The bodyguard episode 8



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“What do you mean by I was forcefully taken away from her? And by whom exactly?” Micheal asked walking up to Alisha with a stern face.

“Look, Micheal. I don’t know whatever lies or intuition you’ve been fed all these years. But the truth is, nanny Bunmi did not for one day abandoned you. According to what she told us, the day you were given out for adoption, she was drugged and slept almost all through the day. And when she finally awakened, she was told that her only son had been given out for adoption under her name” Alisha said.

“Lies! All lies! She wasn’t proud to have me at a young age which was why she sold me off so she could live her life the way she want” Micheal fumed.

“No Micheal. That’s not true. If that was the case, then she wouldn’t have narrowly escaped madness. She wouldn’t have stood in the middle of the road hoping to get crushed by an incoming truck. She wouldn’t have been saving to go look for you in Spain. She wouldn’t have frequently gone to the Spain embassy to wait for your return. Micheal this woman was deprived of everything that gave her joy and solace. She battled with depression for years. And the only reason why she is still alive and fighting so hard to overcome her ailments is that she desperately wants to see you again. For that has been her desire all these years” Alisha said.

“No this is all lies. And I’m definitely not falling for it. Never” Micheal fumed.

“Look Micheal I understand how you feel right now. But I suggest you go meet with your mother. That way, you can get to hear her side of the story. Only then will you be able to find out if your assumptions were right or wrong” Samson said.

Then with anger, Micheal pointed at him. And in Spanish, he said,

“mantente Fuera de Este sansón”

which means,

“Stay out of this Samson”

But to Samson and Alisha, his statement in Spanish sounded like curse words. Then whispering to Alisha, Samson asked,

“What do you think he just said to me?” He whispered.

Then whispering back to him, Alisha responded,

“Obviously from his facial expression, there is no doubt that he just insulted you and your entire generations to come. But what language was that again?” Alisha asked in a whisper.

“Spanish of course” Samson whispered.

“Oh, I see… So he uses foreign languages when he is provoked?” Alisha asked in a whisper.

“I guess so. Because there is more to Micheal than we both know” Samson responded in a whisper.

“Then that means we can’t afford to provoke him further. Otherwise, we might end up receiving more Spanish curse words” Alisha said shaking her head.

Just then, Micheal who was curious to know what they were whispering to each other, couldn’t help but ask,

“Y qué están Haciendo Ustedes dos?” In Spanish


“And what are you two doing?”

Just then, Alisha who thought he just added another curse word, quickly turned to Samson and whispered,

“I guess I have to leave now because from the look of things his anger has really grown beyond control” She whispered to Samson who affirmed with a nod.

“Yes. I think you are right. Seeing how he won’t stop using the Spanish language on us. You know what, I’m definitely coming with you” Samson whispered back.

“No, you need to be around him in times like this Samson” Alisha said.

“Not when he keeps using that language,” Samson said.

Then turning to Micheal, Samson said,

“You see, Micheal, after putting ourselves in your shoes, I and……” He paused. Then turning to Alisha he asked, “What’s that your name again?”

“Alisha” She responded.

“Thank you.” He said. Then turning to Micheal, he continued. “So I and Alisha have decided to let you be for now. Because we clearly understand that you need to be left alone. So take your time to reflect on the things Alisha said and make up your mind to go resolve things with your mother” Samson said.

“Micheal. I hope you try giving your mother a chance to explain herself to you” Alisha said.

(At Mr Nicholas’s house)

Mr Nicholas and his wife were both seated in the living room watching a show when Alisha walked in dragging her feet.

“Hey, you are back. How did it go with Micheal?” Her father asked as soon as he saw her walking in.

Then with a deep sigh, Alisha sat on the couch.

“And why is your countenance down? Did something bad happen to Micheal?” He asked.

“Daddy, Mummy, Micheal is Nanny Bunmi’s long lost son” Alisha finally revealed in a calm tone.

“What?” Her parents chorused staring at her in disbelief.

(Back at Micheal’s house)

The next morning, Micheal who was still sulking over his recent discovery, was all by himself in his living room when he suddenly heard his doorbell ring.

He ignored it at first. But when the person at the door persisted, he had to reluctantly walk to the door and pulled it open. Then he saw Mr Nicholas standing before him.

“Sir!” He called out with a look of surprise on his face. “Good morning” he greeted.

“Good morning Micheal. Can I come in for a moment?” Mr Nicholas asked with a smile.

“Absolutely. Please come in” Micheal said paving the way for him.

“Thank you,” Mr Nicholas said walking in. “You sure do have a fine place. Indeed you are not just an ordinary bodyguard you are quite an exceptional one. And it’s actually my first time encountering a bodyguard with high class and taste like you. No wonder my daughter insisted on making you her bodyguard” Mr Nicholas teased as he walked his way to the couch.

