle with issues of fraud, crime, and hygiene. Concerns about unhygienic food preparation and a lack of safety standards add a layer of discomfort to the otherwise attractive destination.


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