The bodyguard episode 4



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When Alisha was done speaking with her father, she returned to her room dragging her feet as she walked in. Shutting the door behind her, she pressed her back against the door and heaved a deep sigh.

“Hey girl, what’s going on? Why the sudden change of mood?” Jane asked from where she sat.

“I can’t believe I just told my father that I will be introducing my new bodyguard to him before next week runs out,” Alisha said.

“Wait let me get something straight. So by a new bodyguard, you mean the guy you met at the club last night?” Jane asked.

And Alisha simply affirmed with a nod.

“No way!” Jane exclaimed standing to her feet with shock and disbelief written all over her face. “Alisha I thought you don’t have this guy’s phone number, you don’t know where he lives, what he does, or anything at all that connects to him. So how do you intend to bring him before next week runs out? Are you sure you are okay upstairs?” She asked in disbelief.

“Jane, I’m already having a hard time racking my brain already and I wouldn’t want you to add to it,” Alisha said walking back to her bed.

“I don’t understand why you are hell-bent on stressing yourself. Sometimes you do things that make me wonder if you are truly 25.” Jane said.

“And what has my age got to do with the matter on ground? You are my friend and I expect you to help me find a solution to my problem not add to it” Alisha said.

“What problem and what solution are you talking about? Do you mean the problem you are creating for yourself? I mean Alisha, what’s so special about this guy that you won’t accept your reality and get yourself another bodyguard? What if he is not even interested in being your bodyguard? What if he is some bad guy? What if everything that happened that day was planned to get your attention? What if……”

“……jane….! Can you slow it down a little? You are beginning to involve lots of unnecessary what-ifs in this simple issue. You mustn’t be negative in everything you know,” Alisha said.

Hearing this, Jane took a deep sigh then after some minutes of silence, she went back to where she was sitting earlier.

“So, how do you intend to resolve this issue? What exactly are your plans?” She asked in a calm tone.

“I don’t know Jane. But I think I will have to wait for his call, or better yet, go back to the club to see if he would come by again” Alisha said.

“Hmmmmm” Jane sighed deeply.

(At Chief Anthony’s Office)

While Chief Anthony was restlessly pacing from one corner of his office to the other with a cigarette in his hand, someone came knocking on his office door.

“Come in,” He said puffing out the smoke of his cigarette from his mouth.

The door opened and his brother Chief Silas walked in accompanied by a gangster who was popularly known as the terminator. As his job was to terminate people based on instructions that come with a huge fine. In other words, he was a hired killer.

When Chief Anthony saw them, he quickly welcomed them with a smile.

“Welcome. Please do have a seat” He said pointing out seats for them.

As soon as they sat down, he then walked to his seat and sat down facing them. Then putting off his cigarette, he began,

“Once again you are welcome.” He said focusing his gaze on the terminator. “So much has been said about you and I’m hoping that they are all true,” He said.

“I am called terminator for a reason chief. And you wouldn’t have heard so much about me if I don’t handle my job excellently well,” Terminator said boastfully.

“In that case, I will have to rest assured that you won’t give me stories instead of results,” Chief Anthony said.

“Exactly chief. I am a man of my word” Terminator said.

“Fine then,” Chief Anthony said.

Then pulling out his table drawer, he brought out a picture of Alisha and her father Mr Nicholas. Placing it on the table, he slowly pushed it toward the terminator’s direction.

“I want you to take a good look at those faces in these pictures,” He said leaning back in his seat with his hands clasped.

Hearing this, the gangster took the pictures and took a long look at them.

“Okay, what do you want me to do with them?” He asked.

“Nothing for now. Because Nicholas has until this month end to do the needful. But failing to do that, you will receive further instructions on what to do” Chief Anthony said.

“Alright, chief. I will be waiting for your call” The terminator said.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony gave him a mischievous smirk.

(Back in Samson’s house)

Micheal was going through the pictures of houses on Samson’s laptop when he stumbled on one of the buildings that caught his fantasy.

“I think I will have to go for this one” Micheal said pointing at the picture on the screen.

Looking at the picture, Samson couldn’t help but smile.

“Micheal sure do have a high taste. I knew you would go for this building” Samson said collecting the Laptop from him.

“Yeah. You know the saying that you can take a man off the street but can’t take the street out of him right? I think the same goes for me. Because wherever I am, I will always be Micheal Pedro the man with a high taste” Micheal said.

“I can’t agree less. But don’t you think you don’t have to buy a house in Nigeria? I mean, you could be leaving anytime. So why the waste of finances?” Samson asked.

“No Samson. I don’t think it will be a total waste of finances when I have a real estate agent as a friend. Remember you can always sell the building once I’m back in Spain. So instead of saying it’s a waste of finances, how about we just say it’s a friend investing in a friend’s business?” Micheal asked with a smile.

“Now you got me speechless. I wonder why you didn’t become a lawyer because you sure have a way of making people swallow their own words” Samson said and they both burst out laughing.

