The bodyguard episode 24



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“I am the son of the woman you defiled 25 years ago you monster,” Micheal said pressing the gun to his throat.

Hearing this, Mr Wale stepped on the break of his car quickly bringing it to a halt.

“What woman are you talking about? I don’t even know you” Mr Wale lamented with fear in his heart.

“You need not worry because you will soon get to know me,” Micheal said.

And before Mr Wale could say another word, Micheal quickly hit him to unconsciousness.

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A few moments later, Mr Wale who had now regained consciousness, slowly opened his eyes only to find himself tied to a chair with both hands tied behind his back.

His feet were equally tied and his mouth was taped to prevent him from making a sound.

Mr Wale who was curious and scared at the same time tried identifying where he was with his eyes scanning through the entire place.

But he couldn’t point out where exactly he was as the entire place was dark. And with fear in his heart, he began struggling to free himself but failed.

A moment later, while he was profusely sweating still struggling to free himself, he suddenly had the door open and footsteps approaching his direction. And with curiosity in his eyes, he remained calm and focused his gaze on the direction from where the sound of the footsteps was coming from.

Then all of a sudden, he couldn’t hear the footsteps approaching him anymore and then, the next thing he saw, was a sparkle of light coming from the lighter that the owner of the footsteps was now using to light up his cigarette from where he stood.

While Mr Wale was still trying to figure out who it was, by paying attention to his face, the sparkle from the lighter suddenly went off. Then with darkness returning to the room, he heard the footsteps approaching him again.

Then standing before him, the person leaned towards him and puffed out the smoke of his cigarette directly into his face. Then standing upright, the person walked to the switch and turned on the lights finally revealing his face and the surrounding where Mr Wale was being held, hostage.

With the lights on, Mr wale took a look around the room and then realised that they were actually inside Ifemi’s holdings right inside his wife’s office.

“Finally you are awake. Mr Wale Ojo,” Micheal said with a smile.

Then grabbing a chair for himself, he sat facing Mr Wale who was still struggling to recognise his face. Then with force, Micheal pulled off the tape from Mr Wale’s mouth finally enabling him to speak.

“Who are you? And what do you want from me?” Mr Wale immediately asked as soon as the tape was taken off his mouth.

Hearing this, Micheal put off his cigarette as he wasn’t a good smoker. After that, he pulled out his gun and placed it on the table.

The sight of the gun suddenly sent fear down Mr wale’s spine as he froze with fear and almost peed on himself.

“What do you want from me? Who sent you?” Mr Wale asked with his voice trembling with fear.

“What could I possibly want from a man who messed up my entire life and that of my mother?” Micheal asked leaning back in his seat.

“What are you talking about? Please, I think there is a mistake somewhere. Because I have neither met you in my entire life. Nor do I know what you are talking about” Mr Wale said with fear in his heart.

“That’s quite funny coming from the man who defiled my mother 30 years ago and kept taking advantage of her for as long as she lived under his roof,” Micheal said glaring at him.

“What are you talking about and who exactly is your mother?” Mr Wale asked looking confused and curious.

Hearing this, Micheal brought out his mother’s picture from his b****t pocket and showed it to Mr Wale who immediately became dumbfounded and lost for words.

“This. this. You…” Mr Wale stammered staring at the picture with his eyes widened in shock.

Then putting the picture back into his b****t pocket, Micheal said,

“From the look on your face right now, one can easily tell that you are guilty as charged,” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Mr Wale couldn’t say a word. He sat there with guilt and shame written all over his face. Then in a calm tone, he asked,

“Are you Adekunle?” He managed to ask.

“Yes, I am Adekunle. The same five-year-old boy whose mother you sexually abused for years” Micheal responded.

Hearing this, tears fell from Mr Wale’s eyes. Then in a calm tone, he asked again,

“What happened to you? We all thought you were dead” Mr Wale said with his head bowed in shame and guilt.

“Why? Were you hoping that I had died 25 years ago after your wife sold me off to a strange man’s land?” Micheal asked.

Hearing this, Mr Wale raised his head and stared at Micheal with utter surprise.

“My wife sold you off? How is that even possible?” Mr Wale asked looking surprised.

“So, you want me to believe that you had no idea about me being sold off 25 years ago?” Micheal asked leaning forward with his hands clasped.

“Believe me, I had no idea that you were sold out to anybody. We all thought you died after you mysteriously disappeared 25 years ago” Mr Wale said defensively.

“Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you were aware of it or not. And that’s because you were the actual reason why I was sold off” Micheal said.

“But how? I never told her to. I’m just finding out about this for the first time today” Mr Wale said.

“Mr Wale Ojo. If you had been a faithful husband to your wife, if you had not constantly raped and sexually assaulted my mother, your wife wouldn’t have thought that the child my mother was carrying back then was yours. And of course, she wouldn’t have sold me off like a slave. So you see, It was all because of you. If only you had not ruined my mother’s newfound happiness by abducting her and killing my father after she had gotten married, then none of these would have happened in the first place. You are the sole genesis of this problem. You were the cause of my mother’s misfortune. Because of you, your wife hated her and because of you, she lived most of her life in misery and pain” Micheal raged pointing at him.

“Please Adenkule I’m truly sorry for hurting your mother in the past. Believe me, I know that what I did to her is inexcusable but I am now a changed man. And I am living all day regretting my actions” Mr Wale pleaded with fear in his heart.

