The bodyguard episode 27



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When he got to the place, which was an old abandoned warehouse, Micheal parked his car some distance away and went in through the back door.

Entering through the old rusting door at the back of the building, Micheal pulled out his gun, which had a silencer attached. Then he walked gently into the warehouse which was dimly lit by the moonlight that was shining through the windows with the smell of old stale dust around the vicinity.

Inside the building, it was quiet except for the click of the door behind him and the distant chatter that was probably coming from Chief Anthony’s men.

Then, slowly and carefully, Micheal continued into the warehouse until he heard the sound of footsteps approaching his direction. And he quickly backed into a corner so as not to be seen.

When he was sure the footsteps had died down, he emerged from his hiding place and continued into the building, aiming his gun forward as he walked.

He walked to the end of the wall and was about to turn left when someone unexpectedly kicked the gun out of his hand.

And with full force, the same person delivered another kick, aiming at his jaw, but Micheal quickly ducked and dodged the killing kick, which landed on the wall.

And without giving Micheal a breathing space, the young man launched another attack at Micheal preparing to smack his jaw with his clenched fist. But Micheal who was quick enough, hastily grabbed the man’s arm and aggressively twisted it as he swung.

As he did so, the young man flinched in pain, but he quickly got over it. And came after Michael again. But this time, Micheal quickly grabbed his legs and pulled him to the ground so hard that his head hit the concrete floor, bleeding.

Seeing that he was dead, Michael, panting, quickly grabbed his gun and then tucked it into the back of his trousers, quickly dragging the dead body into a corner and proceeding further into the building.

He walked until he noticed there was a staircase. Then he pointed his gun forward and quietly climbed the stairs.

Micheal was a step to the top of the bottom of the stairs when he suddenly received a hard and surprising kick that threw him off the stairs and crashed him violently to the floor.

And when his back hit the ground, Micheal groaned in pain.

“That was quite a kick you’ve got there bro,” Micheal murmured in pain.

And while he was still lying on the floor, he heard the footsteps of the young man who kicked him as he walked down the stairs in his direction.

Micheal then attempted to get up off the ground with his eyes on the young man who rushed towards him and attempted to kick him a second time.

But Micheal hastily dodged and headed straight for the stairs.

Seeing this, the young man went after Micheal, who quickly grabbed the handle of the stairs and gave him a high kick that slammed his chin and made him spit blood as he fell to the ground and instantly blacked out lost.

Then Michael regained his balance and quickly grabbed his gun. And quietly hid the body. Then he went further into the warehouse.

Micheal stood in front of the door at the top of the stairs, opened it slowly and stepped inside to find himself in an oddly quiet room.

Walking halfway across the room Micheal couldn’t help but find it odd and suspicious that there was no one in the room. And with that in mind, he turned to leave when suddenly a group of five boys appeared out of nowhere and aimed their guns at him to shoot him dead.

When Micheal saw them he immediately looked around and spotted a huge pile of wood standing in a corner. And hastily he ran, hiding behind the woods to shield himself from the boys, who kept firing in his direction.

Micheal, panting helplessly while hiding with his back against the huge piles of wood, couldn’t help but remember the night Jesse died.

“Why is this scene strangely repeating itself in my life?” Micheal asked, with his heart beating faster.

Meanwhile, the young men kept firing in his direction and only stopped when it seemed Michael was dead.

Then one of the boys went forward curiously to check if Michael was actually shot in the process.

When he got there, he aimed his flashlight and looked around the woods for Micheal, but to his surprise, Micheal was gone.

Then he turned to the others and said:

“The guy isn’t here anymore,” he announced.

“How is that even possible when we all saw him hiding behind those woods?” one of them asked.

“Listen, guys, whatever you guys do, just remember that Chief will kill us if we don’t kill him,” one of them added.

“Give me the flashlight so I can see for myself,” one of them said, grabbing the flashlight from the guy who had gone earlier to look for Michael.

