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Alisha sobbed bitterly as she walked down the staircase that led to the sitting room.

Seeing her coming out of Micheal’s room in tears made Samson curious and furious at the same time. He quickly stood up from where he was sitting and walked up to Alisha who simply ignored him.

“Alisha, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? What did Michael do to you?” He asked all at once.

But Alisha simply ignored him and reached for her handbag while wiping her tears with the back of her palm.

“Alisha? What’s going on?” Samson asked following her from behind till she walked out of the gate and began trekking home as she didn’t bring her car. Also, the car she used in meeting Mr Ojo was that of Samson.

Seeing her leave in that mood, made Samson angry. And with anger in his heart, he went upstairs to confront Micheal who was still struggling to join the pieces of the picture Alisha tore.

Barging into the room, Samson began,

“Micheal what did you do to Alisha that made her leave in that mood?” He asked with a stern face.

Micheal who was confused about what he was talking about, simply turned and kept staring at him with his brows raised in confusion and curiosity.

“What are you talking about?” He asked looking confused.

“Oh, please man. Don’t give me that look of pretence. You know exactly what I am talking about and what you did that made her leave here in tears” Samson said.

“Tears? Like seriously? Was she crying?” Micheal asked looking surprised.

“No. She was jubilating for joy. How could you have made her cry? I know you don’t like Alisha but don’t you think you are unnecessarily being harsh on her? For Christ’s sake Micheal, Alisha has been nothing but good to you. She voluntarily got herself involved in your quest for vengeance without you having to beg her into it. She has been willing to do anything as long as it involves you. I don’t know if you don’t know or if you are just pretending not to know that she sincerely cares about you. Yes, I agree that she can be annoying at times, she is unnecessarily loud and dramatic. But deep inside of you, I know you know that she is one of the sweetest humans you’ve ever come across. I understand that the circumstances of life and probably your experience in life are the reason for you being rigid and over-cautious of everything and everyone around you. But dude, Alisha shouldn’t be one of those people you keep at arm’s length. So whatever it is that you have done to make her cry, I will advise you go to her and resolve the issue” He said without giving Micheal a chance to explain himself.

When he was done speaking, he turned to leave. Then as if reminded of something, he turned back and said,

“And, one more thing dude. If you consider us trustworthy to assist you in your plan, then I believe you should trust us enough to let us share in your problems and worries. You can’t call us your friends whereas, you keep hiding things from us and sometimes, you even end up bottling things in your heart which doesn’t make sense. Learn to confide in us. And if you do not stop being too difficult on those who sincerely care about you, then they would be forced to leave your side” He said after which, he immediately walked away and slammed the door behind him.

“How could I have made her cry?” Micheal questioned himself while burying his head in his palms.

Meanwhile, Alisha who was feeling unimaginable pains in her heart kept sobbing as she walked back home. Reaching the gate of her house, she had a change of heart and went to see Jane instead.

(At Jane’s house)

Jane’s mother was in the living room watching a Tv program when Alisha came knocking at the door.

“Come in!” Jane’s mother shouted.

Hearing this, Alisha pushed the door open and walked in.

“Mummy good afternoon” She greeted Jane’s mother respectfully.

Seeing her, Jane’s mother immediately stood up spreading her arms for an embrace.

“Look who we have here. My baby Alisha” She said embracing Alisha with excitement in her heart.

Alisha couldn’t help but smile while she was being embraced and warmly welcomed.

“Look at you. When last did you visit us?” Jane’s mother asked freeing Alisha from her embrace.

“Mummy it isn’t entirely my fault. I have always wanted to come but my parents have been restricting my movement lately due to some security reasons” Alisha said defensively.

“For Security reasons? I hope all is well at your house?” Jane’s mother asked with curiosity written on her face.

“Yes, mummy. All is well back at home. I am actually here to see Jane. Is she at home?” Alisha asked.

