The bodyguard episode 6



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An hour before Micheal showed up at Alisha’s house.

Micheal was in his room trying on different designer tuxedos (suits). To know which of them would be more fitting and okay to wear to Alisha’s house.

Meanwhile, Samson was seated by the corner of the room to examine and give the final judgment of his looks.

“How about this?” Micheal asked showing off his Burgundy single button designer tuxedo (suit).

“This one looks good on you but I think the black colour suits you more. It actually complimented your skin tone more than this” Samson said.

Then taking a close examination of himself in the mirror, Micheal affirmed Samson’s judgement. Then with a nod, he said,

“Yeah. I think you are right. I guess I will just go with the black colour. Thanks, man” He said taking off the suit.

“Micheal, I’m still finding it difficult to believe that you are going to introduce yourself as that girl’s bodyguard. Like, I thought you despise her a lot. So why the sudden change of heart?” Samson asked.

Micheal who was now putting his legs into his trousers, simply scoffed and responded,

“I just thought this is the only way to put her under my control for good. She’s been a pain in my a*s lately. And she won’t let me off the hook unless I do her the favour of pretending to be her bodyguard in front of her father” Micheal said.

“This is unlike you to give a damn about that girl. Just yesterday, you were here describing her as a weirdo, a psycho and all of that shit. And here you are currently going through your wardrobe looking for the perfect suit to wear to her house to introduce yourself as her bodyguard” Samson said.

“Point of correction. It’s a fake bodyguard” Micheal said.

“Whatever Micheal. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to be a fake bodyguard to her or not. The fact remains that, you are going to be addressed as a bodyguard. This means you will have to protect and be with her twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. So going there now will automatically put her in your life for a very long time. Wouldn’t that be inconvenient for you? I mean, since you don’t like her and you two don’t even get along” Samson said.

Hearing this, Micheal who was now buttoning his suit jacket, responded with a smile,

“Well, I don’t like her and that still hasn’t changed. I’m just trying to pick on her using what she has always wanted. And trust me it’s gonna be fun toying with her for a while” Micheal said with a mischievous smirk displaying on his lips.

“And, what do you mean by that?” Samson asked with curiosity written all over his face.

“Pretending to be her bodyguard would automatically give me the upper hand over her life and the decisions she makes. It’s more like she’s going to start taking orders from me and not the other way around. You know that girl is extremely stubborn, rude, disrespectful, and above all, she’s f*****g annoying and spoilt to the core. And the best way to deal with her, and at the same time keep her under control, is by becoming her fake bodyguard. That way, I can easily get her to do my bidding by threatening to reveal the truth about my identity to her father. So you see, I’m not going there to save her but to officially become a pest in her life” Micheal said with a mischievous grin.

“If that’s the case, then why are you trying on your designer suits like someone who is going to impress his new girlfriend’s family?” Samson asked giving him a questionable look.

“I know what you are thinking Samson but trust me, that isn’t what it looks like. I’m simply trying my expensive Italian suits on because I can’t go there like an ordinary man. I am Micheal Pedro you know. A guy who adds class to everything. So that shouldn’t look surprising to you” Micheal said now spraying his perfume.

“Hmmmmm!” Samson sighed deeply in short of words.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Present day.

Opening the door to unexpectedly see Micheal standing in front of her, made Alisha’s eyes widen in shock and disbelief.

Her eyes went from his expensive suit to his sparkling well-polished shoes that screamed luxury. Then staring back at his face with curiosity in her eyes, she asked,

“Micheal, what……?” She managed to ask.

Then with a bright smile that could easily sweep a lady off her feet, Micheal responded,

“I have come to introduce myself to your father as your new bodyguard. I hope I’m not late?” He asked.

Alisha who was still in shock, stood staring at him for a while before she finally snapped back to reality.

“Oh, yes, you are right on time. Please come in” She said making a way for him.

“Thank you,” Micheal said walking past her.

Just then, the scent of his fragrance passed through her nostrils sending a signal of high class and poise.

Micheal walked up to Mr Nicholas and greeted him with a handshake.

Just then, Jane who was wondering what was keeping Alisha in the living room, walked in and saw Micheal. And immediately she saw him, she was completely smitten with his looks and appearance that screamed luxury.

“Wow!” She silently exclaimed with her jaw dropped in shock.

“Good day sir” Micheal greeted Mr Nicholas while stretching out his hand for a handshake.

“Good day young man. You are welcome” Mr Nicholas responded taking Micheal’s hand in a handshake. Then pointing out a seat for him, he said, “Please do make yourself comfortable”

“Thank you, sir,” Micheal said reaching for the couch.

When he was finally seated, Alisha then stood before her father and introduced Micheal to him.

“Father, this is Micheal, my new bodyguard,” She said with a smile.

“Really?” Her father asked with a broad smile.

“Yes, daddy” Alisha affirmed happily.

Then with a sudden frown on his face, her father shouted,

“Do you two think you can make a fool out of me?” He fumed angrily.

Hearing this, Micheal and Alisha gave him a quick look.

“Father, what do you mean?” Alisha asked looking confused.

“You must think I am a fool, Alisha. Seeing how you brought your secret boyfriend to come pose as your bodyguard. Alisha when will you ever change? You keep making it difficult to trust you on daily basis” He fumed.

“But father, he is not my boyfriend and I wasn’t lying to you when I said he is my new bodyguard” Alisha helplessly maintained.

