The bodyguard episode 11



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(25 years ago)

When Bunmi’s aunty Mrs Ifemi Ojo was looking for a way to get rid of little Micheal, She came in contact with someone who directed her to chief Anthony Akindele who is the c.e.o of Anthony group.

Chief Anthony Akindele assisted her by connecting her with clients who were a Spanish couple. And after meeting and collecting cash from them, she sold Micheal off.

Meanwhile, Chief Anthony helped her under the agreement that he will take 50 per cent of the money realized from selling Micheal to the Spanish couple.

So after receiving the money from the Spanish couple, Mrs Ifemi Ojo did as promised. But realizing that there was money involved in human trafficking, Mrs Ifemi Ojo went back to officially join Chief Anthony in the human trafficking business.

And not only did he become her business partner. He also became her secret adulterous partner. As they had on different occasions warmed each other’s bed.

And when Mrs Ifemi Ojo was later sued in court by Bunmi, Chief Anthony had to step in. It was he who helped her to buy her way out of court. Thereby, preventing justice from being served.

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Present day.

Since Simi Ojo often goes out to swim, Micheal had his private investigator find out about her favourite or usual swimming spot so he would know where to locate her.

So when he learnt that she was going to be at her favourite swimming spot which was located in a five-star hotel, he then made arrangements to go there and win her heart.

(At the five-star hotel)

Simi Ojo a dark ebony beauty, was in the swimming pool swimming all by herself.

A few moments later, she came out of the water revealing her sexy bikini which complemented her sexy and curvaceous body. She reached for her towel and dried her body after which she wore a white bathrobe on her bikini wear and then returned to her hotel room.

There she took her shower, wore a skimpy red dress and did a light makeover on her face. And when she was done, she stepped out and was walking down the hallway that led to the staircase when she saw Samson standing in her way. He was wearing a black face cap with a black nose mask to conceal his identity. Then relaxing on the wall, he raised his left leg and placed it on the opposite wall thereby, hindering Simi from passing.

“Excuse me. You are blocking my way and I need to pass” Simi said.

But Samson maintained his position acting like she wasn’t referring to him. Seeing this, Simi who was now provoked by his actions, angrily took off her sunglasses and glared at him.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me? I said move out of the way you dimwit” She said aggressively pushing Samson’s shoulder.

Then surprisingly, Samson brought out a gun and immediately pointed it at Simi’s forehead.

Seeing this, Simi freaked out in fear.

“Jesus Christ!” Simi exclaimed letting go of her bag and sunglasses which fell to the floor. Then rubbing her palms, together, she started pleading for Mercy.

“Please, please. Spare my life. Please don’t kill me. Name whatever you want and I will make sure you get it. But please don’t take my life I beg you” She pleaded with tears and fear in her eyes.

“Shhhh!” Samson said pressing his finger across her lips.

When he did this, Simi immediately kept shut with her entire body trembling in fear.

“Say your last prayer young, lady,” Samson said attempting to pull the trigger at her.

Just then, Micheal came out of his hotel room. And when he saw what was going on, he quickly rushed up to Simi and forcefully pulled her hand causing her to fall on him with her boobs pressing against his broad chest.

Simi who thought she was going to die, slowly opened her eyes and found herself on top of a very handsome man whose face was a perfect work of creation. Her eyes lingered on his eyes and for a moment, she thought she had seen an angel in human form.

She was still lost in her fantasies when Micheal slowly pushed her off his body and went after Samson. He stylishly fought Samson and then, Samson ran away.

After that, Micheal turned to Simi who was still sitting on the floor staring at him in admiration and disbelief. He walked up to her and stretched out his hand.

“Are you alright?” He asked with care and concern in his eyes.

“Yes,” Simi nodded putting her hand in his.

And with one pull, Micheal pulled Simi up to himself. She stood there mesmerised by his gentleness and care. Raising her eyes, she could see his succulent lips and all she ever imagined then, was a way to press hers against his. She was still lost in her fantasies when Micheal stepped away from her and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Simi said.

Hearing this, Micheal smiled to himself. And then turning back, he asked,

“Yes? any problem?” Micheal asked with a stern face.

“Thank you for saving me earlier. Please, can I know your name? And if you wouldn’t mind, I will also like to have your contact” Simi said.

Then with a smirk, Micheal walked up to her and gave her a card he had printed in preparation for the task. The card had his name and phone number boldly written on it.

“Take this,” he said handing her the card. “That’s my name and my phone contact written on it. Feel free to give me a call anytime, any day,” He said with a captivating smile.

Then as he turned to go, he stopped and turned around again.

“One more thing. You look extremely beautiful” He said.

“Thank you,” Simi said blushing effortlessly.

As soon as Micheal walked away, Simi stared at the content of the card in her hand.

“Micheal Pedro. What a unique name” Simi said biting her lips lustfully.

Stepping out of the hotel, Micheal got into his car where Samson has long been waiting for him.

“How did it go?” Samson asked.

“It went well. All thanks to you dude” Micheal said.

“So what’s next?” Samson asked.

“For now, we just have to wait for her call,” Micheal said.

“But bro. You scared the shit out of me when you fought me back there” Samson said.

“Well I’m glad you didn’t lose a tooth in the process,” Micheal said and they both burst out laughing.

