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“Hi, Bodyguard” Alisha who was now standing in front of Micheal waved at him with a smile.

“What? Bodyguard?” Micheal marvelled pointing at himself with disbelief. “Have you suddenly gone nuts or something? And where the hell did you spring out from? Wait a minute. Are you stalking me right now?” Micheal who was furious, surprised and curious, asked all at once with his jaw dropped in disbelief.

“Well, unfortunately, it’s the other way round. Because this is my neighbourhood. And my house is three houses away from here. Just over there.” She said pointing towards the direction of her house. Then folding her arms, she continued. “So, I guess it’s safe to say you are the one stalking me here,” Alisha said.

“What? Why would I even stalk you when you aren’t even worth the stress?” Micheal asked with an annoying scoff.

Hearing this, Alisha was deeply hurt and with her jaw dropped in total amazement, she exclaimed,


“Yeah, that’s just the simple truth. I shouldn’t be saying this but, you are not my type so why would I stalk you? And honestly, I wouldn’t have purchased this building if, at all, I knew you live within this estate” Micheal said sighing sadly.

“Wow! Like just wow! Honestly, I can’t believe I wasted four whole days expecting a call from a j**k like you.” Alisha said blowing air on herself as she was suddenly feeling hotness all over her body.

“A j**k? Did you just call me a j**k?” Micheal asked in disbelief.

This was the first time a woman stood up to him and he kind of found it strange.

“Yes, you are a j**k!” Alisha said looking away.

“You sure do have a nerve for a lady. Anyways, I will let this slide simply because I don’t hit women. And because I kinda understand how disappointing and heartbreaking it is for you to have waited in vain for Micheal Pedro’s call,” Then with a deep sigh, he stared sadly at the sky and then said, “If I had known you would be waiting for my call, then I might have at least taken the piece of paper with me when I was leaving the club that night. Too bad I left it on the table the same way you dropped it” Micheal said shaking his head sympathetically.

Hearing this, Alisha who couldn’t believe her ears, gave him a quick glare filled with hurt, anger and pain. She thought she was a psycho but alas, Micheal proved that he was much more than she could chew. And that made her angry and disappointed.

Seeing how angry she was with him at that moment, Micheal quickly looked away. Then with his hands in his pocket, he said,

“Easy with the glare cause you might create a hole in my head with those scary eyes of yours. How can you be bad looking and bad-tempered at the same time? Gosh!” He said avoiding her glare.

But Alisha’s next reaction almost gave him a heart attack. He was still looking away when Alisha suddenly yelled at him at the top of her voice.

“Micheal……!” She shouted angrily like a crazy woman with her fist clenched.

“Jeez! What in the name of crazy is wrong with you?” Micheal asked staring at her in disbelief with his right hand on his chest. “Do you want to give me heartache?” He asked in shock.

Alisha who was very angry and wished she could rip him apart, walked closer to him and stood straight in his face with her eyes flaming with anger.

This boldness of hers strangely scared Micheal who was shocked to witness yet another side of a mad Nigeria woman.

“Who do you think you are? What made you feel like you are so special? Do you think you are my type? Do you think you have any importance to me?. For your information, I am Alisha Akindele the girl who makes heads turn wherever she enters. I have men lining up just to get my contact. I don’t beg for attention because I deserve it. So to hell with you Micheal. And In fact, maybe you should just ask for a refund from whoever sold this house to you. Because it might interest you to know, that you are not welcome here” Alisha yelled angrily to his face.

“Wow!,” Micheal said taking a few steps away from her. “Your nerves are quite a case study. I know this is strange but staring at you now, I just wish you were a man like me. Maybe one or two punches would have helped calm you down. But too bad, you are a woman. And I have no choice but to control my anger” Micheal said folding his arms.

“You know what Micheal, f**k you!” Alisha said with anger.

After saying this, she angrily walked back to her car and instructed one of her father’s bodyguards to drive her back home as she had suddenly lost interest in going out.

Immediately she left, Micheal heaved a sigh of relief. And with his hand placed on his chest, he said,

“What a weirdo. She almost gave me a heart attack. Jeez! Nigerian ladies are sure dangerous” He said.

(Back at Mr Nicholas’s house)

Immediately Alisha got out of her car, she angrily stormed into the house and went straight into her room. Throwing herself on the bed, she started hitting her bed angrily with her clenched fist.

“I will surely make you pay for this Micheal,” She said with anger in her heart.

Then staring calmly at the ceiling, she recalled Micheal’s words and immediately, she quickly sat upright.