The young man took the torch and went to where the woods were. And immediately he turned on the flashlight, its light fell on Michael’s face, who smiled at him and asked:

“Are you looking for me?” he asked.

And before the young man could c**k his gun, Michael shot him in the head. And when the rest of the boys saw their gang mate fall to the ground in a pool of blood, they immediately retaliated by firing at Micheal, who fired back at them while still dodging behind the woods.

He aimed at one of them and shot him in the knee, causing him to fall while m*****g in pain. He then shot the other in his hand, causing him to drop his gun in pain. He then shot the other in the stomach and the last one in the shoulder as well.

As they all flinched on the floor and groaned in pain, Micheal came out of hiding and finished them off.

After that, he took one of their guns and went further into the building.

When he finally got to the main warehouse building, he saw Alisha being tied to a chair, both hands tied behind her back and her mouth bandaged.

“Alisha?” Micheal called quickly, running towards Alisha, who kept shaking her head, signalling for him not to come any closer while tears ran down her cheeks.

But Michael, not paying attention to her signals, quickly rushed to her. He then dropped his gun to the floor and quickly pulled the tape off her mouth.

“Michael, why did you come here? Don’t you know this is all a plan to kill you?” Alisha cried out with tears in her eyes.

“Relax Alisha. I am here to save you. And it doesn’t matter if I die here or not,” Micheal said quickly, trying to untie her.

Just then, Alisha, seeing one of Chief Anthony’s men approaching Micheal from behind, quickly called his name and motioned for him to look around.

“Micheal behind you!” she said anxiously.

And before Michael turned around, he felt a gun press against his head.

“Don’t even bother trying anything stupid or the girl will die,” the man warned from behind.

The next thing Micheal felt was a heavy hit to his head, sending him to the ground.

When Alisha saw this, she cried out in tears.

“Micheal!” she screamed while crying.

“Don’t worry Alisha, I’m fine,” Michael murmured trying to get up off the floor.

Suddenly he heard someone clapping and approached Alisha from behind.

Then Micheal got up curiously and turned his gaze to the person who later turned out to be Chief Anthony.

“Wow! Wow! Wow!” Chief Anthony said, clapping his hands in admiration.

Then he walked up to Michael and said:

“Mr Michael, you know, I actually figured out that you could come in through the back door, so I positioned my men in the back. And told them to make sure you didn’t make it here alive. But here you are still alive and breathing well. I have to say, I’m quite impressed that you’ve made it here,” Chief Anthony said.

Hearing this, Michael scoffed and replied:

“What can I say? I think we’re both destined to keep meeting in an unfriendly way,” Micheal said.

“Yes, I can only agree. So tell me what’s your relationship with my niece? Because I never expected you to risk your life just coming here for her,” Chief Anthony said.

Upon hearing this, Alisha quickly replied:

“His relationship with me is none of your business,” Alisha said from behind.

Upon hearing this, Chief Anthony went to Alisha and slapped her.

Seeing this, Micheal tried to retaliate, but the man next to him put his gun to his head and signalled him not to try anything stupid.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that, you spoiled whore. If it wasn’t for you and your father I wouldn’t have met this fool who ruined my entire life. It was all because of you and your father who took him as your bodyguard. And I’m pretty sure you and your father already knew about his past, which is why you kept him close so you could indirectly use him to torment my life,” Chief Anthony yelled in Alisha’s face.

“Uncle, nobody ruined your life. You ruined it yourself with your greed and selfishness,” Alisha yelled back in his face.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony burst out laughing. He then grabbed Alisha’s chin with his palm and slapped her a second time.

But this time, Michael couldn’t help but intervene.

“Stop hitting her chief!” Micheal warned, clenching his fist.

Upon hearing this, Chief Anthony left Alisha and went back to Micheal. Then he stared at him and asked:

“And what will you do if I hit her again?” Chief Anthony asked with a grin.

“Then I will uncompromisingly rip your head off,” Micheal replied.