The next day, it was Alisha’s turn to swindle her way into the heart of Taiwo Ojo. Since he was fond of clubbing, they had to come up with a plan on how to get him to fall for Alisha in his favourite clubhouse.

After investigation, they got to discover that he frequently visits a particularly high-class clubhouse in the state. And with that information, they got ready to carry out their plans.

That night, Alisha got dressed in a revealing outfit that showed the curves of her boobs, the line of her waist and as well as her thighs.

She stepped into the club that night wearing a kimono jacket over her sexy dress. Her eyes moved around the crowd until she saw Taiwo seated at the end with two strippers who were busy riding and touching him seductively.

“I just hope I’m able to pull this off effectively,” Alisha said to herself.

Just then, Micheal walked up to her and placed his palm on her shoulder.

“I hope you don’t mess this up,” He said.

Hearing this, Alisha angrily rolled her eyes at him.

“You can do this Alisha,” Samson said patting her shoulder.

“Thank you, Samson. At least you are the only one saying what I want to hear” She said.

After this, Alisha took a deep breath. Then with optimism in her heart, she walked to where Taiwo was sitting.

Standing a few distances from where he was sitting, She focused her gaze on him and slowly began whining her waist seductively.

Just then, all eyes turned to her. Seeing her dance so effortlessly, Taiwo who was getting entertained by the strippers had to push them away so he could concentrate on watching Alisha dance.

When Alisha was now sure that she has gotten his attention, she then took off the Kimono she was wearing and threw it at Taiwo. Now revealing the sexy dress she was wearing inside.

When the kimono fell on Taiwo, he held it with both hands and sniffed it with lust in his eyes.

Seeing this, Michael said,

“What a psycho!” Micheal muttered to himself.

As if that was not enough, Alisha walked up to Taiwo and crossed her legs over him. Then sitting on his lap, she slowly let her hand in between his legs rubbing and fumbling with his genital. Thereby, arousing Taiwo’s sexual urge. But why she was doing all this, she kept preventing him from touching her. And when she was sure that he was now fully erect, she stood up and tried leaving but Taiwo immediately grabbed her hand.

“And where do you think you are going to after you’ve successfully turned me on? If you start a thing don’t you think it’s only right that you finish it?” Taiwo asked with desire in his eyes.

Then turning to him, Alisha said,

“I would have loved to. But unfortunately, I already have a partner who watches every of my movement. I am so scared that he might kill me if he sees me with another man. As a matter of fact, his men are here watching my every move. But If you want to meet some other time in a more secluded area, you can contact me with this number” Alisha said.

Then Dipping her hand in between her boobs, she brought out a piece of paper which had her phone number written on it. She handed the piece of paper to Taiwo and walked away leaving Taiwo in utter confusion.

Stepping out of the club, Alisha whose heart almost sank while carrying out that act with Taiwo, quickly rushed into the car and kept breathing heavily.

“Oh, my God. This is crazy. I almost peed on myself while in there. Jeez!” She shouted blowing air on herself.

A while later, Micheal and Samson joined her in the car. They both sat in the front while leaving her in the back seat.

Then turning to her, Samson said.

“Oh, my baby Alisha. You did well back there” Samson said rubbing her head. “But wait a minute. Where did you learn all that dance moves from? Because you effortlessly ate this task and left no crumbs.” He praised.

Then turning to Micheal, he asked,

“Right, Micheal?” Samson asked looking at Micheal who didn’t say a word.

Rather, he simply started his car engine and drove away.

“I can’t believe the nerves of this jerk. He put me through this and couldn’t even show his appreciation?” Alisha thought to herself as she kept staring at him from the back seat where she was seated.

But unknown to her, Micheal was silent because her dance with Taiwo didn’t go well with him. As it only made him Jealous.

Micheal, first of all, dropped Samson off at his house. After which he instructed Alisha to come sit beside him in the front seat. Which she reluctantly did.

After that, they drove home in awkward silence. And when they finally got to her house, he turned off the car engine and Alisha got off the car wearing a frown on her face.

Just as she was about to knock at the gate, Micheal came out of the car and called out to her.

“Hey, Alisha, you did amazingly great today. And I must say you are a badass dancer” He said.

Hearing this, Alisha’s face brightened with a smile as her anger suddenly faded away.

“I’m sorry for not telling you this earlier. I was just feeling sad within myself. Sad that I made you do something that doesn’t suit you. You know, while you were sitting on his laps back there, I was rather furious than excited. And when he tried to force you, I almost ruined the plan by wanting to punch his face. All these were part of the reasons why I couldn’t praise you earlier. But aside from that, you actually did a nice job. Maybe, this is actually the first time you’ve done anything right” He said.

Hearing this, Alisha couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Then with a sigh, she said,

“Micheal honestly, I was so scared back there. But whenever it occurred to me that you were right behind me, I told myself that no harm will come by my side because I have you. My high-class bodyguard” She said.

Hearing the last word, Micheal’s smile suddenly changed into a frown.

“You sure know how to get on my nerves you little…” He was yet speaking when Alisha ran up to him and wrapped her arms around him in an embrace.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile.

Micheal who was confused, stood there staring at her. After a long while, Alisha freed herself from him and went on to continue knocking on her gate.

“What a weirdo” Micheal said smiling to himself.

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