“Yes. She’s upstairs in her room. And she’s been there like, almost the entire day. Maybe you should try to get her to step out and get some fresh air. Because the way she enjoys staying indoors these days really scares me to the bone. And I keep wondering if she will be able to get a husband with this habit of hers” Jane’s mother said.

“Ah….! Mummy. Jane is a very beautiful girl. And I’m sure she will attract the right man at the right time” Alisha said.

“How will she attract the man when she’s always indoors? Is it through Bluetooth or xender?” Jane’s mother asked.

Hearing this, Alisha couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

(Inside Jane’s room)

Jane was scrolling through her phone while laying on her bed when she heard a knock at her door.

“Mom I’ve told you I’m not coming out of my room today!” Jane shouted.

But the knock continued. And when she could no longer take it, she angrily pulled the door open only to find Alisha standing before her.

“Alisha? I’m so so sorry for not opening up earlier. I honestly thought it was my mom knocking” Jane said with excitement in her eyes.

“Now I know why she is worried about you not getting married. Do you even call this a life? Getting yourself stuck in your room all day?” Alisha said walking to the couch that was beside Jane’s bed.

Hearing this Jane couldn’t help but cast a look of shock on Alisha who she wasn’t expecting to take her mother’s side.

“Really? Are you seriously taking my mother’s side right now?” Jane asked walking up to Alisha who was already seated on the couch.

Just then, a call came in from Micheal. But staring at her phone, Alisha immediately hissed and silenced her phone.

“Hold on. Wasn’t that Micheal your supposed bodyguard?” Jane who saw his name pop out on her phone screen couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes? Any problem?” Alisha asked glaring at her.

“I don’t understand. Are you two fighting? Or are you two no longer on talking terms?” Jane asked placing her hands on her waist.

“Look, Jane. Please I came here to relax my mind. But if you don’t want me here you can as well tell me to leave and I will leave in peace” Alisha said.

“I guess you are not in a good mood this afternoon. So I will just mind my business. But if ever need someone to talk to, then I will be here” Jane said.

“Better” Alisha said rolling her eyes at her.

And just like that, they both stayed in the room in awkward silence till it was time for Alisha to return home in the night. Meanwhile, all those while she was at Jane’s house, her phone had been ringing but she kept ignoring the calls instead.

When it was exactly 6:30 pm, she said her goodbyes to Jane and her parents after which, she left for her house. But as soon as she stepped outside the gate of Jane’s house, she saw Micheal standing beside his car right outside the gate.

“What are you doing here? And what do you want from me? How did you get to know that this was where I was?” She asked with a stern face.

Unknown to her, when she had stepped out to use the restroom earlier, Jane quickly copied Micheal’s number and texted him her home address.

“Look Alisha I am sorry okay? I shouldn’t have spoken to you in that manner. It’s just that, I had a lot of things going through my head at that moment” Micheal said.

“Oh yeah?” Alisha asked folding her arms. “Things that can’t be shared with us your partners in crime right? Look Micheal whatever things you are going through, I don’t think it’s right for you to vent out your frustration on me. Besides, if you were open to us from the very beginning, then I would have known when to keep my distance and when to cross my limits. You just kept us in the dark and suddenly said those hurtful things to me. Things like why can’t I let you be and I am always in your business against your will. Those words pierced my heart deeply. I then realized that just like in the beginning, you will only continue to see me as a pest. Or a thorn in your flesh. This is why I have decided to start minding my business from now on. I won’t come into your space anymore. I will simply let you be. And most importantly, your services as my bodyguard will no longer be needed as I will be getting myself a new bodyguard any moment from now” Alisha said while fighting back tears.

“Look Alisha the truth is…..” Micheal tried explaining but Alisha quickly interrupted raising her finger at him.

“No Micheal. I am not worth the explanations so keep it to yourself. I’m just a nuisance after all. Goodnight” Alisha said after which, she angrily walked past him heading back home.

