The bodyguard episode 2



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Alisha Akindele was a beautiful young lady aged 25. And when it comes to physical endowments, it can be said that she was not lacking in any area as every part of her body was built and packaged in moderate shape and size.

She was her father’s favourite and the only surviving child of her parents. Which explains why she was over-pampered and showered with excess love. She was a girl that loved to party and spoil herself with expensive treats. She was quite a stubborn type and hardly withstands nonsense from men. And because of this, staying in a relationship for a long time has always been impossible for Alisha. As she was ready to ditch any guy that does anything to her dissatisfaction. She was quite a hard nut to crack.

Arriving home that evening, Alisha was warmly welcomed by her parents who had the cook serve her a well-assorted meal.

Meanwhile, Micheal on the other hand had one of his Nigerian-based friends Samson pick him up from the airport.

Samson was a rich kid from a rich home who met Micheal for the first time in Spain five years ago when he lost his way and was almost robbed and beaten to death by some boys in the street of Spain. That night, Samson was lucky Micheal had stepped in and rescued him and that was how they both became friends.

In Nigeria, Samson was living all by himself as all his family members were based abroad. When Samson brought Micheal home, he showed him to one of the rooms in his house.

When Micheal was done unpacking his stuff in his room, he sat staring at the picture of Jesse that he brought out from his wallet.

Looking at her picture, Micheal was suddenly reminded of all the wonderful memories they shared.

And a few moments later, a knock from Samson suddenly jolted him back to reality. And immediately, he set Jesse’s picture aside and sat upright.

“Yes, come in,” He said rubbing his palms together.

Just then, the door swung open and Samson walked in carrying a bottle of alcoholic wine in his left hand with two glass cups in his right.

“Do you care for a drink?” He asked raising the bottle of wine.

“Sure” Micheal responded with a bright smile.

Hearing this, Samson walked in shutting the door behind him.

He then walked up to Micheal and gave him one of the glass cups which he later filled with alcoholic wine. He also filled his cup and set the bottle of wine aside on the centre table that was in the room.

“So, how do you like your new room?” He asked making himself comfortable on the chair that was beside the bed.

Then with a smile, Micheal responded.
“It’s much better than I expected,” He said drinking from his cup.

“That’s a relief. I thought you wouldn’t find this place conducive judging from the gigantic mansion you live in back in Spain” Samson teased drinking from his cup.

“Not like I have a choice man,” Micheal said and they both burst out laughing.

“I know right? But Micheal you see, now that you are in Nigeria, how about we take a quick tour around the city? You know, just like in Spain, we can go clubbing, and meet new girls and all that. Trust me it’s going to be super fun” Samson suggested with excitement in his tone.

“That would be nice but I guess maybe some other time. You know I just got here” Micheal said.

“Yeah. That’s true. So, what are your plans? Like, What do you intend to do from now on?” Samson asked crossing his leg.

“Well, for now, I am still undecided about what I will be doing here. But with time, I believe I will get one or two ideas. So, what about you? What do you do in Nigeria?” Micheal asked.

“I am currently into estate management” Samson revealed.

“Wow. That’s nice. So tell me more about it. Is it a profitable business?” Micheal asked sipping from his cup.

“Yeah. But not as compared to drug money you know” Samson said and they both burst out laughing.

(Back in Mr Nicholas’s house)

Alisha was in her room unpacking her stuff from her bag when she heard a knock on her door.

“Yes, come in,” She said concentrating on what she was doing.

Just then, her father walked in with his eyes meandering around her room.

“Alisha can’t this wait until tomorrow? Why are you stressing yourself this night?” He asked shutting the door.

“No daddy. I should finish unpacking my stuff this night. That way, I can have enough time to myself tomorrow” She said still arranging her stuff in the wardrobe.

“I still feel like you are unnecessarily stressing yourself,” He said sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Daddy, when will you stop pampering me like a kid? What’s so stressful in unpacking my stuff?” Alisha asked with a smile.

“You won’t blame me. Because you are all that I have” He said.

Hearing this, Alisha let go of what she was doing.

“Alright alright. You win. So, what’s with the private visitation in my room? Do you miss me that much?” Alisha asked sitting next to him.

She grabbed his arm and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Of course, I miss you so much, my child. Thank you for returning safely” He said.

“Daddy,” Alisha called with her head still resting on his shoulder.

“Yes, my princess” He responded.

“I heard about grandfather’s will and the commotion it caused between you and your elder brothers. So how do you intend to handle your bothers from now on?” Alisha asked.

