The bodyguard episode 10



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(Back at the hospital)

Bunmi who was still overwhelmed by the fact that she has finally reconnected with her son, couldn’t help but wonder how he was found by Alisha’s parents.

“I still can’t help but wonder. How were you guys able to find my son? Like, how did you get to know that he was my Adekunle?” Bunmi asked Alisha’s parents who burst out laughing.

“My dear. Let’s just say it’s fate at work here” Alisha’s mother said.

“Exactly” Mr Nicholas agreed. “The truth is, all this was possible because of my daughter Alisha. Because apparently, she was the first to get familiar with him. And to date, she hasn’t told us how and where she met Micheal. I was opportune to meet him when she brought him home and introduced him as her new bodyguard. At first, I kind of doubted that Micheal could do anything that involves physical strength judging from the kind of luxurious clothing he was wearing that day. But he proved me wrong by defeating all my bodyguards in less than 30 minutes” He said.

Hearing this, Bunmi and Alisha’s mother gasped in disbelief.

“Like seriously?” Bunmi asked with her jaw dropped in disbelief.

“I’m telling you. He did it without stress. Just like Alisha said, he fights so well like those heroes in action movies” He said.

“Too bad I wasn’t home early to witness all these” Alisha’s mother said with a sad face.

“And what’s there to witness about another man? Is it because he can fight? Have you forgotten that such things do not matter in our country?” Mr Nicholas said with jealousy written all over his face.

Hearing this, Bunmi and Alisha’s mother couldn’t help but laugh at his display of jealousy.

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous right now?” Alisha’s mother asked staring at his face amidst laughter.

“Jealous? How can I be Jealous of a boy I was much good-looking than when I was much younger? Or have you forgotten those days when all your friends used to have a crush on me? I remember you begging me to hasten the marriage process just so you can rest assured that I will be all yours” He said defensively.

“Isn’t that too much of a sermon for someone who isn’t jealous?” Bunmi asked laughing at Mr Nicholas.

“I’m not Jealous!” He maintained.

“Alright. Alright. We’ve agreed that you are not in any way jealous. So can you please continue with what you were saying earlier?” Alisha’s mom said.

“Yes, please. Can you continue with what you were saying?” Bunmi said.

Then clearing his throat, Mr Nicholas continued.

“So, it was after he defeated my bodyguards that I accepted him to be my daughter’s bodyguard. So while he was in the living room waiting for lunch to be served, because I earlier insisted that he wait behind to join us in lunch before leaving. So while he was waiting, I brought out our photo album and handed it to him. And then, while flipping through the pages, he stumbled on a picture of you carrying Alisha. Then he went on to ask about you and after I was done explaining who you were to him, his countenance changed and without wasting time, he stood up and left. So later on my daughter had to go speak with him to find out his reasons for leaving the way he did. Only for her to return with the revelation that you were his mother. After that, I went on to speak with him giving him reasons why he should at least give you a chance to explain yourself. Because obviously, his mind was fed with so many lies and wrong assumptions about you. But thankfully, he finally came to see you” He said.

“Wow! Honestly, this whole thing sounds like a movie. Like, how on earth did he end up getting connected to your family? I must say, your family has been a channel used by God to console me in different areas. The same way I coincidentally ran into you on your way to the hospital when I was going to get myself killed. You both embraced me and helped me find solace in your home. Your daughter Alisha was like God’s gift to me. You might not know this but, I felt like Alisha was solely born because of me. And that’s because, babysitting her, made my healing process smoother and easier. It was like she was a reincarnation of my lost son. So I didn’t love her as a nanny but as a mother. You both deserve everything good in life. Mr and Mrs Nicholas Akindele thank you so much for allowing God to use you to grant my lifelong request. I will forever be grateful to you for the rest of my life” Bunmi said breaking into tears.

“No no no no Bunmi. We aren’t going through these tears again” Alisha’s mother said embracing her. Then slowly patting her back, she said, “I believe that in life, we don’t meet people by accident. Everyone has his or her purpose of being in our life. And I’m glad that I and my family, were used in different ways to ease your pain and heal your broken heart. So all you have to do now is to defeat this ailment of yours” She said.

(Back at Micheal’s house)

As soon as the private investigator left, Alisha quickly turned to Micheal and said,

“I seriously can’t believe that you two were plotting something like this without letting me know,” She said.

Hearing this, Micheal and Samson turned and looked at themselves with surprise and curiosity on their faces.

“You didn’t tell me you two have gotten so close enough to tell her about your plans,” Samson said to Micheal who scoffed and said,

“I don’t get close to trouble,” he said

Hearing this, Alisha shouted,

“I can hear you loud and clear Micheal” she shouted folding her arms.

Then turning to Samson, Micheal asked,

“See? She’s a load of trouble. I told you didn’t I?” He asked.

Then nodding in agreement, Samson said,

“I think she’s more than trouble”

Alisha who couldn’t believe her ears quickly shouted at Samson.

“Hey, I thought we were buddies? How can you join Micheal to make jest of me?” She shouted in disbelief.

Later that night, Micheal returned to the hospital and spent the night with his mother.

While they were sleeping, his mother called out to him.

“Micheal” His mother called in the middle of the night.

“Yes, mother” Micheal responded from where he lay with his face facing the ceiling.

