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(Somewhere in Spain).

It’s a Friday night in a beautiful city in Spain. Among those driving across the streets, was Micheal Pedro who was going through his tab while seated in the back seat of his car.

Micheal Pedro age 30, was the adoptive son of Carlos Pedro a drug lord with lots of affluence that has brought nothing but envy and rivalry between him and his only brother Marco Pedro.

Micheal, whose real name was Adekunle Abiodun, was a Nigerian who had no idea who his biological father was. He believed his mother gave him out for adoption to a Spanish couple when he was five years old. And since then, he has been living in Spain wanting to have nothing to do with his home country Nigeria. Since he was abandoned by his mother.

After the demise of Carlos Pedro his adoptive father, Micheal took over the drug business and has been effectively running it for the past two years. Despite all the attacks, backlash and threats he has been receiving from Marco for being an illegitimate son of his late brother.

Marco felt it was wrong for his late brother to will all his properties, and assets to his adoptive son Micheal who was not his flesh and blood but a bastard he picked from the streets of Nigeria. And for that reason, he has been hell-bent on eliminating Micheal to take full control of his late brother’s assets.

But Micheal on the other hand, was a very hard nut to crack. As he had been given all the necessary training he needed to become a tough drug lord. And he strongly believes that Marco Pedro might have had a hand in the death of his adoptive father Carlos Pedro. Judging from how they have both been in rivalries all their lives.

Michael was still going through his tab in the back seat when a call came in from his longtime Spanish girlfriend Jesse.

Jesse Pablo was a girl Michael met and fell in love with while in school. She was just a normal girl whose dream was to become Michael’s wife and Queen of his empire.

“Hello sweetheart,” He said as soon as he picked up her call with a bright smile displaying on his lips.

“Tu Amor vale mas Que Millones de Estrellas Michael,” Jesse said in Spanish which means,

“Your love is worth more than a million stars Michael”

Hearing this, Michael couldn’t help but blush. Then in Spanish, he said,

“Eres mi todo. Te Quiero con todo mi alma”

Which means,

“You are my everything. I love you with all of my soul”

Hearing this, Jesse couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Now you are turning me on, Michael.” She said curling her hair with her finger. Then in Spanish, she asked, “Es raro Que Quiera hacerte el Amor Ahora mismo?”


“Is it weird that I want to make love to you right now?”

Hearing this, Michael chuckled and said,

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea because Quiero hacer el Amor Contigo Esta Noche,” in Spanish, which means,

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea because I want to make love to you tonight”

Hearing this, Jesse quickly responded,

“Then be my guest. When will you be returning home?” She asked biting her lips seductively as she lay with her back on her bed.

“In a few hours sweetheart. You know how tight my schedules can be” Michael said giving out a sigh.

“Yeah, I know. In that case, you need not worry about how to relieve yourself of today’s stress because I will be waiting for you at home” Jesse said with a smile.

Hearing this, Micheal smiled and said,

“Jesse, Te Quiero mucho,” in Spanish which means,

“Jesse, I love you very much”

And with a bright smile, Jesse responded,

“I love you too Michael. See you soon” She said and immediately ended the call.

As soon as Michael got off the phone, he turned to his driver and said,

“Hurry up. I have to be there in 10 minutes” He said.

“Yes, boss. I’m on it” His driver responded.

And with immediate effect, he increased the speed of his car and sped off.

(Back in Nigeria)

Chief Dotun Akindele was laying sick on a hospital bed with his three sons surrounding him. They were all present with their wives patiently waiting for the arrival of their father’s lawyer who was coming to read their father’s will to them.

“What is keeping him so long?” Chief Anthony Akindele his eldest son impatiently asked.

“I wonder o. He is beginning to take forever to get here” Chief Silas Akindele his second son supported.

“Maybe something came up. He could be delayed by traffic or something beyond his control” Nicholas Akindele his third and favourite son said.

Hearing Nicholas speak at that moment, made his elder brothers give him a glare that made him quickly shut his mouth and mind his business. Then turning to his father, he asked,

“Father, how are you feeling?”

But his father who was now too weak, slowly nodded his head signifying that he was alright.

“Don’t worry father. I will make sure to fly you out of the country for better treatment once we are done hearing your will” Nicholas assured smiling sadly at his father who gave him a weak smile.

Chief Dotun Akindele was a very opulent businessman who owned a big company and has a lot of shares in different large companies. He had three sons namely, Anthony, Silas and Nicholas.

But it was quite unfortunate that his two eldest sons, were only interested in claiming his wealth after his demise. Unlike his last and youngest son Nicholas who was always there at his beck and call. Nicholas was his father’s favourite because he had his father’s best interest at heart.

Even while Chief Dotun was hospitalised and needed to be taken abroad for emergency treatment, his two older sons insisted that he remained within the country till his will is being read. But even though this didn’t go well with Nicholas, there was nothing he could do as he was only the last son.