Micheal who now regretted his actions, quietly followed Alisha from behind with his car till she boarded a taxi and went back home. He made sure to see that she arrived home safely before he turned and went back home.

Meanwhile, Alisha entered her room and restlessly began waiting for Micheal’s call.

“Did I overreact back there? I guess I should have been calmer or a little nicer with my words. What if he takes my word seriously and quits being my bodyguard? What if he stays out of my life forever? Alisha…….! Ahhh….! Your mouth won’t be the end of you” She said tapping her lips.

And throughout that night, she endlessly kept staring at her phone hoping to get a call from Micheal till she finally fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Micheal on the other hand, was restless as well. He kept contemplating whether to give her a call or give her some time to cool off her anger before calling. Not knowing that Alisha was seriously waiting for his call.

Early the next morning, Alisha jolted up from her bed and quickly reached for her phone trying to see if she had missed a call from Micheal but she was rather disappointed to not have seen a single missed call from him.

“Like seriously? Was I really a nuisance to this guy? Doesn’t he miss me at all?” She wondered to herself feeling restless.

While she was brushing, she heard her phone ring and at full speed, she dashed out of her bathroom straight to where her phone was kept only to realise that it was Jane calling. And with disappointment in her heart, she reluctantly picked up the call.

“Hello, babe. Just wanted to confirm that you arrived home safely last night” Jane said as soon as Alisha picked up the call.

“Are you being serious right now?” Alisha asked.

“Yes. Did I do anything wrong?” Jane asked.

Then trying so hard to contain her anger, Alisha gnashed her teeth. Then at the top of her voice, she shouted at jane almost destroying her hearing aid.

“No, you did nothing wrong. So can I have my peace now?” Alisha yelled over the phone like a mad woman.

And without being told, Jane knew she was not yet in the mood to have a conversation with her. And as such, she quickly ended the call.

“Gosh! What was that earlier? Is she still fighting with Micheal? I guess I have to keep my distance for now before she roasts me alive” Jane said as soon as she got off the phone.

Alisha on the other hand kept wondering why Jane had decided to call by that time when she was expecting Micheal’s call.

“What’s with jane and calling at the wrong time?” She wondered.

Later in the day, when it seem like Micheal wasn’t ever going to call, she took her bath, got dressed and hurriedly went to confront Micheal.

(At Micheal’s house)

Micheal was also getting ready to go meet her at her house when his doorbell rang. He went to the door and opened it only to find Alisha standing in front of him.

“Alisha” Micheal called out in a low tone.

“Is Samson here?” Alisha immediately asked so as not to give him the impression that she actually came to see him.

“Samson is not here yet. He is also mad at me for making you cry yesterday. But why are asking about him?” Micheal asked.

“Because I came to see him and have a word with him. Too bad he isn’t here. So I guess I have to leave now” Alisha lied.

And after that, she turned and slowly began walking towards the gate.

“What is this? Won’t he stop me? This Michael is sure annoying to the core. Will he just watch me leave without doing or saying anything?” She wondered as she kept walking slowly to the gate.

She was one step close to the gate when she suddenly felt Micheal’s hands wrapping around her waist embracing her from behind.

“Please don’t go. I’m sorry I promise I will never be harsh on you again” Micheal said resting his chin on her shoulder.

Hearing this, Alisha couldn’t help but jubilate in her heart.

“Yes! Finally, he stopped me” She said smiling helplessly.

Then talking to Micheal, she said,

“So, will you start opening up to me?” She asked blushing helplessly.

Hearing this, Micheal unwrapped his hands from her waist and slowly turned her face towards his. Now facing him, Micheal placed his hands on her shoulder and said,

“Yes. I will try learning how to be more open and trusting towards others” He said with a smile.

Then without saying a word, Alisha wrapped her hands around him and embraced him. Then resting her head on his shoulder, she said,

“Then you’ve been forgiven,” She said smiling helplessly.

“Thank you, Alisha. For not walking away this time” Micheal said slowly patting her back.

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