Then in a serious tone, Samson asked,

“So, what will you be doing while you are here? You still haven’t decided anything yet” Samson said.

“Well, I will soon. Just that there’s nothing more profitable than drug business that I could think of here in this country” Micheal said.

“Now I certainly know that you can’t be easily pleased with the peanuts we make in this country. Which means, you might be leaving soon” Samson said.

“Yeah. Except I finally find a reason to stay longer. But for now, I would like to have fun and live a little life of comfort in this country” Micheal said.

“Or, maybe, you can just become a bodyguard to the lady you met at the club. And speaking of her, I still have her phone number should in case you would want to change your mind” Samson said.

Hearing this, Micheal gave Samson a quick glare.

“Come on man, what’s with the glare? Besides, that girl is beautiful. Didn’t you notice any of that? Or is Micheal Pedro the Spain drug lord just playing hard to get?” Samson teased.

“Samson I have told you that girl isn’t my type. And she isn’t anywhere near the definition of beauty in my dictionary” Micheal said.

“Ouch! That’s such an awful thing to say about a girl you just met. All I can see is hate at first sight. Too bad, she’s my type and I was thinking of getting closer to her when you become her bodyguard” Samson said with a sad tone.

“Don’t put words in my mouth dude” Micheal warned pointing at him.

After he said this, Samson then asked him a question that threw him off balance.

“Alright. Wouldn’t you want to meet your mother while you are here?” He asked.

Hearing this, Micheal’s heart sank immediately. He felt a sharp pain in his heart as the memory of him being given out for adoption by his mother 25years ago came replaying in his memory. And Samson who didn’t notice what was going through Micheal’s mind kept on talking.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions you would want her to answer. So why don’t you go in search of her?” Samson asked.

Hearing this, Micheal slowly got up from where he was sitting and walked away heading to his room.

“Oh my! Did I say something I shouldn’t have said?” Samson wondered as he noticed the change in Micheal’s mood.

Entering his room, Micheal slowly shut the door behind him and slowly, walked up to the window in his room. He placed his palms on the wall with his eyes fixed on the floor.

Then in his heart, he said,

“25years have passed and It’s quite surprising how I was able to forget every memory of my childhood in this country except the memory of my mother selling me off to my adoptive parents. Samson is right. I still have some questions to ask my mother. I still need to know why she did what she did. Was I so disgusting that she couldn’t bear the shame of being my mother? Or was I not her son? I just wish I could get answers to my questions. But unfortunately, the world has moved on and so has my mom wherever she is now” Micheal said in his heart.

While these thoughts were still running through his mind, Samson who felt the need to apologise for his words, opened the door and walked in.

“Hey man, I’m actually sorry for saying things I shouldn’t have said earlier. It honestly wasn’t my intention to reopen your healed wounds” Samson said.

Hearing this, Micheal turned around and with a sad smile, he said,

“No bro. You aren’t wrong in any way and the wound wasn’t healed either. Everything you said is nothing but the truth a friend will tell his friend whom he truly cares about” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Samson walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.

“You will be fine,” He said with a sad smile.

“Thank you” Micheal responded fighting back tears.

(3 days later At Mr Nicholas’s house)

Alisha who has been searching endlessly and fruitlessly for Micheal, was beginning to believe that meeting Micheal again would be completely impossible judging from how he hasn’t put a call through to her all these while.

She was sitting in the dining room with her jaw resting in her palm while her eyes were solely fixed on her cell phone.

“Does he detest me that much? Why isn’t he calling?” She wondered.

Then with a scoff, she said,

“For goodness sake who the hell does he think he is? Does he know how many guys are willing to get close to me? I guess he really thinks I’m throwing myself at him hahahahaha. In his wildest dreams. You know what? To hell with him. I will just go get a different bodyguard. After all, Jane was right. There’s nothing special about him. And now that I think about it, I don’t think he is such a good fighter as my eyes had misled me into believing. All those were just to show off. Nothing special. I won’t wait for his call ever again. And even if I see him at the club, I won’t talk to him. I will simply make him regret keeping me waiting for his call for days. It’s not like he is my type or something. So to hell with him and his fighting skills” She said fighting herself.

After saying this, she quickly got up and went into her room. Then haven changed into one of her beautiful outfits, she took two of her father’s bodyguards and stepped out to go give herself a treat.

“Yeah. I will go about living my normal life like he never existed. Go girl you’ve got this. To hell with him” She said to herself as she cat walked out of the house like a model on a runway.

But while she was driving through the estate, she saw a man stepping out of a car that was parked at a new building that was two buildings away from theirs.

His appearance caught her attention. And looking closely at the man through the window, she was surprised to realise that it was none other than Micheal who is now her neighbour.

And with full force, she brought her car to a halt and quickly got out of the car running in his direction. When she was finally standing before Micheal who was shocked to see her, Alisha then waved at him with a bright smile.

“Hi Bodyguard” she waved with a smile.

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