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3 months Later.

Mrs Ifemi, Chief Anthony and Chief Silas all faced trial in court. And while the trial was going on, Chief Anthony testified that aside from him and his men, someone else (Micheal Pedro) was present in the warehouse that night and was responsible for the killing of his boys.

But when Alisha was summoned to the witness stand to testify before the court as a witness who was present during the entire happenings, she then went on to twist the entire story in the favour of Micheal Pedro.

“Alisha who is Chief Anthony to you?” The lawyer asked.

“He is my uncle. The eldest of my father’s brothers” She responded.

“Okay, So why then did he abduct you and tried killing you?” The lawyer asked.

“Because my late grandfather willed fifty per cent of his fortune to my father who is the last and the youngest in the family. But this didn’t go well with Chief Anthony, who believes that as the eldest, the fortune was supposed to be willed to him instead of my father. And ever since my grandfather died, Chief Anthony has been frequenting our house to warn and issue death threats to my father. Telling him to give up the fortune that was willed to him” Alisha said.

“You said he frequently comes to your house to issue warnings and death threats to your father right?” The lawyer asked.

“Exactly” Alisha responded.

“If that’s the case, then why didn’t any of you report the issue to the police?” The lawyer asked.

“Because my father believes that family matters are supposed to be settled amongst families rather than being brought out in public” Alisha responded.

“Okay. According to Chief Anthony, there was one more person who was present at the warehouse that night. So if I may ask, do you remember seeing someone else in the warehouse aside from Chief Anthony and his men?” The lawyer asked.

“No, I don’t remember seeing anyone else in the warehouse that night except for Chief Anthony and eight of his men” Alisha responded.

“You liar! She is lying. Micheal Pedro was there” Chief Anthony shouted from where he sat.

Hearing this, the presiding judge hit his gravel calling Chief Anthony to order. And when he became calm, the lawyer continued.

“In that case, do you mind telling the court what actually happened that night at the warehouse?” The lawyer asked.

“That night, when I was abducted and taken to that warehouse, Chief Anthony had me tied to a chair with both of my hands tied behind my back. And after a while, I heard him instructing the leader of the gang which is known as the terminator, to quietly eliminate the other of his boys. As he had planned to flee from the country after killing me to get back at my father who he believed took what rightfully belongs to him. So aside from the gang leader and Chief Anthony, there were a total of seven men who were present in the warehouse that night….” Alisha said.

“You liar! You knew for a fact that I didn’t abduct you to get back at your father but at Micheal Pedro. So why are you lying?” Chief Anthony raged from where he sat causing an uproar in the court.

This time, the judge brought order to the court and warned him not to disrupt the testifier again.

“Please go on,” The lawyer said to Alisha who continued.

“So following Chief Anthony’s order, the gang leader went on to kill the other boys. At that time, I heard a series of gunshots and after a while, I saw him return to tell Chief Anthony that he had killed the boys as he instructed. Then after that, chief Anthony who didn’t want to leave any trace of his act, tried killing the gang leader as well. But, the gang leader was too observant that he caught Chief Anthony in the act. And then, they both began to fight each other mercilessly. I was just sitting there crying as I watched with my hands tied. Then finally, Chief Anthony managed to knock down the gang leader after a severe fistfight. When he was done, he came for me and untied me from the chair. He was about to drag me away when I heard the sound of the police sirens approaching the warehouse. And so I tried to free myself from his grip then the next thing I received in my stomach, was a gunshot. And before I lost consciousness I had seen Chief Anthony trying to escape the building. I guess he must have gotten too weak from the severe punches he received from the gang leader which explains why he couldn’t escape as he had planned” Alisha said.

Then after Alisha, Mr Nicholas was also summoned to the witness stand where he told his side of the story which aligned with that of Alisha. They ended up making it look like Chief Anthony had abducted Alisha to get back at her father. Whereas, he abducted Alisha to get Micheal.

And at the end of the questioning, the lawyer presented the terminator’s necklace which was found beside one of the dead bodies at the crime scene. And with that necklace, they became convinced that it was the late terminator who killed Chief Anthony’s men.

Meanwhile, the necklace fell out of Micheal’s pocket while he was fighting one of Chief Anthony’s men in the warehouse.

With all the evidence and testimonies made against Chief Anthony, he was convicted of first-degree attempted murder, child trafficking, and abduction which earned him the punishment of life imprisonment.