“What? I’m not his type? And he won’t stalk me because I don’t worth it? Like seriously, who the hell does he think he is? For goodness sake I am Alisha. Alisha Akindele and no man has ever turned me down. But that piece of trash thinks he can?” She asked out loud with anger boiling in her heart.

(At Micheal’s newly furnished house)

Later that night, Samson dropped by for a drink to commemorate Micheal’s new house. While they were drinking and watching a tv show in the living room, Samson began,

“Hey man, how about you get yourself a Nigerian girl during your stay here? I mean, this house would look so big and lonely without you having someone to talk to” He said.

As soon as he heard the word Nigerian girl, he was suddenly reminded of Alisha’s outburst with him during the day. And the thought of it gave him chills.

“Nigerian girl? Nah, I don’t even want to imagine it” Micheal said waving him off.

“Do you mind explaining why? Because I don’t understand why you can’t imagine being with a Nigerian lady” Samson said casting a curious look at him.

“Because they are scary,” Micheal said. “

“Is there something you aren’t telling me? Because I haven’t seen you with any so how do you know they are scary?” Samson asked.

“I met with that psycho again” Micheal revealed.

“What Psycho?” Samson asked.

“The girl from the other day at the club,” Micheal said rubbing his forehead.

“No way! you mean the same girl that wants you to become her bodyguard?” Samson asked.

“Yeah” Micheal responded.

“But how did that happen?” Samson asked.

“I just found out that she lives in this estate,” Micheal said.

“For real?” Samson asked looking surprised.

“Yeah. But honestly, that girl is a psycho I still can’t believe she called me a bodyguard immediately after she saw me” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Samson couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What an ill-fated relationship you both have. But isn’t it weird how you ended up living close to her despite your attempt to run away from her?” Samson asked rubbing his beard.

“There’s absolutely nothing strange about this. It’s just me having ill luck. Honestly, if I had known she lives around here, then I wouldn’t have picked this particular house” Micheal said.

“Seriously? Do you hate her that much?” Samson asked.

“She always has a way of getting on my nerves. Believe me, that girl is a psycho. And I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her for the sake of my sanity” .micheal said.

“But, if I may ask, what does she need a bodyguard for when it’s not like she is a daughter of a politician,” Samson asked.

Just then, Micheal recalled the incident that happened the other night in the club.

“Could it be because of the fear from that night?” He wondered to himself.

The next morning, Micheal was out jogging when Alisha saw him from the balcony of their house. And instantly, she went into her room, changed into a sexy workout outfit that revealed the top of her b***s, did a little touch-up on her face and lips, and then finally, she stepped out to jog as well. All to get Micheal’s attention.

“I am not your type? Let’s see how long that would last” She said with a mischievous smirk as she walked outside accompanied by one of her father’s guards.

While Micheal was busy jogging and practising some boxing moves in the air, Alisha purposely bumped into him from behind acting like she had missed her step. Thereby, pressing her b***s against his back.

“Ah!” She shouted faintly like she had sprained her ankle.

Micheal quickly turned around and was shocked to see Alisha.

“You again?” Micheal asked in total amazement.

Alisha raised her head and immediately, her eyes caught his shirtless body. His abs, his broad chest, his skin tone and his arm were all calling out to her.

“I can’t believe I came here to tempt him and now, I’m being the one tempted,” She said to herself as she kept staring steadily at Micheal’s bare chest. “How is it possible that I hate and like him at the same time?” She wondered.

Just then, Micheal snapped his fingers at her face bringing her back to reality.

“What’s going through your mind neighbour?” He asked folding his arms.

“Why are you jogging close to my house?” Alisha asked folding her arms too.

And by so doing, she pushed her b***s up making them reveal curves from the top she was wearing.

Micheal’s eyes Immediately went there and he immediately understood what Alisha was doing.

“What a nice boob you’ve got there,” He said with a smirk.

“Hearing this, Alisha readjusted her top revealing it the more.

“But unfortunately, they aren’t sexy enough to tempt Micheal Pedro. So next time, try wearing a more decent outfit” Micheal said.

And with a smile, he left her and continued jogging.

“What? My b***s are not sexy enough? I hate you, Micheal!” Alisha screamed clenching her fist.

“I hate you too!” Micheal responded as he ran off.

That same day in the afternoon, Alisha wore her best outfit and went to Micheal’s house.

He was in his living room when he heard his doorbell ring. And immediately he grabbed it open, he saw Alisha standing before him with her back facing him.

He was still wondering why her back was turned to him when she slowly, turned around flipping her hair to his face in a bid to act sexy. And in the process, her hair got into his eyes.

