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As Alisha’s lips pressed on Micheal’s, he stood there like someone who had been struck by lightning. And then, he could not tell whether he was surprised or confused.

While staring at Alisha as she finally pulled her lips away from his, Micheal could see her smiling and blushing helplessly from ear to ear. She was wearing a look of satisfaction like someone who had just achieved a lifelong dream.

“She must be so excited,” He said smiling to himself with a scoff.

Seeing this, Alisha’s mother quickly whispered to her husband who was sitting next to her.

“I think your daughter is in love with Bunmi’s son,” She said smiling helplessly.

“You are right. Judging from how excited she is right now. Look at her smiling effortlessly while playing a fake bride. It’s quite obvious that my daughter is the most excited person in this hall right now. And I am quite surprised that she hasn’t for once given any bad report about that young man. And in all honesty, I was actually waiting to hear her complain about him because I know my daughter so well. But it’s been more than weeks since he became her bodyguard, and yet, she hasn’t found faults or made any complaints about him. Even as she has been spending most of her time around him. Like, I was expecting her to get bored with him like she usually does with every other guy that has been around her. But the reverse has been the case. And I must say, it is unlike my daughter to last this long with a guy” Mr Nicholas said.

“That’s right. It is undeniably unlike our daughter to not find even a single fault or to not get tired of a man she has known for a few weeks. And come to think of it, most of her relationships actually ended even before they started. I honestly do not know how Bunmi’s son did it. But I must say, that whatever he is doing, actually did work out well. Seeing how our strong-headed and none tolerant daughter has become a lover girl. Just look at how excited she is playing his bride” She said smiling at her daughter who was still blushing over kissing Micheal.
“Also, Judging from her body language, one can tell she is so in love with that boy,” She said.

“Well, I just hope her feelings are not one-sided though. Because I won’t let her get hurt from having an unrequited love for any guy at all. No matter what, I believe my daughter
deserves to love, and be loved in return” Mr Nicholas said.

“I can’t agree less!” Alisha’s mother affirmed with a nod.

The fake wedding came to an end with lots of photoshoots taken for memory’s sake.

A few moments after the wedding ceremony had come to an end, Jane found Alisha still roaming around in the hospital’s hallway with her wedding dress.

Then clearing her throat and walking towards Alisha with her arms folded, she said,

“It seems like someone isn’t done fantasizing about her just-concluded fake wedding,” Jane said now standing next to Alisha.

“Since I realised that I look too good in this wedding dress, taking it off became a problem,” Alisha said smiling.

“Do you love Micheal that much?” Jane suddenly asked.

“What are you talking about?” Alisha asked with a scoff.

“Don’t even try denying it because it’s written all over your face. Even from the way you hurriedly kissed him back there like you have been waiting for such an opportunity all your life” Jane said.

“Was it really that obvious?” Alisha asked staring curiously at her.

“Of course, your emotions were so glaring that everyone could tell that you were deeply into Micheal. At a point, I began to wonder if at all you did this for Micheal’s mother or yourself” Jane said.

“Well, I did it for the both of us. I mean, what was I supposed to do when we both had the same wish?” Alisha asked smiling helplessly.

Seeing her reaction, Jane couldn’t help but shake her head in disbelief.

“Oh, my poor Alisha is now drowning in the pool of her emotions and fantasies,” Jane said staring at Alisha pathetically.

Later in the night when Alisha was about to go home, she went in to say goodbye to Micheal’s mother who held her hands and said,

“It must be hard having an unrequited love for my son right?” She asked Alisha who was shocked as to how she found out about it.

“How…..?” She muttered staring at Bunmi with shock and curiosity written all over her face.

“How did I know? Come on Alisha. Have you forgotten that I raised you two? Although I wasn’t part of Micheal’s life for 25 years. But I can still tell when a woman loves a man who is yet to feel the same way for her” Bunmi said.

Hearing this, Alisha’s countenance changed. She freed her hands from Bunmi’s grip and began fumbling with her fingers tears looming in her eyes.

“I guess Jane was right after all. My emotions were indeed glaring for everyone to see and understand what was actually going on” She said with sadness in her heart.

Hearing this, Bunmi placed her palm on Alisha’s shoulder and said,

“I knew that this whole marriage stunt was fake but it felt so real because it was you who played the role of a bride to my son. And for that reason, I feel fulfilled knowing that he is in safe hands” Bunmi said.

“I’m sorry nanny Bunmi. It wasn’t my intention to fool you. We just wanted to grant your wish” Alisha said.

“Come on Alisha don’t feel bad because I wasn’t a bit fooled. I might be sick but I’m not dumb enough to believe that a wedding officiated by my doctor and held in the hospital was real. I knew you all were just putting on your best acts to make sure I leave with no regrets and I’m so grateful for that. All I’m asking of you now is that you don’t stop loving my son. I know I might sound selfish or greedy right now but the truth is, no woman will be a better choice for my son than you are” Mrs Bunmi said.

“But, Micheal doesn’t love me. He still has this ex-girlfriend who he still thinks of even though she is dead. And aside from that, Micheal has made it clear that I’m not his type and that I’m not worthy to own a place in his heart” Alisha lamented.

“That’s not true. Micheal is only being cautious. He is being careful not to be a reason why another woman gets hurt. Trust me, aside from that, he feels something for you too” Bunmi said.

Hearing this, Alisha burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” Bunmi asked staring curiously at Alisha.

“Because you saying that Michael feels the same way about me, sounds really unbelievable and funny,” Alisha said.

“Have you wondered why he didn’t react when you kissed him earlier today?” Bunmi asked.

“Because you were there and he wanted to make it real I guess,” Alisha said.

