Honeymoon In Asaba episode 10


Episode Ten

The Final Episode

Ifeoma have tried everything she could to get Tina but all her trials proved abortive. She even called her thugs and paid them money to look for her and bring her but they all came back with no good news.

She has searched for Tina in all the possible places she could be but she was no where to be found. She saw her own death coming closer with every tick of the clock .

The sun was almost going down. She had to return to the baba for help. He must help her. She was ready to offer him anything. If he doesnt want s*x, he must want money. Whatever it is he wants, she must do it to save her life.

The shrine looked deserted when she arrived there. The baba was not sitting in the usual chair he normally sat. He wasn’t there.

Ifeoma called and he demanded to know who it was from inside. He refused to come out.

“Baba it’s your daughter Ifeoma.i have come to ask for your help. K will do anything you want me to do. I  will give you what you want please. If you want I can sleep with you till morning ” she pleaded.

“I have already had my way with you and soon, the gods will also have their way with you in their own way. So prepare your self and get ready for the gods ” He replied and that was the last words he spoke to her. Every other thing she said fell on deaf ears. They were like water poured on a stone.

She left for her home. She must pack her clothes immediately and run away. Perhaps the gods will not know where she went to and they will not be able to find her.

It took her less than fifteen minutes to gather some of her clothes and dive out of the house. She must travel far away.

She got to the park and paid for a bus heading to Lagos. She had a friend there.

The bus took no time to fully load and the journey to Lagos began. They were four hours into the journey when all of a sudden, they heard a sound. It was the tyre of the bus. It exploded. The bus sommersulted and turned severally before finally crashing down.



Emeka waved Tina goodbye in tears as the bus took off from Asaba park enroute to Onitsha. She stood waving back until they were out of sight. We shall meet again, she said to him whether he heard it or not. Emeka never believed in love but despite the odd way he met Tina and all that happened, he couldn’t believe that he has falling in love with her.

Now he must put everything aside and get ready for his exams. Tina had assured him never go to worry about Ifeoma again that her chapter has been closed. He had to believe her. He checked the new phone and it was still some hours before noon.


It was John who saw him first.


“Guy why your phone no dey go since? So your village no get light? ” He mocked him.

Emeka looked at him and shook his head.

“Guy, I am coming back from hell. God spared my life ”

“How? ”

“You no go understand ”

“I hope you put the exam for prayer because na next tomorrow o”

“Which prayer”

“The family prayer wey you go for na”

Emeka didnt know whether to open up to him and tell him everything but how would it sound?

“Guy thank God for my life. I go gist you the full story later. I no go village. Na girl I travel go see but I nearly lost my life. They nearly use me do ritual ” Emeka told him and moved inside.

John told him of one of his guy that returned from lagos to Awka the previous day and how he told him of a bus that burnt to ashes on its way to Lagos and how nobody survived. Emeka shook his head in pity.

The much talked about exams came and Emeka tried his best. He was happy for the fact that he had lost all hope of writing the exam but there he was with the other students taking the same exam. He wasn’t really bothered if the results comes out negative. At least he is still alive. He can write it next year.



The knock came again on Emekas door as be was busy listening to some cool music on his phone. He knows how his friends knocks but this one was strange.

He made for the door and opened it. Behold it was Tina. She never told him she was coming.

He rushed her and embraced her tightly. Tina started shedding tears.

“Why are you crying ” He wiped the tears with his hands.

“Each time I remember what I made you go through, it breaks my heart ” She sobbed.

“That’s the way fate wanted it to be. Without that maybe I wouldn’t have met you. I love you and I am ready to make this work ” He assured her.

Tina had come to spend a whole week with him. She told him how she had missed him and how she have been craving to have him inside of her again. She reminded him of how he made her come for the first time in years and Emeka promised to make her come again that night.

That night,Emeka kept to his promise. He made passionate l0ve to her. He started from s*****g her to bliss. He targeted her clit0ris most often. Used his t0ngue to circle it and blew air onto it. He was excited as she screamed and grabbed his head with her two hands and pressed his head with her laps. Emeka was driving her crazy. He lickked her so clean with his tongue savouring those strawberry taste her p***y alway gave him. He lickked the p***y the way kids lickked a very ripe mango till her p***y became pure red and totally wet. Tina begged him again to please put his d**k in. This time he obeyed at once and put it in. He slammed it without mercy. Some guys make love with a woman they love with caution so as not to destroy the p***y but here Emeka banged it hardcore until she cùm and grabbed him as she vibrated and shivered.

Tina told him that she came to Awka to make him feel what he thought he was coming to feel in Asaba. She told him to have her anytime he wanted.  She told him that apart from s*x, she came to spend quality time with the man that she has fallen in love with.

Emeka didn’t regret his going to Asaba. He believed it was how it was destined to be. He was ready to start afresh with Tina and make her the only woman in his life. He knows it would be hard but he was ready to try. He believes that if it Tina was destined to be the one for him, nothing can stop it and if not, nature must take its course. Many things comes to us in ways that we never expected and life itself is a mystery that we can never fathom.

He felt sorry for Ifeoma but such is life. We don’t know what tomorrow brings. Que sera sera

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