Mrs Ifemi was also tried and convicted of Child trafficking and abduction which earned her a punishment of 21 years imprisonment.

Chief Silas who was an errand boy and aid to his brother, was sent to 10 years imprisonment with a fine.

When Alisha stepped out of the court, she saw a young man who looked exactly like Micheal standing at the end of the court. And with haste, she began making her way through the crowd. But when she got there, the young man was no longer there.

“I definitely saw Micheal,” She said to herself.

Just then, she heard her father calling out to her from where he stood with her mother and Samson.

“Alisha! Let’s go home” He said.

“I’m coming” She responded still looking around for the young man who had suddenly disappeared.

Then with sadness in her heart, she turned and walked back to her family. And while they were driving home, she couldn’t help but ponder about the face she saw at the court.

“You look perturbed. What’s going through your mind?” Samson who was sitting next to her in the back seat asked.

“I think I saw Micheal while I was coming out of the court,” She said biting her fingers.

Hearing this, Samson couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Come on, Alisha. There is no way Michael would return without informing me his friend. It’s not possible. So definitely, that wasn’t Micheal you saw back there” Samson said.

“That’s strange. Because he looked so much like Micheal” Alisha said.

“Yeah. Of course, it’s possible to see faces that look like that of Micheal because obviously, you miss him a lot” Samson teased.

Just then, Alisha’s mother who was sitting beside her husband in the front seat turned to Alisha and asked,

“Hey, sweetheart. What are your plans for your birthday? you are turning 26 this weekend remember?” She asked with excitement on her face.

Hearing this, Samson turned to Alisha and asked,

“Alisha is that true?” He asked with excitement on his face.

“And, why are you all freaking out over my birthday? Like, what’s so special about my birthday anyway? When as usual, it will be yet another boring birthday” Alisha said looking away from the window.

When they arrived home, Alisha hastily ran over to Micheal’s apartment to check if indeed he had returned. But unfortunately, there was no one in the house. And with sadness in her heart, she dragged her feet back home.

3 days later, Alisha’s parents hosted a surprise birthday party for her with the aid of Jane and Samson who helped in convincing her to follow them to the venue.

Alisha had lost happiness and no longer finds fun in so many things ever since Micheal left. So getting her to get dressed and attend her surprise birthday party, wasn’t an easy task. But in the end, they succeeded in bringing her to the venue.

Arriving at the Venue, Alisha who wasn’t entirely happy, couldn’t help but fake a smile all through the party. While the party was going on, one of her guests, brought a card to her.

“What’s this?” She asked staring at the card.

“Someone asked me to give it to you,” the guest said.

“Someone? Who is it?” Alisha asked.

“He didn’t say his name. He just told me to bring it to you” The guest said.

“Oh, okay. Thank you” Alisha said.

When opening the card, Alisha saw a write-up that said,

“Happy Birthday babe”

Then looking below the writeup, she saw an abbreviation that says,

“From MP”

“M, P? Who could that be?” She wondered.

Just then, it occurred to her that MP might actually stand for, Micheal Pedro.

And hastily, she stood up from where she was sitting and walked up to the guest who brought the letter to her.

“Where is the guy that gave you this letter?” She asked impatiently.

“I met him at the entrance” The guest responded.

And with haste, Alisha rushed out to the entrance where she stood with her eyes scanning every single Soul that was standing close by. While doing this, her heartbeat began racing faster and faster.

Just then, she saw a man who was about the same height as Micheal, walking towards his car and with haste, she walked up to him and quickly turned his face towards hers only to realise that he wasn’t Micheal.

“How may I help you?” The man asked staring confusedly at her.

“My apologies. I mistook you for someone else” Alisha said and quickly turned to leave.

Dragging her feet back to the hotel, she hit her foot on a stone and was about to fall with her face to the ground when suddenly, she felt a familiar hand grab her by the waist preventing her from falling.

“Thank you so much for….” Alisha said turning to see who it was only to discover that it was Micheal.

“Hi” Micheal waved with a bright smile displaying across his lips.

Seeing Micheal again felt so unreal to Alisha who stood there staring at him with confusion written all over her face. Then moving towards him, she placed her palm on his cheek to be sure it was really him standing before her

Then Micheal held unto her hand and kissed the back of her palm.

“Micheal?” She muttered in disbelief.