Hearing this, Mr Nicholas sighed deeply and said,

“I don’t know my child. What do you suggest I do? Do you suggest I call them and share my portion with them equally for the sake of peace?” He asked.

Hearing this, Alisha raised her head from her father’s shoulder and said,

“No daddy. I believe grandfather had a good reason for leaving his largest fortune in your care. And you shouldn’t disrespect or disappoint him by defiling his will. Besides, it’s not your fault that your brother failed to capture his heart when he was alive” Alisha said.

“But I’m scared Alisha. I am deeply scared and worried because I don’t know the length at which my brothers can go to get my share from me” He said.

Hearing this, Alisha held his two hands and with a reassuring smile, she said,

“Trust me, daddy. No harm shall come to you. They will all be fine” Alisha assured.

“I hope so,” He said with a sigh.

(1 week after Chief Dotun’s funeral)

Nicholas and his family had retired to their various rooms that night when his two brothers stormed into their living room without prior notification. Shouting and creating a scene that eventually woke every one of them from their sleep.

“Where is that fool that calls himself Nicholas?” Chief Anthony yelled as he walked in adjusting his agbada.

“Nicholas!” Chief Silas added.

Hearing their voices, Nicholas and his family all came out of their various rooms with confusion and curiosity written all over their faces.

“What’s going on here?” Nicholas asked looking confused and lost.

“You must be very stupid to ask that question Nicholas” Chief Anthony yelled.

“My inlaw what’s going on? Why the unnecessary insults on my husband by this time of the night?” Nicholas’s wife asked.

“Woman! It is advisable that you shut your mouth and stay out of this” Chief Silas immediately shunned her.

Hearing this, Nicholas had to quickly defend his wife.

“With all due respect brothers. I won’t have you barge into my house by this time of the night and insult my wife before me. What’s the meaning of all this nonsense?” Nicholas yelled back at them with anger.

“Oh……! So you have suddenly grown wings, isn’t it? I don’t blame you. It’s our late father that should be blamed for all these insults” Chief Silas said.

“You know, I still don’t understand what’s going on here. Can you all please calm down and make me understand where all these dramas are coming from?” Nicholas asked almost losing his mind.

“When do you intend to give us our share of father’s property that was wrongly given to you?” Chief Anthony asked.

“Father’s property? What property are we talking about here? Because I can’t remember holding any property that belongs to any of you” Nicholas said folding his arms.

“Really? So this is how you want to play the game right? Nicholas be careful not to eat what will get stuck in your throat ” Chief Silas warned pointing at him.

As if that was not enough, Chief Anthony his eldest brother, walked up to him and said,

“Nicholas. I am giving you the grace to do the needful before this month runs out. Otherwise, you won’t like what will come upon you. Because I can’t be alive and watch what rightfully belongs to me get taken away by another. I am very sure you plotted all these from the beginning. You practically swindled your way into father’s heart and then hypnotised him into writing such hideous will to your favour. But I promise you Nicholas as long as I live, you won’t know peace until you’ve returned what you strategically took away from me” Chief Anthony said to his face.

Then turning to Silas, he said,

“Let’s leave this place!”

And together, they both stormed out of the living room the same way they came in leaving Nicholas and his family in utter confusion and shock.

When they left, Nicholas whose legs were literally shaking in fear, quietly sat down on his couch with his head buried in his palms.

His wife and daughter walked up to him and slowly patted his back.

“Daddy everything will be alright” Alisha assured rubbing his back.

“Sweetheart. Don’t you think we should give them what they seek? At least to keep away from their unnecessary troubles. Because this whole thing is getting scarier by the day. I still don’t understand why your father did what he did knowing full well that such a callous decision can put you in danger” She lamented.

Hearing this, Alisha said,

“Mummy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what grandpa did. It’s his money, his wealth and his assets. And it’s his choice to share it however he pleases and to whomever, he deems fit. Those men are just being unnecessarily jealous. It’s not father’s fault that he was loved by his father” Alisha said.

“Shut up Alisha. Can’t you see what’s going on here? Of what benefit is a father’s wealth if it would cost the inheritor his head?” Her mother questioned.

“I think I will like to be alone for now,” Nicholas said getting up from the couch.

He sluggishly made his way to his bedroom leaving his wife and daughter in the living room.

A few days later, Nicholas who was on his way back from work, got attacked by a group of gunmen. He returned home with great fear in his heart After he narrowly escaped death that evening. And out of fear, of what might happen next, he quickly employed some bodyguards to escort him wherever he was going.

