The bodyguard episode 9



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As soon as Micheal left the ward, Bunmi who was curious quickly reached for her phone and put a call through to Alisha’s mother.

“Hello, Bunmi” Alisha’s mother greeted as soon as she picked up her call.

“Good morning ma’am” Bunmi greeted.

“Good morning my dear. How are you feeling today?” Alisha’s mother asked.

“I’m fine ma’am. Actually, a strange young man just walked into my ward some minutes ago and left after a long silence. But I don’t know why I have this feeling that he knows me. He was even shedding tears while staring at me. So I called to know if you have met this young man or if you know him” Bunmi said.

“Bunmi, actually there is something you need to know. But for now, I want you to just relax, take a deep breath and wait. For I and my husband will be coming to the hospital later this morning to reveal certain things to you about who the young man is” Alisha’s mom said.

“Is he my Adekunle?” Bunmi asked with her heartbeat racing.

“Bunmi, there are things we aren’t supposed to discuss over the phone okay? So just relax, take a deep breath and wait for our arrival. Love you” She said and ended the call.

Slowly putting her phone away, Bunmi’s head started spinning with lots of questions running through her mind. And before she knew it, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“Why am I crying?” She asked quickly wiping off her tears

When Micheal was done talking with Samson, he took a deep breath. Then after a while, he got off the car and went back to finally face his mother.

Standing before the door of her ward, he counted to five before he finally knocked and slowly pushed it open.

As the door swung open, Bunmi who thought it was Alisha’s parents, turned her head only to see the same man walking up to her. And immediately, she sat up straight staring curiously at him from head to toe.

Without saying a word, Micheal grabbed a seat for himself sitting beside his mother who was still staring confusedly at him.

Micheal slowly reached for her hand and held it in his. After which, he began rubbing the back of her palm with tears rolling down his cheek.

And with those actions, Bunmi needed no seer to tell her that he was her long lost son. And with tears rolling down her cheeks as well, she stared steadily at Micheal who haven’t said a word since he entered.

Bunmi then stretched out her hand towards Micheal’s face. She cupped his cheek in her palm and slowly rubbed it with tears in her eyes. Micheal then held unto her hand and shut his eyes letting out tears. Bunmi stared into Micheal’s eyes and said,

“Adekunle is this you?” She managed to ask amidst tears.

Then with an affirmative nod, Micheal responded,

“Yes, mother. It’s me your Adekunle” He revealed. “I’m sorry for not coming sooner”, He said amidst tears.

Hearing this, Bunmi shook her head. Then wiping off his tears, she said,

“No Son, I should be the one apologising, not you. I’m truly sorry my son” She cried.

Hearing this, Micheal stood up and embraced her warmly. After which, they both broke into uncontrollable tears crying profusely on each other’s shoulders.

A few moments later.

Micheal and his mother were done crying. Then after a while of silence, Micheal finally asked the long-awaited question.

“What really happened twenty-five years ago?” He asked his mother who then took a deep breath, held his hands and said,

“A lot that you can never imagine my son,” Bunmi said.

And one after the other, she narrated everything that happened to Micheal who after hearing her story, became more determined to deal with those who caused him and his mother pain.

When Bunmi was done telling her story, Micheal then said,

“Mother I am truly sorry for blaming you for everything. I honestly can’t believe I spent most of my life believing that you actually abandoned me. Whereas, the reverse was the case” Micheal said.

“You don’t have to be hard on yourself Adekunle. I too would have done the same if I were in your shoes” Bunmi said placing her palm on his shoulder.

“But mom, who is your aunty? Where does she live and what does she do?” Micheal asked indirectly trying to get information from his mother.

“Her name is Mrs Ifemi Ojo. She is the current C.E.O of Ifemi holdings. One of the top companies in the state that deals with the production and distribution of high-graded quality building materials” Bunmi responded.

“But why is the company bearing her name instead of her husband’s?” Micheal asked.

“That’s because she has the final say. Her husband was useless in every area. He was always lavishing money on girls. So she had to overthrow him and take over the management of the company” Bunmi said.

“Oh, I see….!” Micheal said nodding his head.

“But why do you ask?” Bunmi asked.

“Huh? Nothing mother. I was just curious about her” Micheal said.

“Okay,” Bunmi said.

“Mother, will it be okay if I spend the night here with you today? It’s been 25 years since I’ve done that you know?” Micheal asked with a smile.