“Yes, It’s me, Micheal Pedro” Micheal responded smiling at her.

Then instantly, Alisha freed her hand from his grip and slapped Micheal very hard on his left chin.

“What was that for?” Micheal asked with his palm on his cheek as he stared at Alisha in utter confusion.

“How could you? Do you think I am some piece of trash that you can easily throw away and come back to pick it up whenever you feel like it?” She yelled with anger and tears.

“Alisha please, I’m sorry. I know I really shouldn’t have left the way I did” Micheal said with sincerity in his eyes.

“You left me while I was on the sick bed. How could you have done that to me?” Alisha queried with tears.

“Look, Alisha, I am sorry okay? Yes, I know I fucked up. But the truth is, I regret my actions and I’ve come to make amends” Micheal said.

Then walking up to him, Alisha began hitting his chest with her clenched fist.

“How could you?” She asked repeatedly while hitting his chest with her clenched fist.

And while trying to hit him again, Micheal held her hand up in the air. Then grabbing her waist with his other hand, he quickly pulled her into a deep kiss that immediately subdued the pains in her heart.

After a long kiss, Micheal slowly pulled away from Alisha who obviously wanted more of it. Then staring into her eyes, he said,

“I’ve missed you,” He said

“I’ve missed you too” Alisha responded.

Then with a satisfying smile, Micheal leaned in reaching for her lips while Alisha shut her eyes in expectation. But instead of kissing her lips, Micheal whispered,

“Do you want more?”

And with a smile on her face, Alisha opened her eyes and quickly nodded in affirmation.


Hearing this, Micheal took her hand and led her to his car.

(At Micheal’s house)

Immediately they both walked into the house, Alisha who was impatient, quickly wrapped her arms around Micheal kissing him passionately as if her life depended on it.

Micheal on the other hand quickly grabbed her both thighs and carried her in his arms as he led her to his bedroom kissing her from the staircase to the room.

Entering his bedroom, he slowly laid Alisha on his bed and quickly went on to fasten the bolt of the door. After which, he turned his music on.

Then returning to the bed, Alisha impatiently began to undress him. She took off his shirt, his trousers and finally, his underwear revealing his erected genital which was fully charged and ready for action.

Micheal also didn’t hesitate to unzip her dress taking off everything that would be standing in his way that night.

Then laying her back on the bed, he grabbed her b***s and slowly began rolling his tongue around her right n****e while fumbling with the other. He continued caressing Alisha softly running his hands and fingertips over her skin. Thereby, arousing her sexual urge more.

As if following the sound of the slow music, Micheal returned to Alisha’s lips kissing her like never before. Then pausing for a while, he began staring steadily and deeply into Alisha’s eyes. Then with a lusty grin displaying on his lips, he said,

“I love you, Alisha,” He said.

“I love you too Micheal” Alisha responded with a bright smile.

And as if fueled by her smiles, Micheal slowly, trailed his tongue to her neck, then down to her n*****s, and finally down to her navel. Kissing and worshipping every inch of her body.

And at this point, Alisha who couldn’t contain the strange sensation she was feeling at that moment, held on to the bed while m*****g pleasurably like never before.

The sound of her pleasurable m**n and that of the slow music playing in the background, made Micheal’s erection grow stronger.

Then spreading her legs apart, Micheal lowered his tongue to her bosom and in a circular motion, he gently and slowly began swirling his tongue in the right spot.

And by so doing, Alisha grabbed his head and began running her fingers through his hair as she moaned more and more.

And when he was sure to have fully aroused her, he returned to kissing her passionately from her neck back to her lips.

While kissing her, Micheal quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it under her butt then raising her knee with her leg bent, he slipped into her bosom thrusting and grinding against her in slow circles making sure to hit every corner of her bosom which felt warm and at the same time cold. What they had that night, went beyond simple sexual pleasure. And the more Micheal thrived, the more Alisha wanted more.

And with strong emotions and desires, they both took turns in satisfying each other after which, they washed up and went to sleep peacefully in each other’s arms.

While laying in Micheal’s arms, Alisha who was drawing an imaginary image on his chest couldn’t help but say,

“Thank you for making my 26th birthday a memorable one,” Alisha said heaving a sigh of relief with a bright smile displaying on her lips.

Then kissing her forehead, Micheal said,

“Happy birthday once again Babe”

“Thank you, Micheal,” Alisha said.

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