A few moments later, Chief Dotun’s lawyer walked into his private ward and grabbed a seat for himself after receiving an earful from his two older sons.

He cleared his throat and proceeded with reading out Chief Dotun’s will to the hearing of his family members. But to their greatest surprise, Chief Dotun willed 50 percent of his wealth to his youngest son Nicholas. These include his shares in different companies, his landed properties and the most integral assets in his possession. While the remaining 50 percent, went to his two older sons each taking 25 percent of their father’s wealth.

“Impossible!” Chief Anthony fumed angrily. “This will is definitely fake. Because there is no way my father will give the largest share of his wealth to my younger brother leaving us with peanuts to share amongst ourselves” He said in disbelief and anger.

“Exactly!” Silas affirmed.

“Well, I’m glad your father is still alive. And can speak for himself” The lawyer said.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony quickly stood up and walked up to his father. Then holding his father’s hand with pain in his heart, he asked,

“Father, tell me this is not true. Tell me there was a mistake somewhere. Because this isn’t right. I am your first son and it is only right that I get the largest share of your properties. So why is it given to Nicholas instead of me?” He asked.

Then with weakness in his eyes and voice, Chief Dotun responded.

“I wrote my will based on how you all treated me. Look at you, Anthony. You call me your father. Yet, you have never for once shown sincere concern and love towards me. The only reason why you are here today is simply that there is a will involved. Other than that, you would have called to say you were too busy to come to check up on your sick father. The same goes for Silas. But Nicholas here has been nothing but a good son to me. He abandons everything to come look after me whenever I am down. He took it upon himself to see that I am properly taken care of. He has been nothing but a good son to me. And it is only fair that I reward him greatly” Chief Dotun managed to say amidst cough.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony’s eyes flared up with a renewed fury.

“Father, you will surely regret this if you don’t change the will to our favour. Besides, Nicholas here doesn’t even have a son who will take over from him once he is gone. So it’s pointless willing 50 percent of your assets to him” Chief Anthony said.

Hearing this, Chief Dotun gave him a weak smirk.

“He might not have a son. But he has a daughter who loves me as much as he does. So you see, there’s no reason not to be this generous to him” He said.

Hearing this, Chief Silas who couldn’t take it anymore, quickly stood up from his seat with anger boiling in his heart.

“No father this whole thing is bullshit. This is highly unacceptable. We can’t be alive and watch you give out our birth rite to little Nicholas. It can’t happen. In fact, it won’t happen. Where is such nonsense done?” Chief Silas fumed angrily.

Meanwhile, Nicholas was shocked by what he just heard. He was still trying to process the whole thing when Chief Anthony let go of his father’s hand and grabbed his collar raising him from his seat.

“How dare you deceive father into giving you what rightfully belongs to me?” He raged grabbing Nicholas’s collar firmly.

Chief Anthony ended up creating a scene and it actually took lots of effort to finally get him to free his younger brother from his strong grip. Then to make matters worse, while the commotion was going on, their father Chief Dotun gave up the ghost.

(Back in Spain)

Michael who was done with his business meetings, returned to his mansion only to meet slow romantic music playing in his living room, where he found Jesse dressed in her night bathrobe and sitting on the couch with her legs crossed while holding a glass of red wine in her hand.

“Welcome Micheal,” Jesse said rotating her index finger on the glass cup while seductively biting her lips.

“You sure know how to get me in the mood you naughty girl,” Michael said flinging his suitcase to one of the couches.

And without hesitation, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt from where he stood and flung it to a corner after which, he slowly took off his trousers and flung it to a corner as well.

Now left with just his underwear, he walked up to Jesse and began kissing her passionately on the couch. While kissing her he slowly reached for her hand. Then slowly, he took the cup of wine from her and kept it on the table. Then with one pull, he loosened her bathrobe revealing her n*****s which stood erect calling for him.

“You sure came prepared” He muttered with undeniable lust in his eyes.

“Wouldn’t you like to eat something first?” Jesse asked wrapping her hands around his neck.

“Not until I am done eating the cook,” Michael said kissing her neck.

“Then at least go take your shower,” Jesse said slowly pushing him away.

Then with a smile, she freed herself from Micheal and retied her bathrobe.

Seeing her get off the couch, left Micheal devasted.

“Do you really have to do this?” He asked with desire in his eyes.

“Yes, Micheal. Go take a quick shower and come make love to me” Jesse said.

Then with a smile, Jesse went ahead to pick up all of Micheal’s stuff which he previously flung to the different corners of the living room. Being left with no choice, Micheal had to reluctantly make his way to the bathroom.

