The bodyguard episode 12



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Micheal drove to his house after dropping Alisha off. There he took a quick shower and drove to the hospital to spend the night with his mother.

Reaching the hospital, he parked his car and headed to his mother’s ward. Standing at the door of her ward, he was about to push the door open when he overheard his mother discussing with the doctor.

“For how long do you intend to keep the truth from your family? Don’t you think it’s high time you told them the truth?” The doctor asked.

Then with a sad smile, Bunmi asked,

“Of what use is it to let them know that I will be dying soon?” Bunmi asked.

Hearing this, Micheal forcefully pushed the door open and barged into the room. His eyes moved from the doctor to his mother.

“Mother, what were you two discussing earlier? And who is dying soon?” Micheal asked with pain and tears in his eyes.

“Adekunle…for how long have you been standing there?” She asked in shock.

But Micheal simply ignored her. Then turning to the doctor, he asked,

“Do you mind telling me what you two were talking about just now?” Micheal asked fighting back tears.

Then starting at him, the doctor asked,

“Please, how are you related to the patient?” He asked looking at Micheal with confusion and curiosity.

“He is my son” Bunmi responded.

“Your son?” The doctor asked staring at Bunmi who nodded in affirmation.

Then with anger, Micheal pointed at the doctor saying,

“Doctor, you better start talking before I take out my anger on you right now” Micheal raged glaring at the doctor.

“Hey, easy, with that temper of yours. If you want to know more, then come with me to my office” The doctor said.

As soon as the doctor left the ward, Micheal followed him from behind.

Arriving at the doctor’s office, the doctor sat in his seat and pointed out a seat for Micheal who slowly sat down with fear in his heart.

“Doctor, what were you and my mom discussing earlier? What does she mean by she’s going to die anytime soon?” Micheal asked with tears looming in his eyes.

“Well, you see…, brain tumours are of different types and respond differently to treatments. And survival depends on many factors which include the grades of the brain tumour. And in terms of grades, we have the low grade which respond to treatments faster, and the high grades which are much more likely to come back after treatments and are most likely difficult to treat. So right now, your mother is suffering from grade 4 brain cancer which is one of the high-grade cancer that grows more quickly and is more difficult to treat. And currently, the tumour in your mother’s brain has started spreading into the surrounding of the brain tissue which has made it difficult to remove with surgery” The doctor revealed.

Hearing this, Micheal felt weakness flow into his bones. And with tears dropping from his eyes, he held the doctor’s hand pleading.

“Please doctor. I believe there is something you can do about this. Please think of something. Anything at all. I have lost my mother once and I can’t afford to lose her again” Micheal pleaded with tears in his eyes.

“Young man, I understand how you feel. And honestly, I also wish there was something I can do to help improve patient Bunmi’s condition. But unfortunately, her case has gone beyond curable. Sooner or later, she might start experiencing drowsiness, headaches, mental and personality changes, poor communication, seizures, difficulty in thinking and other dead-end symptoms of a grade 4 brain cancer. The reason she hasn’t started showing any symptoms yet is because of the Chemotherapy treatments she has been receiving coupled with some of the anti-epileptic drugs, steroids, as well as pain killers drugs we’ve been administering to her” The doctor said.

“But what if I fly her out of the country? Don’t you think they would be able to cure her ailment over there? I can fly her to any part of the country. Be it India…..” Micheal said with tears.

Hearing this, the doctor shook his head and said,

“You don’t get it, do you? This is not the first time your mother is experiencing this ailment. She experienced the same thing five years ago and back then, a successful surgery was used to remove the tumour. But right now, the case is entirely different because she has a reoccurrence” The doctor said.

“So, does that mean a successful surgery can’t be performed again this time?” Micheal asked.

“Well, it might be possible to have another surgery carried out on your mother. But you see, surgery does not help everyone with a reoccurrence. Most especially in your mother’s case, where the tumour reappeared in an area where we can’t carry out another operation. And to make it worse, she has other several new brain tumours that are growing quite quickly and is likely to grow back if removed. So in such a case, it’s pointless putting her through another brain surgery. And you need to understand that some brain tumours are cured with the first round of treatment. But unfortunately, it’s common for brain tumours to come back sometime after they were first treated. And when it does, all we have to do is prescribe treatments that can keep cancer under control for a while and help to control the symptoms.” The doctor said.