“No. Micheal isn’t the type to hide his displeasure. No matter the situation or circumstances. He is the type of person that won’t stay put if someone does something he isn’t okay with. And I’m sure you’ve experienced that part of him before. Remember the way he reacted to you touching his hair the other day? But isn’t it strange that he didn’t warn you never to kiss him like that again? Or has he approached you to say something like that?” Bunmi asked.

“No. He has been acting like nothing happened” Alisha responded.

“And you don’t think that’s strange knowing how he is?” Bunmi asked.

“Yeah. I think it’s strange. But is that a sign that I should be hopeful?” Alisha asked.

“It’s a sign that he has a soft spot for you but he is still in denial. Like, he is still fighting his feelings. But I think it’s all up to you to help him accept his feelings. And I really wish you could do that before I leave” Bunmi said smiling sadly at her.

A few moments later, while Micheal was driving her back home, Alisha kept reminiscing about the words of Bunmi as they kept replaying in her head. And this made her keep staring at Micheal with curiosity on her face.

“Does he really like me? No, I don’t think so. Not even in a million years will that be possible” She said waving it off her mind.

Just then, Micheal who had noticed how she had been staring at him, and acting all weird, couldn’t help but ask,

“Alisha are you okay?” He asked.

“Huh? Yes. I am fine” She responded looking away.

“Is there something you’ve been wanting to ask me? Because I don’t understand why you’ve been staring at me and acting all weird” He said.

“Actually, Micheal I have been wondering. Why haven’t you scolded me for kissing you without your permission? Like this is so unlike you” Alisha said staring curiously at him.

“Well, that’s because I see nothing wrong with what you did. I mean, you had to grant the guest’s wish and that of my mother” He said.

“You mean to say, you don’t find anything wrong with me kissing you like that?” Alisha asked still staring closely at him.

“Come on, that wasn’t even a kiss per see. It was just a peck. Nothing like a real normal kiss. So why should I overreact to it?” He asked.

“No way. This is a different person speaking through Micheal. There’s no way I will believe that you are okay with that kiss” Alisha insisted in disbelief.

“Why not? I mean, it means nothing. I too can do the same to you and it will mean nothing” Micheal said.

Then parking his car at a corner, he stopped his car engine, unbuckled his seat belt and then leaning in towards Alisha he said,

“Just like this,” He said.

After which, he lowered his lips and pressed them against hers.

This act of his left Alisha completely shocked and speechless as she sat there with her eyes widened in shock.

And when Micheal tried pulling away, she held him back and said,

“If you felt nothing was wrong with that, then I guess you won’t see anything wrong with this as well,” She said.

And without hesitation, she went on to plant a deep kiss on Micheal’s lips.

It was quite surprising how Micheal didn’t object to it. Rather, he slowly reached for her seat belt and unbuckled it. Then sliding his hand to her waist, he slowly pulled her closer to himself and then returned her kiss more deeply and passionately.

After a long while of kissing, Micheal came back to his senses and quickly pulled away from Alisha with disbelief in his eyes.

“What am I doing?” He asked with his hand on his lips.

“I’m sorry Micheal. I really shouldn’t have crossed my boundaries” Alisha said feeling bad.

“No, it’s okay Alisha. You did nothing wrong. I’m the one with the problem here. Please put back your seat belt on” He said reaching for his.

That night, they both completed the rest of their journey in awkward silence. And when they retired to their beds that night, they both couldn’t sleep.

The memory of the unexplainable kiss they had in the car, kept replaying itself in their heads all through that night.

(A few days later. At the Late Chief Dotun Akindele’s Company)

It was weekend and the last day of the month. All the board of directors and shareholders of the company had gathered together to deliberate on the new president of the company.

Chief Anthony and Silas, were also present as they all awaited the arrival of Mr Nicholas who was the largest shareholder of his father’s company. And the supposed new successor.

While they were still waiting for his arrival, Chief Anthony pulled out his phone and put a call through to the terminator (the hired killer he had told to stay on standby and await his instructions).

“Hello, Chief. You finally called” Terminator said as soon as he picked up the call.

“It is time to take him down. And I want you to kill him after this meeting. As soon as he steps his feet outside my father’s company. Meanwhile, I will text you the address of the company. Just make sure to be right on time before the meeting ends” He said

“Yes, Chief. Consider him a dead man” Terminator said.

“Good. I’m counting on you” He said.

A few moments later, the chairman stood up and announced the arrival of an unknown and unexpected guest who was going to join them in place of Mr Nicholas.

“Gentlemen, unfortunately, Mr Nicholas isn’t fit to join us in today’s meeting” He announced.

As soon as he said this, the entire hall became filled with murmurs and chattering. But the noise died down when the chairman raised his hand and added,

“But,” He shouted raising his hand. Thereby, drawing back the attention of everyone in the conference hall to himself.

“He sent us a guest who is currently in possession of all his shares,” He said.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony and Silas gave each other a quick look filled with shock and confusion.

“What is he talking about? Who did Nicholas sell our birth rites to?” Chief Anthony asked Silas who responded with a shrug.

“He is a foreign investor who is currently the largest shareholder of our company. So without further ado, Gentlemen, join me as I welcome, the person of Micheal Pedro” The chairman said pointing at the door.

Hearing this, they all began to clap with their eyes fixed on the door with curiosity. Just then, the door swung open and Micheal walked in looking all posh and classy from head to toe.

And as soon as Chief Anthony saw him, he recognised him and quickly stood up pointing at him in surprise.

“You?” He asked.

When Micheal saw him, he simply gave him a bright smile and waved at him.

When everyone had settled down, Micheal then shouted from where he stood.

“Hi, chief. Finally, we got to meet again. I told you didn’t I? We will be meeting each other more often from now on” Micheal said, with a mischievous smile displaying across his lips.

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