And of course, Alisha and her mother weren’t left out either. He assigned at least two bodyguards to each of them. But this didn’t go well with Alisha who wanted to be free. She ended up stressing the hell out of all the guards assigned to protect her. And In the end, she fires them for some petty reasons.

One Friday night, she had finished getting dressed for a night party and was about to leave when her father seized her car keys insisting that she mustn’t leave the house without the company of her bodyguards who she had fired earlier that day.

“Daddy, who took my car keys?” She asked standing in front of him in the living room.

“I did. Where are you going by this time of the night?” He asked sitting upright.

“Daddy. Look. I don’t have time for all these interrogations right now. It’s been weeks since I rocked my body on the dance floor and right now, my entire body is becoming stiff and I don’t like it. So that’s why I am going to the party to have fun and ease my stress a little bit. So can I at least have my car keys?” She asked stretching out her hand.

“I thought I made it clear that no one leaves this house without their bodyguards? So tell me, what happened to the bodyguards I employed for you?” He asked.

“Father I am trying so hard to fit into this new lifestyle but it’s not just my thing. Besides, it’s night so no one will be coming after me because they won’t even know that I stepped out” She said.

“I ask again Alisha. What happened to the bodyguards I employed to protect you and escort you everywhere you go?” He asked.

Hearing this, Alisha folded her arms and responded,

“Daddy, I fired them”

“You did what? What’s their offence this time?” He asked.

“Daddy, the other one is just too ugly for my liking and the other one is….” She was yet speaking when her father cut in.

“Are you being serious right now? Alisha, what has looks got to do with your safety? This is the sixth bodyguard you have fired this week. What exactly is your problem?” He raged.

“Father, I will only accept a good-looking man to be my bodyguard. I can’t be seen around just any guy you know. I am Alisha for Christ’s sake!” She said.

“Unbelievable! Is this girl okay? Well, you know what? You aren’t leaving this house without a bodyguard. So if you are serious about going out tonight, then you know what to do” He said.

“Daddy……!” Alisha yelled tapping her legs.

A few moments later, Alisha stepped out again but this time, she spoke with a soft tone.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. Can I go with one of your bodyguards tonight? I promise I won’t fire my bodyguards ever again” She said with sincerity in her eyes.

“Hmmmm. You will have to go with the two of them to be on the safer side” He said.

“Ah! Daddy…! Two?” She asked in amazement.

“Yes. Do you have any problem with that?” He asked.

“Not at all” She quickly responded.

“Good. And make sure you are home before midnight” He said.

“Midnight? Come on daddy. That’s when the party begins” She said.

“Do you want to go or not?” He asked.

“Fine! You win” She said.

That night, she reluctantly went to the party with two of her father’s bodyguards. While the party was going on, she felt pressed and headed to use the nearby restroom. Her guards tried following her but she quickly shouted at them warning them not to follow her.

They had no choice but to wait for her at the entrance of the restroom. But while she was done easing herself, she was about to step out when she felt a hand forcefully covering her nose. She was still struggling when the unknown man forcefully dragged her out of the restroom from the back door which she had never known existed.

While she was being dragged outside, the man dragging her mistakenly hit a guy who was easing himself outside.

“Shit! Why can’t you watch where you are going?” The young man who was easing himself asked angrily zipping his trouser.

“Please help me!” Alisha shouted to him.

“I really shouldn’t be getting involved in other people’s matters. But why are you dragging the girl away against her will?” The young man asked with his hands in his pocket.

“Mind your business. And stay out of this if you don’t want to get hurt” The man dragging Alisha warned.

“Wow! You know, it’s been long I made use of my fist. Maybe someone wants to have a taste of it tonight” The young man said adjusting his sleeves.

“What’s with you? Mind your business young man!” The man dragging Alisha warned again.

“Now you are beginning to get on my nerves. Come show me what you’ve got” The young man said calling for a fight.

And with anger, the man dragging Alisha pushed her down and angrily went after the young man with a knife.

Alisha who was terrified, fell to the ground and watched the young man swiftly hit off the knife from the grip of the other man who was dragging her earlier.

And with a few punches that landed on his stomach, and cheeks, the young man sent the guy who was dragging her away earlier to the ground.

“Wow!” Alisha exclaimed with shock.

When the young man was done beating the other guy who was dragging her away, he turned and was about to leave when Alisha quickly ran up to him and grabbed his hand.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I am Micheal Pedro. Any problem?” He responded looking at her curiously from head to toe.

“Micheal, can you be my bodyguard?” Alisha suddenly asked with excitement in her tone.

“What?” Micheal asked with his eyes widened in shock.

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