Hearing this, Micheal took a deep breath. Then in a calm tone, he asked,

“So, how many days does she have left?” He asked shutting his eyes.

“I can’t tell. But anything can happen at any time. You just have to start preparing for the worse” The doctor said.

Hearing this, Micheal weakly, stood up from his seat and said.

“Thanks for the enlightenment. I have to go now” he said in a weak and calm tone.

Then as he turned to leave, the doctor said,

“Young man, I will advise you to make use of this opportunity to do the things you’ve always wanted to do for and with your mother. You never can tell the magic those little moments and memories of happiness would perform” He said.

Then with a smile, Micheal said,

“Thank you, doctor. I will keep that in mind” He said.

Then returning to his mother’s ward, he met his mother sobbing bitterly on her bed.

“Why are you crying?” He asked walking up to her.

“I’m sorry Son. I’m truly sorry” She sobbed.

Micheal then sat beside her on her hospital bed and slowly placed her head on his shoulder. Then slowly rubbing her shoulder, he asked,

“Why are you sorry when you haven’t done anything wrong? It must have been very difficult harbouring the pains all by yourself all this while. I understand that it is hurtful to us to find out that your illness has gone beyond cure. But I believe it is more hurtful for you to realise that you have just a few days left to live on earth. At this point, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for fighting back all these years. Thank you for holding it in. Thank you for not giving up until met again. Thank you mother for being such a strong woman. I promise to make your remaining days on earth memorable. So from now on, I don’t want you to keep counts of your remaining days on earth. Cause such is not the right way to live. I would like you to live cherishing each day like it’s a gift that might not come again after it’s gone. I would also, love for us to write a bucket list and fulfil them all. That way, you will be leaving me with so many memories to hold unto when you finally leave this world. The same way you will be leaving with so many memories of me.” Micheal said fighting back tears.

Hearing this, Bunmi broke into more tears, crying profusely on her son’s shoulder.

Then in Micheal’s heart, he said,

“Don’t worry mom. Before you go, I will make sure to exact vengeance upon those who made life miserable for you” He said in his heart.

The next day, while Mr Wale Ojo (Mrs Ifemi’s husband) was trying to park his car at a spot beside his favourite drinking location, someone suddenly bashed his car from behind.

And with anger, he stepped out of his car and began raising his voice at the driver of the car that just bashed his.

“Who is that untrained and unprofessional driver that wants to damage my car? Who is that idiot that has day blindness?” He raged.

While he was still shouting, the car door swung open and hot-looking Alisha stepped out of the car flipping her hair while looking all sexy and captivating.

Seeing her beautiful face, and realising that it was a woman who own the car, Mr Wale immediately lowered his voice and began smiling in admiration.

Alisha who was wearing a red skimpy body-fitting dress, walked up to him and began pleading for forgiveness.

“I am so, so, sorry sir. Believe me, it wasn’t intentional” She pleaded rubbing both palms.

But Mr Wale who was already smitten by her beauty, immediately held her hands telling her there was no need to apologise.

“No, it’s alright. Actually, there’s no need to apologise at all. I have thought about it and then I realized that I am the one at fault here. I really should have looked well before parking” He said.

“No sir, I’m the one at fault here not you. So I should be the one taking the blame here” Alisha insisted.

But Mr Wale quickly shunned her by pressing his finger against her lips.

“Shhhhh! It’s only a mad man that would see a beautiful girl like you and let her take such blames. Or don’t you know that beautiful girls like you do not deserve to be held accountable for such an offence?” He asked.

Hearing this, Alisha couldn’t help but say in her heart,

“He sure is a womanizer”

Then with a smile, she feigned being touched by his words.

“Awwn, you are so sweet”

“Yes, that’s my second name. And that’s why ladies call me sugar daddy because I’m a giver and doer of sweet things” He said.

“Really?” Alisha asked faking a surprise.