“Hahahaha…sure. You are still my little baby after all. Even though you now look like a full grown man” Bunmi said.

“Look like? Come on mother. I am a full-grown man and you know that” Micheal said.

“Hahahaha….” Bunmi burst out laughing.

Then in a serious tone, she said,

“Thank you, son, for returning to me alive. I don’t know what good I did in my past life to deserve such a blessing from God. But I am eternally grateful to the heavens for granting me my lifelong wish. Which is seeing you before I die” Bunmi said with a sad smile.

“Come on mother. No one is going to die okay? I will make sure you come out of this alive and strong. You are a strong woman and I’m sure you will be able to defeat this cancer” Micheal said.

“Amen, I also wish to live longer too,” Bunmi said with a sad smile.

“And you will mother,” Micheal said.

Just then, they heard a knock on the door. After which, the door opened and Alisha and her parents walked in.

When they walked in and saw the both of them together, They all let out a bright smile.

“What am I seeing here?” Alisha’s mother shouted out with joy.

She walked up to them and embraced Bunmi who broke into tears.

“The Lord has granted me a lifelong request” Bunmi cried.

Then freeing herself from Bunmi’s embrace, Alisha’s mother placed her hands on her shoulder and said,

“Hey, hey…shhhhh. No more cries today okay? Your son is back in good health. So all you have to do now is wear a bright smile for us okay?” Alisha’s mother said.

Then with a nod, Bunmi responded,

“Thank you so much for everything,” She said with a sad smile.

Then walking up to Micheal, Mr Nicholas placed his palm on his left shoulder and said,

“Thank you for making the right decision,” He said.

Then as he left Micheal’s side, Alisha walked up to him and rubbed his head like a puppy.

But this didn’t go well with Micheal who turned and gave her a quick glare.

“What?” Alisha asked with a shrug.

“Do you know the expensive products that were used to style this hair?” Micheal asked.

Seeing this, Bunmi couldn’t help but say,

“It seems like you two already know each other,” she said.

Then without hesitation, Alisha quickly said,

“Yeah. Actually, he is my bodyguard”

Hearing this, Micheal shot her a quick glare.

“A bodyguard? Hahaha. Seriously?” Bunmi asked amidst laughter.

“Yes, nanny Bunmi. Micheal here can actually fight like all those heroes in action movies” Alisha added.

“Seriously?” Bunmi asked laughing.

This got Micheal angry with Alisha. But of course, he had to hold it in and force a smile.

“I’m sure going to kill this Alisha” He muttered to himself.

A while later, Micheal stepped out for fresh air and Alisha quickly followed him from behind.

“Hey, Bodyguard” Alisha called out from behind.

Hearing this, Micheal gave her a quick glare.

“Do you want to die in my hands?” He asked showing her his clenched fist.

“Not at all Micheal” Alisha responded with a wave.

“Good! Then stop testing my patience” Micheal warned pointing at her.

“You are just too rigid. Gosh!” Alisha lamented rolling her eyes at him.

Ignoring her, Micheal turned to go then he stopped and then turning to her he said,

“And don’t follow me” Micheal added walking away.

“Not when you’re supposed to be my bodyguard you know,” Alisha said.

And at full speed, she ran up to him and before he could stop her, she had already entered his car.

“What do you think you are doing right now?” Micheal asked Alisha who was now sitting in his front seat.

“Following my bodyguard of course” She responded folding her arms.

“Alisha!” Micheal called trying so hard to suppress his anger.

“Yes, Bodyguard” Alisha responded pulling out her tongue at him.

“Do you have a death wish?” Micheal asked glaring at her.

“Not when I have you to protect me” She responded.

“Why are you even following me?” Micheal asked.

“Because I’m seriously starving as we speak. And as my bodyguard, you must get me food. So hurry up, get into the car and let’s go eat some food” Alisha said.

“Urgh!” Micheal exclaimed clenching his fist in anger.

And reluctantly, he got into the car and drove Alisha to an eatery. There she kept ordering and ended up eating different types of food like a hoodlum who was starved for years. Seeing how she was disgracefully eating, Micheal had to bury his head in shame.

When she was done eating, she gave out a thunderous belch before she got up and walked out of the eatery leaving Micheal to deal with the bills.

“And where do you think you are going without paying for the food you consumed?” He asked as she was walking away.