“Really?” Micheal asked folding his arms.

Then nodding vigorously, Mr Wale responded.

“Yes, I’m telling you the truth. I have changed for good” He said.

“Okay, let’s say I decide to forgive you for sexually assaulting my mother on different occasions. What then should I do about you killing my father and you being the reason why your wife sold me off to a strange man’s land?” Micheal asked staring at him.

“Believe me Adekunle. Your father’s death was just an accident. I never intended to take his life. It just happened” Mr Wale said with fear.

“Really? Then I guess from what I am about to do to you, it is safe to say that, I am also about to ruin your life by accident,” Micheal said standing to his feet.

Then at the clap of his hand, Samson walked in with a small first aid box which he handed to Micheal and left the office.

Placing the box on Mrs Ifemi’s office desk, Micheal opened it and brought out two hand gloves which he wore in both hands. Then after that, he brought out a syringe (needle) from the box and began drawing some mixtures of illicit drugs into the syringe like a doctor preparing to inject his sick patient.

Seeing this, fear immediately gripped Mr Wale who couldn’t help but asked,

“Adekunle, what is it that you are doing?” He asked with fear in his heart.

“Mixing some illicit drugs which I’m going to inject into your system” Micheal responded concentrating on what he was doing.

“What? Please, you don’t have to go this far I beg of you. We can resolve this issue amicably you know” Mr Wale pleaded with fear in his eyes.

“Mr Wale Ojo. Do you know that I owe my knowledge of illicit drugs to your wife who sold me off to a drug lord? And thanks to my years of training and experience, I now know what mixture of drugs can stop blood flow in one’s body causing a stroke. And more interestingly, I also know what drugs can instantly or slowly kill a person” Micheal said carefully focusing on what he was doing.

Hearing this, a shudder of fear came upon Mr Wale who began to sweat profusely with his heartbeat racing faster.

“ do you intend to do with me? What type of drugs are you planning to inject into my system?” He managed to ask with fear in his heart.

“Well, in your case, I am about to inject you with a dose of mixed illicit drugs that will seize the flow of blood in your brain and other vital organs of your body for a while. Thereby, causing you a stroke” Micheal responded.

“What exactly do you intend to gain from carrying out such a heartless act towards me?” Mr Wale asked shivering with fear.

“Same thing you gained from sexually abusing my mother for years. And just so you know, with this injected into your system, you won’t be given the privilege of experiencing a peaceful and painless death. Rather, your life will become so miserable and your death will be excruciatingly painful. And at a point, you will find yourself pleading for death. But death will be far from you” Micheal said.

“Please Adekunle. You seriously do not have to go this far because we can amicably talk this out as men. Besides, I am now a changed person. And if you want, I can even go to your mother and apologise for my wrongs” Mr Wale said.

“That’s too late Mr Wale for my mother is already dead. Besides, you had every opportunity to ask for her forgiveness all these years. But you didn’t bother because she was a nobody I guess” Micheal said.

“She is dead? Oh my God. Adekunle look I am sorry okay?” Mr wale pleaded.

“Keep your apologies to yourself, Mr Wale” Micheal responded.

“Look Adenkule, I can give you any amount of money you need. I can as well hand over this company to you if you want. So please spare my life okay?” Mr Wale pleaded with fear.

“What money and what company are you talking about? For your information, the documents you signed in your hotel room a few hours ago, were business transfer documents which automatically transferred the ownership of this company to me. So right now, you are looking at the new C.E.O of ifemi holdings” Micheal revealed with a chuckle.

“What? No, that can’t be true” Mr Wale said shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well, unfortunately, it is,” Micheal said.

After that, he walked back to Mr Wale and taped his mouth again to prevent him from talking further. After that, Micheal walked back to the box, took the syringe and injected the doze of illicit drugs into Mr Wale’s system through his neck. And immediately after that, Mr Wale fell asleep.

(Back at Chief Anthony’s house that same night)

Chief Anthony who had already regained consciousness after he collapsed earlier in the morning, had been down all through the day, thinking about his business facility which burnt down to nothing.

The thought of it made it extremely difficult for Chief Anthony to sleep that night. That he kept rotating from one end of his bed to the other with pain, shock and anger in his heart.

It got to a point where his room became unconducive for him. And so, he got up from his bed and walked into the kitchen where he helped himself to a cold bottle of water.

He somehow felt lonely that night as his family were all out of the country and it was just him alone in the house.

When he was done gulping the water down his throat, he left the kitchen and returned to his room.

While in his room, he was about to return to his bed when he suddenly felt a hand covering his nose and a needle piercing into his neck. And that was the last thing he remembered before he lost consciousness.

A while later, he regained consciousness and slowly opened his eyes only to see Micheal sitting on a chair beside his bed with a gun in his hand.

Seeing Micheal, Chief Anthony immediately struggled to get up but he felt numbness in his entire body.

“What did you do to me?” Chief Anthony asked with pain in his eyes.

“Relax Chief or you will get yourself killed,” Micheal said. Then crossing his legs and leaning back in his seat, he wore a smile and asked,

“So chief, what are your thoughts regarding the gift I sent you? I hope you loved it as much as I loved yours?” Micheal asked with an annoying grin.

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