“Hey easy with the flipping of hair. Do you want to blind me or something?” Micheal yelled out rubbing his eyes.

“I am sorry. Did it get into your eyes?” Alisha asked looking worried.

“What was the meaning of that? Are you trying to act sexy or what?” Micheal asked.

“I guess I just ended up making a fool of myself again. My apologies. I have to go now” Alisha said with sadness in her eyes.

As she turned to go, Micheal held her wrist.

“Hey, it’s fine. Since you are already here, why don’t you take something before you leave?” He asked with a smile.

“Thank you!” Alisha said with excitement written all over her face.

Inside the living room, Micheal offered Alisha a drink. Afterwhich, he sat beside her on a different couch.

“So if I may ask, what’s your ordeal with me? And what’s with you wanting me to be your bodyguard?” Micheal asked.

“The thing is, my grandfather, allocated 50 percent of his wealth to my father who is the youngest of his three sons. While the remaining 50 percent was shared among his two elderly sons each took 25 percent. And after his demise, his two elderly sons, have been fighting to take away my father’s share” She said.

“Why?” Micheal asked.

“Because they believe it’s wrong for my grandfather to allocate the biggest part of his wealth to his youngest son instead of his first son. And as such, my uncles have been threatening us nonstop and from the look of things, they would stop at nothing until they bring my father down. My father escaped an attack from some gunmen just a few days after my grandfather’s funeral. And since then, he made it a law that none of us would step out without the company of a bodyguard. But unfortunately, I didn’t like any of the bodyguards assigned to me. I needed someone I could relate with. Someone good-looking and presentable. Then luckily, you came along and then I said to myself that you are just the perfect person to become my bodyguard” Alisha said.

“Then, in other words, you wanted me as your bodyguard because of my good looks?” Micheal asked blushing effortlessly.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. You are nowhere close to my ex” Alisha said sipping from her cup.

“What? How dare you compare Micheal Pedro with an ex?” Micheal asked feeling hurt.

“I actually dumped him because he was so full of himself always praising himself. What a wasted year it was with him” Alisha said sighing sadly.

All this was just to hurt Micheal’s pride the same way he hurt hers with his words.

“But Micheal, can’t you at least pretend to be my bodyguard? I have promised my dad that I would be introducing you to him before this week runs out. So I have just two days to do that. Can’t you at least help me out?” Alisha pleaded.

“You are really something else you know. Why would you make such a promise when you haven’t reached an agreement with me? And why should I pretend to be your bodyguard? I mean, of what gain is it for me to hang around you?” Micheal asked.

“Please Micheal. If you don’t become my bodyguard, I will be forced to choose from the ones my father will bring. And that will mean, total bondage which I wouldn’t want” Alisha said.

“And how is that my business when I don’t give a f**k about you? And even If I pretend to be your bodyguard what will I gain in return?” Micheal asked.

“Money. I can pay you enough money” Alisha said.

“How much could you possibly pay me that would be enough to foot my bills? I am Micheal Pedro for crying out loud. I am a businessman Alisha and I don’t invest in a business that yields no profit. Cause obviously, pretending to be your bodyguard would definitely require me to abandon my life and focus on yours. So I need to know what I will be benefiting from it” Micheal said.

“If money is not enough, then I don’t think there’s anything that could satisfy you. So in that case, I think I have to leave now. And I’m sorry for inconveniencing you all these while. I was just trying to get you to accept the offer. But from now on, such will not repeat itself. Thank you for the drink.” Alisha said.

And with sadness in her heart, she got up and walked away leaving Micheal in utter confusion.

Two days later, She was in her room with her friend Jane when her father called her to the living room. And together, they both went to the sitting room.

“Daddy, you called me,” Alisha said fumbling with her fingers.

“Yes, I did. I thought you said you would be introducing your new bodyguard to me before this week run out?” He asked.

“Yes, father” Alisha responded with a calm tone.

“Okay, so where is he?” He asked.

“Father, the thing is…..”

Alisha was yet speaking when they heard a knock on the door.

“Go check who is at the door, first,” Her father said.

“Yes, father” She responded and headed to the door.

When she pulled the door open, she was dumbfounded to find Micheal standing before her. He was wearing a designer tuxedo that gave the aura of a wealthy prince.

“Micheal?” Alisha called out looking at him from head to toe with her mouth widely opened in shock. “What, are, you doing, here?” She asked.

“I have come to introduce myself to your father as your new bodyguard. I hope I’m not late?” He asked with a smile.

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