Men Do Cry

Men Do Cry 😭😭
(episode 1)

We live in a society, where men are perceived as superhumans without the need to first verify if they have superpowers. There’s so much pressure on men to be strong, perfect and fearless. Tears from a man’s eyes is most often perceived as weakness and due to this, men try their best to always appear emotionless and tough. This was the reality of a ruthless lawyer named “Jaden”.

Back in the university days, Jaden was madly in love with a lady whom he gave his whole heart to. He made sure she never lacked anything and was everything she wanted him to be. She was his first love!

Their relationship didn’t last too long before hitting the rocks. Their separation shattered Jaden’s heart into tiny pieces and left him deranged. He tried his possible best to get back together with her but all efforts was fruitless. Most times, he cried while begging her to stay but her mind was already made up.

That breakup was Jaden’s first and it left him devastated, broken and hurt. He hated “Love” and vowed to never be vulnerable or open the doors to his heart again all the days of his life. His hatred for vulnerability and weakness led to his decision to venture into law school.

Jaden redirected all the anger from his broken relationship towards becoming the best lawyer there was. He studied 10× harder than his counterparts in law school and never looked at any lady twice. Jaden graduated as one of the best students and was called to Bar shortly afterwards. He had a record of not losing any case he puts his mind to winning. Jaden was one of the most sort after lawyers in his time.

With all these victories, one would think that Jaden was a happy and fulfilled man, but it’s sad that the reverse was the case. Jaden was still angry with himself for being vulnerable years back; he hated himself for letting his emotions show and for ever being dumped by someone. His title as an accomplished lawyer couldn’t erase that one pain.

His chosen profession made things worst because people began to perceive him as a superhuman who had everything under control. A lot of people feared and respected him due to his numerous court victories. Little did they know that Jaden was still human and had his own hidden insecurities, little did they also know that Jaden’s career success was birthed from anger, fear and rejection. Little did they know!

Year in year out, Jaden remained a bachelor and wasn’t planning on letting any lady close to his heart anytime soon. He had few female friends but they never had the privilege of stepping their foot into his house. He lived an extremely private life and his house was out of bounds for women. Jaden hardly spoke to women and always tried to keep the conversation short whenever he found himself in an unavoidable situation. Everything remained the same but it wasn’t for too long.

Jaden had a tough case before him that had been in court for a long time. That case wasn’t an easy one, as it was always adjourned whenever he thought victory for his client was near. Fortunately for Jaden, victory came at last and he was more happy that day than he had ever been all his life.

The person whose case was won, threw a party at his house with Jaden as the guest of honour. They partied all evening till Jaden had to leave at around 8pm.
It was a quiet ride back home but Jaden had to make a stop at a fast food to buy some snacks to take home. The fast food was about closing when he entered in a hurry. Immediately he set his eyes on the counter from afar, he couldn’t help but look at the fast food attendant twice. His heart skipped a beat for the first time in many years; he comported himself and walked till he reached the counter. “Hello, please what can I get you?” the lady behind he counter enquired with a calm voice. Jaden kept wondering why he was drawn to her but didn’t let his emotions show at all, “What do you guys still have?” He asked with a straight face, “uhmmm, we still have some snacks like meat pie, sausage roll, scotch egg and chicken pie?” She replied smiling.

Her manner of approach got Jaden tripping but he didn’t want to accept the fact that a fast food attendant could have the power to penetrate a wall alot of successful ladies with all their degrees couldn’t. “I’ll have 2 chicken pie” he said and it was given to him, “Have a great remaining hours of today” she said and walked out of the counter.

As Jaden walked back to his car, he couldn’t take the mysterious fast food attendant off his mind. He kept asking himself “Who is she?”.


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