“Shut up Alisha. Shut up! How can a bodyguard afford such luxurious clothing?” He asked pointing at Micheal’s suit. “Those are foreign designer wears. Everything he is wearing from head to toe is highly expensive and not affordable by a common man. So tell me, how can a bodyguard afford such luxury wears in this country and its economy?” He asked.

“Wait a minute. What has my dressing got to do with the services I can render? For your information, I am Micheal Pedro. A guy who grew up and spent 25 years of his life in Spain. I have worked with different secret agency companies in Spain, and I have as well, worked as a bodyguard for some of the drug dealers over there. So you don’t expect me to appear before you looking malnourished and tattered like your normal low-budget bodyguards considering how much I am being paid over there. Just so you know, I’m not your regular bodyguard. I am a bodyguard with high class and taste” Micheal said crossing his legs.

“If that’s the case, then where did she find you from?” Mr Nicholas asked.

“Dad is that even necessary?” Alisha lamented.

“Stay out of this Alisha” Mr Nicholas warned.

“Where she found me doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m equal to the task. And if you want proof, you can as well put me up for a fight with your bodyguards. Then let’s see who will win in the end. Because I prefer actions to words” Micheal said.

“Daddy, you heard him right? Put him up in a fight with your bodyguards and let’s see who will win” Alisha said folding her arms.

Just then, Jane who had been observing the whole time walked up to Alisha and drew her to a corner.

“What is it Jane, didn’t you see I was In a middle of a conversation?” Alisha asked freeing her hand from Jane’s grip.

“I guess negotiation would have been the right word to use. Anyways, girlfriend, I must confess. This is the first time you’ve ever made the right decision in your entire life” Jane said.

“And, what’s that supposed to mean?” Alisha asked giving her a questionable look.

“Can’t you see the perfect creature you brought home? Girl, you are damn lucky” Jane said.

“Thanks for the acknowledgement. At least now you know why I wanted to make him my bodyguard by all means” Alisha said staring at Micheal who winked at her.

“But was the thing he said about growing in Spain true?” Jane asked.

“I am also dying to ask him that as well,” Alisha said.

After a while of deep thought, Mr Nicholas finally spoke out.

“Alright then. I will have my bodyguards challenge you to a fair fight. If you can defeat them, then I will believe you. Because no matter how much I look at you, you just don’t seem to look like someone who can lift a finger in a fist fight” He said.

“Even with those broad shoulders?” Jane asked from where she stood.

“Anyone can have a broad shoulder. It just takes severe workouts” Mr Nicholas responded to her.

Hearing this, they all had no choice but to remain mute.

A while later, Mr Nicholas assembled his bodyguards outside. And while Micheal was walking out of the living room, Alisha quickly walked up to him and asked,

“Was everything you told my dad about your work in Spain true?” She asked.

“Well, it’s not entirely the truth though. I lied about every other thing except growing up in Spain” He said with a chuckle.

“Why did you lie though?” She asked laughing at him.

“Because I didn’t come this far to lose to your father you know. And I must say, I now know where you got your strong-headedness from” Micheal said.

When they got outside, Micheal took off his suit jacket and handed it over to Alisha.

“Handle that with care. It’s quite expensive” He said with a wink.

“Micheal, are you sure you want to go this far?” Alisha asked.

“Yeah. I like seeing the end of things. Meanwhile, get ready to pay for all the stress I’m passing through today” Micheal said walking away.

He stood in the middle of the compound and adjusted his sleeves.

Then turning to his guards, Mr Nicholas said,

“You all are expected to defeat him by throwing him to the ground. So go ahead and show us what you’ve got” Mr Nicholas said.

And with his orders, they attacked Micheal one after the other. And in less than 30 minutes, Micheal was able to defend himself and defeat all of Mr Nicholas’s guards by throwing their backs to the ground. He did this effortlessly like a pro. And this made Mr Nicholas fall in love with him immediately.

When Micheal was done defeating all of his bodyguards, he turned to Mr Nicholas and asked,

“Who is next?”

Hearing this, Mr Nicholas couldn’t help but clap for him. Then pointing at him, he asked,

“What’s your name again?” Mr Nicholas asked.

“I am Micheal Pedro sir” He responded.

“Micheal Petrol or petroleum just know that you are hired for the job. Please take good care of my daughter” Mr Nicholas said shaking his hand.

“Sure. I will sir” Micheal responded with a smirk.

Hearing this, Alisha who knew what she was getting herself into, said.

“Unfortunately, it’s more like saying you now have the power to kill my daughter and roast her alive,” Alisha said to herself with a sigh.

A moment later, they were all back in the living room.

Alisha and Jane were hurriedly setting the table for lunch because Mr Nicholas had insisted that Micheal must have lunch with them before leaving.

While Micheal was sitting and waiting for the girls to be through, Mr Nicholas went in and returned with a photo album which he handed to Micheal.

“Use this to keep yourself busy while they are setting the dining,” He said with a smile.

“Thank you, sir” Micheal appreciated collecting the photo album from him.

Slowly flipping through the pages of the photo album, he saw the picture of Alisha when she was still a baby. Her look then got him smiling from ear to ear.

“She sure was trouble even as a baby,” He said with a chuckle.

Then flipping to the next page, he saw a picture of his mother carrying Alisha.

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