“Please do make yourself comfortable,” Micheal said pointing out a seat for him.

“Of course. Thank you” Mr Nicholas appreciated sitting on the couch.

“What drink would you like me to offer you?” Micheal asked standing before him.

“Don’t bother yourself. Just come have a seat ’cause I’m here to have a few words with you” Mr Nicholas said pulling his hand.

“Oh, okay,” Micheal said sitting next to him.

“You see, I heard all that happened from Alisha yesterday. That is why I have come to speak to you. The same way a father would to his son” Mr Nicholas said.

“Hmmmm” Micheal sighed.

“You see, 25 years ago, I was rushing my wife who was in labour to a nearby hospital that night when I almost ran over your mother who was intentionally standing in the middle of the road waiting to be crushed by an oncoming vehicle. When I saw her, I had to immediately swerve my car in the other direction so as not to hit her. But in the process of doing that, I crashed my car. Honestly, that night was quite full of unpleasant happenings for me. So out of anger, I rushed out of my car to put your mother in her place. But when I approached her, I saw a young girl who was ready to end it all. Bunmi was just 23 then so I couldn’t help but wonder why a young girl of her age was trying to get herself crushed in the middle of the road. Seeing her in that pathetic condition, I was confused about whether to vent my anger or show my sympathy. Then to make sure I get Bunmi to pay for the consequences of her actions, I took her along with me to the hospital just to make sure she doesn’t run away. It was quite strange and surprising how she immediately volunteered to become Alisha’s nanny as soon as she was born. But of course, she was a total stranger so I and my wife were sceptical and suspicious of her.

But after we got to listen to her pathetic story, we secretly conducted a thorough investigation and background check on her that later confirmed that all that she told us was the truth.

Haven knew the truth, I and my wife took pity on the poor girl. Then in a bid to help her get over the shock and trauma of losing her five years son, we made her visit a psychologist for one whole year because the incident was beginning to tamper with her brain. So she continued visiting a psychiatrist till she was finally able to put herself together. Years later, she summoned the courage to sue her Aunty and her husband in court but they ended up buying their way out of court. And when we realised that pushing the case further would only hurt her, we had to advise her to let it go in the meantime. There are lots of things to talk about but I will pause here for now.

So you see Micheal, your mother has a lot of things to share with you. If only you would make up your mind to go meet her. I know it is hard on you but it has been much harder for your mom who had to live 25 years of her life knowing that her son was forcefully taken away from her” Mr Nicholas said.

Then dipping his hand in his b****t pocket, he brought out a card and handed it to Micheal.

“This is the hospital where your mother is being hospitalised. Feel free to go there whenever you make up your mind. Once you show this card to the doctor, he will take you to her ward” Mr Nicholas said.

(At Mr Nicholas’s house)

When Mr Nicholas returned home, his wife walked up to him and asked,

“Sweetheart, how did it go with the young man?”

“Well, I have spoken with him. And I also gave him the hospital card hoping that he would make up his mind to go meet his mother,” Mr Nicholas said.

“Are you sure he would go?” She asked.

“Hopefully. But that’s left for Micheal to decide. I have done my part. So it’s all up to him. Who would have thought that we would be the ones connecting Bunmi with her son? Indeed fate is sometimes funny” He said with a sigh.

(At the hospital)

The next day at the hospital, Micheal who was scared, finally summoned the courage to go see his mother.

Standing before the door of her ward, he found it difficult to open the door. But after a while, he slowly pushed the door open and walked in.

Seeing him walk in, his mother who was laying on her hospital bed, slowly raised her head and kept staring curiously at him.

“Who are you?” She asked raising her head.

But unfortunately, Michael couldn’t say a word. He simply stood there fighting back tears.

“Hello, why aren’t you saying anything?” Bunmi asked.

But Micheal was still silent. And the next thing he did was break into tears. He Sobbed bitterly and kept trying to wipe his tears with the back of his palm.

And at that moment, Bunmi had the feeling that he was her long lost son. And in a calm tone, she asked,

“Adekunle, is that you?” She asked sitting upright with tears looming in her eyes.

And without hesitation, Micheal left the hospital room and quickly went back into his car where he broke into uncontrollable tears.

A while after he was done crying, he pulled out his phone and dialled Samson’s number.

“Hello, Samson. I need your help” He said.

“Speak on,” Samson said.

“I need you to connect me with a private investigator,” He said.

“Why? What’s going on?” Samson asked.

“It’s high time I make those who brought pain to me and my mother pay dearly for the crimes they committed. It takes an evil person to deal with evil. I Micheal Pedro will make sure they pay for their crimes and for all the pain they put me and my mother through” He said with his eyes flaming with anger.

Then in Spanish, he said,

“Voy a terminar con todos”


“I will finish them all”

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