“Yes beautiful lady,” He said smiling foolishly.

“then in that case, how about I give you my contact? You know, so I can also get to experience this sweetness of yours in a more deeper and better way. And also to make up for my mistakes in the sweetest way ever. Or what do you think?” Alisha asked biting her lips seductively.

And without hesitation, Mr Wale nodded affirmatively.

“Sure. Why not?” He said pulling out his cell phone from his pocket.

He unlocked the phone and gave it to Alisha who typed in her phone number and handed the phone back to him.

“Here it is, sugar daddy. Please do make sure to call me when you are free” Alisha said smiling at him.

“Sure Lovely. And what’s your beautiful name?” He asked.

“Alisha” she responded.

“What a beautiful name you’ve got. Your name is just as beautiful as your looks” He commended.

“Now you are flattering me…..,” Alisha said lowering her head acting like she was shy.

“Not at all. I don’t flatter people, especially ladies. And if you wouldn’t mind, we can go in and take one or two bottles of drinks” He said.

“Awwn. That’s another sweetness coming from you. But as a matter of fact, I would have loved to join you. But you see, I was actually rushing to an important event when I bashed your car” Alisha said.

“Oh, okay. Then, in that case, I think I will have to let you go for now. But the next time we meet, I’m sure going to keep you around for a very long time” He said.

“No problem sugar daddy. See you later” Alisha said smiling and waving at him.

Immediately she got back into her car, her fake smile suddenly switched to a frown.

“Urgh! I can’t believe I almost expanded my mouth with a fake smile” She said driving away.

Meanwhile, Micheal on the other hand went to Ifemi holdings disguised as a Spanish businessman. He wore a fake moustache and did some touches on his face that changed his looks completely. He went there with Samson who posed as his assistant. Samson was also looking differently with the little touch-up he did on his face.

They arrived at Ifemi holdings and were led into Mrs Ifemi’s office.

Seeing her for the first time, Micheal’s heart immediately boiled with anger in such a way that, he almost ruined their plans if not for Samson who quickly held his hand signalling him to compose himself.

There, Micheal introduced himself as Pablo Rodriguez a Spanish businessman.

“You are welcome. How may I help you?” Mrs? Ifemi asked leaning forward with her clasped hands resting on the table.

Then leaning forward, Micheal said,

“I came here for, business,” He said.

“Okay, obviously, this is a business vicinity. And we run lots of businesses here. So which of our business services are you in need of?” She asked with a smile.

“Well, I heard from a very reliable source that you can supply me with humans,” He said with a mischievous smile.

Hearing this, Mrs Ifemi immediately freaked out.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Are you trying to call me a human trafficker or what?” She fumed.

Then surprisingly, Micheal brought out a pass card and placed it on the table.

Then Seeing the pass card, Mrs Ifemi suddenly became calm.

Clearing her throat, she said,

“Oh, you had the pass card all along? Then you should have brought it out earlier” She said adjusting her dress.

(A pass card was a card of identification used by Mrs Ifemi and Mr Anthony to identify their prospective customers).

“So, how many do you need?” She asked with a smile.

“Can I get 5 children before this week runs out?” Micheal asked.

“Sure. At what age range do you want your order to come in?” She asked.

“How about from five years?” He asked.

“Alright then. I hope you are aware of the cost of each good as well as our guiding protocols?” She asked.

“Yeah, half payment on the order. No bank transfers. I read all that” He said.

“Alright then do the needful,” She said referring to the payment.

Then immediately, Micheal signalled Samson who brought out a huge sum of money in a suitcase and placed it on her table.

After which, Mrs Ifemi called on her cashier who came and confirmed the money before Micheal and Samson using a counting machine.

When she was done confirming their money, She took Micheal’s hand in a handshake.

“Payment Confirmed.” She said with a smile.

Then handing a file to him, she said,

“Fill in your information in the file. And expect a call from us soon” She said with a bright smile.

Then in his heart, Micheal said,

“I can’t wait to see you fall into the trap I have set for you,” He said in his heart.

Then smiling at Mrs Ifemi, he said,

“Sure. I will be expecting your call” He said with a mischievous smile.

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