While he was taking a quick shower, Jesse who had returned to the living room, heard a knock on the door. She then dropped her glass of wine on the table and walked towards the door. But as soon as she pulled the door open, she was immediately shut down by a group of gunmen who were five in number and had each of their faces covered with a mask.

Meanwhile, Micheal who was still taking his shower in the bathroom didn’t hear a sound because their guns had a silencer. Then when he was done taking his shower, he stepped out of the bathroom with gladness in his heart and dabbed his body dry with his towel. Then after that, he reached for the clean underwear which Jesse had kept for him on the bed. Seeing this, he chuckled.

“I see what you did here babe!” Micheal exclaimed with a chuckle.

Then without further hesitation, he applied his body lotion, and quickly wore his underwear. After which, he headed back to the living room to finish what he had earlier started with Jesse. But while he was walking towards the living room, he got attacked by the same gunmen who had shot at Jesse earlier.

Luckily, he was fast enough to duck saving him from having his brains splattered on the wall. Immediately he ducked, the gunmen came firing at him at once and being a well-trained fighter, he quickly swerved to a corner and hid in between some of his furniture. But that didn’t stop them from shooting at him.

They kept shooting at him till they could no longer tell where exactly he was hiding. Then with a signal from the gang leader, one of them moved towards the furniture.

And as soon as the guy walked closer to the furniture, Micheal quickly grabbed his neck pulling and swinging him to the ground after which, he finished him off and took his gun from him. When the rest of the gang saw this, they began shooting at him again.

But this time, Micheal was able to defend himself for he was now holding a gun. And while swerving and shooting back at them, he was able to gun down two men. And while aiming for the third guy, he then realised that the bullet in his gun was finished.

“Shit!” He exclaimed panting.

Now left with no choice, Micheal came out of his hiding place with both hands raised above his head. He walked towards the remaining two who had their guns pointed at him as he walked towards them.

Standing before them, he then said,

“You can take my life if you wish. But before I die, can you please grant me one last wish?” He asked.

“And what wish do you have?” The leader asked in Spanish.

“I wish to know who sent you and why you are after my life,” He said with pain in his eyes.

Hearing this, the two gunmen burst out laughing.

“What an odd wish you have Micheal. And what use is such Information to you when you will be dying anyway?” The leader asked.

“I just thought it would be best to know. Besides, even the dead do have a wish remember?” Micheal asked.

“Alright then, if you must know, Marco sent us,” the leader said grabbing a seat for himself.

Hearing the name Marco, Micheal couldn’t help but clenched his fist tightly in anger.

Then with a mischievous smirk, he asked,

“So it’s Marco?”

“Yeah. He wouldn’t be doing this shit if you had not gone for his clients. Your stubbornness is long overdue man. And since I’ve granted your last wish, then I guess it’s time to say goodbye” The gang leader said standing to his feet.

Then quickly, he cocked his gun and pointed it at Micheal. Then as he was about to pull the trigger, Micheal said,

“Well, unfortunately, you two will be the ones going six feet today,” He said.

And with speed, Micheal snatched the gun of the other guy that stood beside him with it, he shot the gang leader in the head. Then sliding on the floor, he gunned the remaining one down. And without hesitation, he quickly got up and went in search of Jesse who he later found lying lifeless in the pool of her blood.

“Jesse! Jesse! No!” He screamed out resting her head on his lap.

(Back in Nigeria)

Two days after the demise of late Chief Dotun, his sons commenced preparations for his funeral. Nicholas whose only daughter (Alisha) was outside the country at that moment, had to quickly inform her to return home for her grandfather’s funeral.

(Back in Spain)

Jesse’s body was finally laid to rest in the presence of her family and friends. Micheal was pained beyond imagination as he watched Jesse go down six feet before him.

That same night after Jesse’s burial, Micheal found out that he was being wanted by the police for a crime he didn’t commit. All thanks to Marco whose intention was to bring him down by all means.

Out of anger, he then took it upon himself to exact judgement and vengeance upon his uncle Marco. Then with this in mind, Micheal set his adoptive uncle’s warehouse ablaze. Then sneaking into Marco’s inner chamber while he was sleeping at night, Micheal confronted him and damaged his arm.

“This is just a tip of what I will do to you if you ever cross my path ever again. I am letting you live only because of your late brother. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stopped at just deforming you Marco” Micheal said to him after he had seriously damaged one of his arms.

When Micheal left Marco’s mansion, he realised that Spain wasn’t safe anymore as he was already labelled a murderer and wanted by the police.

So instead of becoming a fugitive, he decided to fly back home to his country Nigeria.

(In Nigeria)

Arriving at the airport in Nigeria, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“I can’t believe it’s been 25years already,” He said sniffing the air.

Just then, Nicholas’s only daughter Alisha walked past him. Then Pulling out her phone, she dialled her father’s number.

“Hello daddy. I am home” She said with a bright smile.

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