“Sort out the bills. Bodyguard” She said walking away.

“What in the name of crazy is wrong with this girl? Not only did she eat different portions of food without letting me have a taste. Now she left me to sort her bills” Micheal lamented to himself with his hands on his waist.

When he was done settling her bills, he walked out and handed Alisha a piece of paper that had his account number boldly written on it.

“And, what am I supposed to do with this?” Alisha asked staring at the paper.

“That’s my account details and below it, is the amount you owe me,” Micheal said.

“Huh? I can’t believe this Micheal. Why are you so stingy and difficult? I was thinking you would surprise me for once by acting differently” Alisha said.

“By differently you mean, paying for a meal you consumed all by yourself? You can be quite funny at times you know” Micheal said.

“Gosh! I hate you, Micheal,” Alisha said with anger.

“Same feelings here bro” Micheal responded with a quick smile.

When they both got into the car, Alisha whose face was frowned focused her gaze outside the window.

Then staring at her, Micheal teased.

“Do you know you look beautiful when your mouth is shut and more beautiful when you are angry?” He teased with a smirk.

Hearing this, Alisha gave him a quick glare rolling her eyes at him.

While he was driving her back to the hospital, a call came in from Samson.

“Hello, Samson” Micheal greeted as soon as he picked up the call.

“Micheal, I’ve contacted a private investigator like you requested,” He said.

“Where is he right now?” Micheal asked.

“At your house. Where are you?” Samson asked.

“On my way back home” Micheal responded.

“Alright, see you soon” Samson responded and immediately ended the call.

Hearing Micheal say that he was going home, Alisha started imagining different wild thoughts in her mind.

“Wait a minute Micheal. Why are you taking me to your house instead of the hospital? Don’t tell me you want to take me home simply because you paid for my meal earlier” Alisha said staring at him in disbelief.

“Why not? If you can’t pay back in cash isn’t it right that you pay in kind?” Micheal asked with a scoff.

“What? Is this how cheap you think I am? Micheal, you know what, drop me here” Alisha said tapping his shoulder.

Micheal simply ignored her and drove away at full speed. When they finally got to his house, Alisha was still pestering Micheal to stop the car when Micheal immediately took off his seat belt and leaned forward, as if drawn to Alisha by some invisible force. His eyes flick down to her lips, lingering there for a moment then he lowered his lips almost touching hers.

Seeing this, Alisha sat still frozen with her eyes widened in shock.

“Wha…wha…what. ..are you doing?” She managed to speak out in a calm tone.

Then with a scoff, Micheal responded.

“Just checking if you are my type,” He said.

Then with a chuckle, he moved away.

“And….?” Alisha asked blinking her eyes.

“Don’t worry you are not my type. So relax. I won’t do the wild things you are imagining” He said.

After that, he opened the door and got off the car leaving Alisha in utter confusion and disbelief.

“What? Micheal, I hate you!” She screamed out in anger.

“Same here….!” Micheal responded walking away.

He walked into his living room and met Samson sitting with the private investigator.

Seeing him, the private investigator stood up and stretched out his hand for a handshake.

“Good day sir. I’m Sunusi your new private investigator” He said.

Then taking his hand in a handshake, Micheal said,

“I’m Michael. It’s nice meeting you” He said with a smile.

Just then, Alisha who walked in and was surprised by what was going on, couldn’t help but ask.

“And what are you two plotting?” She asked walking up to them.

“You brought Alisha with you?” Samson asked Micheal.

“Not really. She followed me against my will” Micheal responded sitting on his couch.

“So, what would you like me to investigate?” Sunusi asked.

“I would like you to run a detailed investigation In the C.E.O of the company Ifemi holdings. I want to know everything about the company. All it good and bad” Micheal said.

“Wait a minute. Isn’t that the company of Nanny Bunmi’s aunty? What are you looking for, Micheal?” Alisha asked.

“Vengeance Alisha. They are about to witness the greatest shocks of their lives” Micheal said.

“Well, in that case, if you ever need my assistance, then you can feel free to let me know. It would be a great pleasure to partake in the punishment of those monsters who ruined Nanny Bunmi’s life” Alisha said.

Then staring at her, Micheal said,

“Now you are beginning to talk like my type,” He said with a chuckle.

Then in response, Alisha said,

“I strangely do not like the sound of that”

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