Upon hearing this, Chief Anthony pulled out a knife and approached Alisha. He then cut the rope he had used to tie her to the chair and held Alisha close to him. Then, with the knife at her throat, he asked.

“So what would you do if I decided to kill her right now?” Chief Anthony asked.

“You do not have to. she is your niece. Remember?” Michael asked.

“So, do I look like I care?” Chief Anthony asked, tightening his grip on Alisha, who was groaning, making Micheal scared and worried.

“Please don’t hurt her. Just take me instead. It was me who wronged you so please let her go. I’m willing to do anything you want if you let her go,” Micheal pleaded with sincerity in his eyes.

Hearing this, Alisha shook her head, mumbling

“No Michael”

“Really? You’re willing to do anything I ask?” Chief Anthony asked.

“Yes, as long as it ensures her safety,” Micheal said.

“Good. I love that. In that case, how about you get on your knees and apologize to me?” Chief Anthony asked.

Hearing this, Michael gave him a quick look.

“Get on your knees,” Chief Anthony said.

Then staring at Alisha, who shook her head in disapproval, Micheal got on his knees and apologized to Chief Anthony while clenching his fist.

“I’m sorry,” Micheal said with anger seething in his heart.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony burst out laughing.

“This is so interesting to watch, you know, but how about you spice it up by letting the young man next to you smack you a little?” Chief Anthony asked.

Hearing this, Michael tried so hard to contain his anger and replied:

“If that’s what you want, then I’ll do it. Just don’t hurt Alisha,” Michael said.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony burst out in angry laughter.

“This is really fun,” he said. Then he turned to his boy and said:
“Terminator, I think the ball is in your court now,” he said.

Upon hearing the name Terminator, Micheal finally learned that the young man standing next to him was the same person who choked his mother to death. And that fueled his anger even more.

But in order to protect Alisha, Micheal accepted becoming a punching bag for the Terminator, who continued hitting, kicking and punching Micheal until he started spitting up blood.

Watching Micheal get helplessly beaten, gave Chief Anthony a sense of satisfaction. While Alisha cried while watching Michael go through such pain.

The Terminator continued until he was tired of hitting Micheal, who now looked dirty and badly beaten, with weakness in his eyes.

With Micheal still on the ground, Chief Anthony pulled out a gun and pointed it at him, intending to end his life for good. But the moment Alisha saw this, she quickly grabbed the gun and began dragging it with Chief Anthony who mistakenly pulled the trigger on Alisha.

And as the gun shut, Micheal, still lying on the floor, lifted his head just to realize it was Alisha who got shut.

And immediately, a sudden force came over Micheal, who angrily rose from the floor.

As he was about to run to Alisha, the Terminator tried to stop him by pointing a gun at him.

And in anger, Michael gave him an uppercut that spurted blood from his mouth. And as he fell to the ground, Micheal quickly rushed to Alisha, who was now lying on the ground gasping for breath, blood spurting from her stomach.

At that moment, Michael noticed Chief Anthony trying to run away. He then angrily lowered Alisha’s head back to the ground and went after Chief Anthony who kept firing at Micheal as he frantically tried to run away.

Ignoring all the shots, Micheal, now angry, ran at him and kicked him squarely in the chest, sending him to the ground.

And hastily he climbed on top of him and started punching his face non-stop until blood started spurting from his nose and mouth.

“Die you monster. Die!!!!” Micheal screamed hitting him mercilessly.

And just at that moment, Samson and Alisha’s parents arrived at the scene with police officers.

Seeing Michael punching Chief Anthony at a corner, Samson quickly rushed towards him and pushed him off Chief Anthony’s body. But Michael insisted on going back to keep beating him.

“Stop it, Micheal, you’re going to kill him at this rate!” Samson yelled at Micheal, trying to bring him back to his senses.

“But he deserved to die. That monster doesn’t deserve to live!” Micheal screamed, pointing angrily at Chief Anthony.

“No Michael, if you kill him now then all your efforts will be in vain. The police are here now, so let them take it from here. Please,” Samson said, patting him on the shoulder.

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