“How were you able to survive on your own? You were just a little boy when you were taken from me” She said.

Hearing this, Micheal took a deep breath and said,

“Well, when I first arrived in Spain, it wasn’t easy blending into my new life. Because everything was new, strange and unfamiliar. Starting from the language, the environment and the people surrounding me. Some days I sulked in the dark and cry myself to sleep because I missed home and I missed my mother and her warm embrace. But my adopted father wouldn’t stop reminding me of how you sold me off to him because you didn’t want me anymore. I heard those words so many times until my longing was replaced with anger and detest for you. So instead of sulking and crying myself to sleep all night, I picked up my pieces and promised to survive by all means. My adopted father Carlos Pedro took it upon himself to train me into a fierce, fearless and powerful drug lord. Not only that, I was taught swordsmanship and how to use guns. I was groomed into who I am today through vigorous and rigorous training. But in all these, I kept wanting to know your reasons for abandoning me. So thinking back now, I have realised that my reason for withstanding and surviving all the difficulties that came my way all these years, was all my desire to meet with you again someday. We might have separated but you were always in my heart” Micheal said.

Then with a sad smile, Bunmi said,

“Thank you, son. For surviving it all. And for coming back to me” She said.

(Two days later at Micheal’s house)

Sunusi the private investigator returned with his investigation reports about Ifemi holdings. Handing the brown envelop to Micheal, he said,

“Inside it, is everything you need to know about Ifemi holdings,” He said.

Micheal took the envelope from him and quickly brought out the files in it. Reading through the paper, he read a particular line that got him curious.

“What connection do Ifemi holdings have with Anthony groups?” He asked staring at the paper.

Hearing this, Alisha then asked,

“Wait a minute. Did I just hear you say Anthony groups?” Alisha asked from where she was seated.

“Yes, do you know them?” Micheal asked casting his gaze at her.

“Yes, that’s my uncle’s company. The eldest of my father’s brothers” Alisha said. Then turning to the private investigator, she asked,

“Sunusi. What connection do Anthony groups have with Ifemi holdings?”

“They are jointly involved in child trafficking as well as the distribution and importation of illicit drugs” Sunusi revealed.

“What? My uncle is into child trafficking? How is that even possible?” Alisha asked amazed.

“Well from the information I gathered, they both started working together 25 years ago. After the C.E.O of Anthony groups helped the C.E.O of ifemi holdings to sell off a five-year-old boy who was at that time, rumoured to be the illegitimate son of her husband born to him by her niece” Sunusi said

Hearing this, Samson and Alisha turned their gaze on Micheal who immediately clenched his fist with anger boiling in his heart.

“Oh my God!” Alisha exclaimed covering her mouth in disbelief.

A few moments after the private investigator had left, Micheal who was greatly perturbed with what he just discovered, stood at the balcony of his building while slowly sipping his alcoholic wine.

Alisha walked up to him and asked from behind.

“Micheal, are you alright?” She asked.

And without turning his face to her, he responded.

“I’m fine Alisha. Just trying to get some fresh air” Micheal responded.

“I am sorry Micheal. I never thought that any member of my family would have a hand in what happened between you and your mother 25 years ago. Who would have thought that my uncle was into such hideous business? How could he have the mind to sell off children? His ways are truly despicable” Alisha said.

“You don’t have to be sorry Alisha. For you are not at fault in any of these” Micheal said.

“So, what are we going to do now?” Alisha asked.

“What we should have done long before now. Firstly, I’m going to go after Ifemi holdings. So let’s meet tomorrow by this time to discuss our next move” He said still turning his back to her.

“Okay. I will be leaving now. See you tomorrow” Alisha said.

But as she turned to go, Micheal said,

“One more thing Alisha. Please don’t mention any of these to your parents. If not for anything, but for their safety” Micheal said.

“Alright. I’ve heard you” Alisha responded.

The next day at that same time, Alisha and Samson met with Micheal in his house to discuss their next move.

Then standing before the two of them, Micheal held the investigation reports in his hand and began reading them out to their hearing.

“According to the reports from the investigation, Mrs Ifemi Ojo has two children. Her first child is Taiwo Ojo, age 36.

He schooled and graduated from the University of Liverpool where he studied physical sciences. Hobbies include Soccer, clubbing and of course, most importantly, womanizing. I guess he is proof that an apple does not fall far from its tree.

Well, he loves everything under the skirt. So In other words, he doesn’t have a spec. But he has a weak spot for ladies who play hard to get.

Her second child is Simi oJo age 26. She is a graduate of fine and applied arts. Hobbies include swimming, clubbing, and Gosh. I guess the entire family love clubbing cause what in the name of clubbing is this?

Well, she is quite a spoilt brat who loves lavishing and squandering her parent’s money on beautiful stuff. And she has a weak spot for men who are smart and good-looking. I guess that’s where I fall in.

And as for Mrs Ifemi Ojo, reports have it that she fancies young and good-looking men. And of course, we all know the things her husband is capable of doing. What a strange family this is.

I think I will have to handle the mother and her daughter” Micheal said with a mischievous smile.

“Then I will deal with the father and the son,” Alisha said.

“Then what am I supposed to do? Sit and watch?” Samson asked.

“Watch our backs of course” Micheal and Alisha chorused.

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