The bodyguard episode 23



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Chief Anthony hastily drove to the building of Anthony’s group only to meet the entire facility on fire. Seeing this, he instantly, fell to the ground and collapsed.

Later that night, Alisha met with Mr Wale Ojo who took her to an exquisite hotel. While they were in the hotel room, Mr wale started making advances at Alisha who stylishly avoided him.

“Daddy, stop,” She said slightly pushing him away.

“Why? What’s wrong?” He asked with desire in his eyes.

“I can’t allow you to touch me without you washing up first,” She said folding her arms.

“Okay, do you want me to take a shower first?” He asked impatiently.

“Yes. And after you are done, I will also go in and take a quick shower as well. Then after that, we will both get down into business” She said running her hand on his chest.

And by so doing, Mr wale kept smiling from ear to ear.

“That’s okay. If that’s what you want,” Mr Wale said.

“Thank you, daddy. But In the meantime, how about I order a drink that will help get us in the mood once we are both done taking our shower?” Alisha asked

“Alright. Go ahead” Mr Wale said.

When Mr Wale was done taking off his clothes, he quickly went into the bathroom to take a quick shower as Alisha had requested.

And when he left, Alisha pulled out her phone and flashed Samson’s phone number.

Then a few moments later, Samson came knocking at the door. Then Alisha who was expecting him, quickly got up and opened the door letting him in with a bottle of alcoholic wine and two glass cups.

Samson placed the drink on the small stool that was in the room and after that, he turned and left the room.

When Mr Wale stepped out of the bathroom, Alisha took the smaller glass tumbler and filled it with the alcoholic wine. Then crossing her leg and revealing her lap, she slowly sipped from her cup.

“Are you drinking already?” Mr Wale asked as he sat next to her wearing just his underwear.

“Yeah, I just couldn’t resist the urge to taste it. Why not join me?” She asked offering him her drink.

“Does it taste good?” Mr Wale asked.

“Absolutely. This is one of the best wines I have ever tasted. And Trust me, you will like it. Because this drink is best when it comes to sexual arousement. A glass of it can turn you on in a minute” Alisha lied convincingly.

“Are you serious?” He asked staring at her with curiosity.

“Yeah. If you doubt me, then you can go ahead and have a taste” She said offering him her drink.

But Mr wale ignored her and quickly reached for the other glass cup which was beside the drink. Then with excitement, Mr Wale filled his cup and finally had a taste of the drink. And when he did that, he was moved to have more and so, he kept drinking.

Seeing him enjoying the drink and gulping it down his throat, Alisha smiled in satisfaction.

A moment later, while still drinking from his cup, Mr Wale suddenly began to feel dizzy and tired.

It was at that moment, that Alisha had to remind him of his unfulfilled promise of investing in her business.

Hearing this, Mr Wale who wanted to prove that he wasn’t making empty promises the last time they met, told her to go on and show him the necessary documents for the business.

And at that point, she brought out a business transfer document and gave him to sign.

But since Mr wale’s sight was now dimming, he didn’t bother himself trying to read what was written on the paper.

Instead, he followed Alisha’s direction and made sure to sign in all the places she instructed him to sign.

Then after that, he fell back to the bed and dozed off.

A few moments later, Mr Wale woke up feeling severe headache and pain all over his head. Then Sitting upright and looking round the room, he began wondering what had happened and how he got there.

And when it seemed like his brain wasn’t providing the right answers he needed, Mr Wale quickly wore his clothes and left the hotel room.

Reaching outside he quickly hopped into his car and drove away while still trying to recall what brought him to the hotel.

While driving, he suddenly felt a touch of a metal object on his neck. And then he quickly turned around, and discovered that someone was actually sitting behind him while pointing a gun at him.

“Please don’t kill me” Mr wale pleaded with fear in his eyes.

“Hi, mr wale. We finally got to meet” Micheal said with a smirk from behind.

“Please who are you and what do you want from me?” Mr Wale questioned shivering in fear

“I am the son of the woman you defiled 25 years ago you monster,” Micheal said pressing the gun harder to his throat.

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