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That night, as Chief Anthony angrily left Mr Nicholas’ house after threatening him not to show up for the shareholders and the board of directors meeting, Micheal had gone into the living room to return Alisha’s phone when Mr Nicholas heard his voice and quickly got up. Then holding his hand, he said,

“Micheal?” Mr Nicholas called out with fear in his eyes.

“Yes…..sir,” Micheal responded staring confusedly at him.

“Please I need your help,” Mr Nicholas said.

A few moments later, they were both standing facing each other outside the compound when Micheal asked,

“What help do you need from me?” Micheal asked.

“I have a board meeting to attend this weekend but from what just happened now, it’s obvious that I might not be able to return from that meeting alive,” Mr Nicholas said.

“So, why not skip the meeting if you are fully aware that attending it would cost you your life?” Micheal asked.

“I can’t do that because this is a meeting that will determine who becomes the next president of the company. And it is my father’s dying wish that I take over his company” Mr Nicholas said with sadness in his heart.

“I think I understand your father for wanting to hand everything to you even though I never met him,” Micheal said.

“And, why is that?” Mr Nicholas asked.

“Isn’t it obvious that those brothers of yours are truly undeserving of his wealth and assets? I mean, they are a bunch of evil men” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Mr Nicholas couldn’t help but stare at him with confusion.

“You speak like you know my brothers so well,” He said.

Then trying to get him off his suspicions, Micheal burst out laughing.

“Hahahahaha. Not at all. I don’t know your brothers. I just met one today and judging from what I heard him saying to you while I was eavesdropping on your conversation, it’s quite obvious that they are evil” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Mr Nicholas sighed and said,

“Yes, you are right. My brothers are something else especially Anthony the one that just left. He has even taken control of our second brother Silas. And has turned him into a puppet that has no say of his own” Mr Nicholas said.

Hearing this, Micheal took a deep sigh and asked,

“So what’s your plan?” He asked.

“I don’t know Micheal. I do not know how to go about this whole thing. Especially when I know that my life will be in danger. Or maybe I should just get my lawyer and will everything I own to my daughter before attending that meeting. That way, I won’t be leaving without any regret. And that’s why I need your help. I want you to please protect my daughter and my wife if at all, I go to that meeting and fail to return alive” Mr Nicholas said.

“No sir. You aren’t dying. Especially not under my watch” Micheal said placing his palm on Mr Nicholas’ shoulder.

“Then what should I do? Because right now, I’m scared and confused” Mr Nicholas said.

“Okay, how about I go to the meeting instead?” Micheal asked staring at him.

“You? go in my place? How?” Mr Nicholas asked.

“There’s only one way you can achieve your goal without attending that meeting,” Michael said.

“Which is?” Mr Nicholas asked.

“Making me the majority shareholder in your late father’s company,” Micheal said staring at him with a smirk.

“What? Why would I do that?” Mr Nicholas asked staring at Micheal. Who scoffed and asked,

“Do you not trust me?” Micheal asked.

“Well…..,” Mr Nicholas was yet speaking when Micheal interrupted.

“No need to stress yourself answering that because I don’t trust myself either. But you see, you have just two options to pick from. It’s either you go there yourself and get killed after the meeting, or, I go in your place and you get to survive their evil plots. The choice is yours” Micheal said.

After giving it much thought, Mr Nicholas took the risk of transferring the shares his late father bought in his name to Micheal who shook his hand and said,

“Thanks for trusting me with your shares. And you don’t need to worry for they are in safe hands” Micheal assured.

Meanwhile, 2 days later, at Chief Anthony’s office, after Mrs Ifemi had been arrested, her assistant brought the form which had Micheal’s information in it, to Chief Anthony who went through the details and discovered that they were nothing but fake information.

“This client’s information is all fake,” Chief Anthony said tearing the form in anger. Then placing but palms on the table, he said, “This only proves that he wasn’t a foreigner like he claimed. And he has a hand in Mrs Ifemi’s arrest” He said.

Then after a while, he turned to Mrs ifemi’s assistant and said,

“In the meantime, I would like you to deliver a letter to Mrs Ifemi at the police station,” Chief Anthony said pulling out his table drawer. Then dipping his hand into the drawer, he brought out a small brown envelope and handed it to the young man who took it from him.

“Make sure Mrs Ifemi reads it”, Chief Anthony said.

“Yes sir” He responded with a bow.

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Present day.

“Hi, Chief. Finally, we got to see each other again. I told you, didn’t I? We will be seeing each other more often from now on,” Micheal said with a mischievous smile displaying across his lips.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony fell back in his seat with shock in his eyes.

“Why do you look tensed and anxious? Do you know that young man?” Silas asked.

“Yeah. He works as a bodyguard to Alisha our niece” Chief Anthony said.

“If he is a bodyguard then what is he doing here?” Silas asked.

“I don’t know. I am equally as confused and curious as you are” Chief Anthony muttered.

When the meeting finally began, the chairman listed the names of the two candidates who are vying for the position of the president of the company. The first candidate was Chief Anthony and the second was Mr Nicholas.

Then standing before them, the chairman began,

“Now, we have come to the stage where we all are to decide who amongst our two candidates, is more suitable to take over the company as the new president. The election will be conducted in a simple yet democratic process where you all are expected to raise your hands once the name of your preferred candidate is mentioned. And also, may I please remind you, that the vote of our largest shareholder, will be counted as a double vote. So basically, whosoever he votes for, might stand the highest chance to win this election” He said.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony clenched his fist and said, to himself,

“What game is Nicholas trying to play with me?” He asked with anger.

“So, I believe that you all are already familiar with this process and that you have fully understood what I just said,” The chairman said.

Just then, Chief Anthony stood up and slammed his hands on the table in objection.

“What nonsense games are you playing Mr Micheal the bodyguard?” He asked glaring at Micheal who simply scoffed at him.

“Chief Anthony what are you doing?” The chairman asked.

“I should be the one asking you that question Mr Chairman. What nonsense are you doing? Why would you say this stranger here has a higher voting power than everyone seated here? Do you even know him? He is just a common bodyguard. And I’m sure he has no shares in his name. So he is nothing but an impostor!” Chief Anthony shouted pointing at Micheal who simply shook his head. Then with a smile on his lips, he stood up, adjusted his suit and said,

“It’s so obvious that one of our candidates here lacks business knowledge. But I believe that the rest of you are enlightened enough to know that a majority shareholder is a person who holds more than fifty per cent of a company’s shares just like I currently do. And if a majority shareholder like myself, holds voting shares, then he or she can dictate the direction of the company through their voting power. It simply means I have the benefit of voting and election privileges. So being a bodyguard does not change the fact that I currently own the largest shares of this company and that it is only right that I’m allowed to exercise my full right and power. Or am I wrong?” Micheal asked staring at the faces of the board of directors and other shareholders in the conference hall as they all began murmuring and deliberating amongst themselves.

Just then, one of the shareholders stood up and said,

“The young man is right. Being a bodyguard has nothing to do with him being the majority shareholder of this company. And as the majority and the largest shareholder of this company, he has every right to make certain decisions for the progress of the company and that includes voting and elections” He said.

“I agree with him,” Another said.

And in the end, Chief Anthony was left with no choice but to sit back in shame.

Then clearing his throat, the chairman continued.

“Gentlemen, welcome back. So as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, you all are expected to raise your hands once the name of your preferred candidate is mentioned. So the first candidate on our list is Chief Anthony. Please raise your hands if you want him to become the next president of the company” The chairman said with his eyes scanning the entire hall.

Just then, Micheal hit his hands on the table and stood up.

“What is it now?” The chairman asked looking at him.

“I can’t vote for a man who belittles the job that puts food on people’s tables. You just heard him say I have no right to be here even when I own the largest shares of the company. All because I work as a bodyguard. If such a person becomes the president of this company, what then becomes of the poor and average employees? Definitely, he is going to be more of a discriminative leader. And such a person is not fit to handle the affairs of this company. Therefore, my vote won’t go to him and I expect you all to think twice before casting yours” Micheal said glaring at Chief Anthony who hit his clenched fist on the table and muttered.

“Micheal……!” He said gnashing his teeth in anger.

Seeing his reaction, Micheal gave him an annoying smirk and sat back in his seat.

Now because of what Michael said, most of the people who had wanted to vote for Chief Anthony, slowly put down their hands after having a rethink. And at the end of the day, Chief Anthony got 20 votes.

Then when it was time to vote for Nicholas, Micheal raised his hand while smiling at Chief Anthony who almost lost his sanity while staring at him.

And at the end of the day, Mr Nicholas got a total of 30 votes. Which automatically made him the new elected President of his late father’s company.

But this didn’t go well with Chief Anthony who quickly confronted Micheal grabbing him by his collar.

“You imposter. Why did you do this to me? Why did you take away what rightfully belonged to me? You fool do you know who you are dealing with? I am Chief Anthony and I will make sure to wipe you and your cohorts out of the face of this earth. You must pay dearly for this…..!” He yelled like a madman still grabbing Micheal’s collar.

While all this was going on, Micheal was busy laughing endlessly. And his laughter ended up provoking Chief Anthony the more.

He then freed Micheal’s collar and quickly pulled out his phone.

“You are laughing, right? Alright, let’s see if you will be able to leave this place alive. Rubbish” Chief Anthony threatened typing a message on his phone.

“Change of plans. Our target is a young man wearing a blue suit. Shoot him as soon as she steps out of the building” Chief Anthony texted the terminator.

Meanwhile, unknown to him, Micheal had come prepared.

He left the conference hall and quickly went into the men’s restroom where he changed into a different outfit. He wore simple casual wear with a black face cap.

Then stepping out of the restroom, he wore his black sunglasses and stepped out of the building without being spotted. Entering his car, he took off his glasses and said,

“Chief Anthony, you are new in this game”

And starting his car engine, he drove back home with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile back at the police station, Mrs Ifemi’s assistant brought her the letter Chief Anthony gave to him. And when she opened it and read the content of the letter, she was so mad that she tore it into pieces.

The content says,

“Dear Mrs Ifemi it is with a heavy heart that I write this to you. I’m sure you must have been waiting for me to step into your case and probably save you like I always do. But unfortunately, in this case, such might not happen as there is concrete evidence that was submitted against you. So in the meantime, I would like you to take the full blame. While I keep trying to find out who it was that sold you out. And don’t worry about your family for they have my protection. Just be strong and healthy till I find a way to get you out of this mess”

“Seriously? He wants me to take the blame? How dare he?” She screamed out like a mad woman.

The next day, she was told she had a visitor. And stepping out, she saw a young man whose face she couldn’t recognise.

“And who are you?” She asked staring curiously at him.

“Hi, longest time no see,” Micheal said smiling brightly at her.

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  1. Micheal is a boss in this game he would have gotten killed. Now he has went back to Ifemi. Alisha has gotten the jackpot finally. I feel great pity for Bunmi right now. I wonder what he has in mind for Ifemi

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