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Micheal’s lips enclosed Alisha’s lips in a deep and passionate kiss. And at that moment, Alisha shut her eyes and surrendered her mouth to his, while matching the steady strokes of his tongue with hers. And slowly, Michael let his palms spread out over the curves of her waist pulling her closer to himself while still kissing her.

And as the kiss got more deeper and intense, Alisha slowly reached for his seat belt and helped him unbuckle it. And slowly, Micheal lowered his left hand down to her hips grabbing it firmly and fumbling it while Alisha wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him romantically.

And as their emotions aroused more, Micheal slowly pulled his lips away from Alisha’s, who slowly opened her eyes staring steadily into the eyes of Micheal who was staring at her with desire in his eyes.

His eyes drifted back to her lips, with the pad of his thumb stroking absently across her lower lip.

And while he was still doing that, Alisha who wanted more, quickly gave him a peck on his lips with a smile displaying across her lips.

Micheal held her head in return with both palms and gave her a peck on her forehead, then her nose, and finally her lips. Then staring at her lips, he went back into kissing her more passionately than he did the first time.

And slowly, he reached for her neck kissing it passionately. While doing this, Alisha slowly rubbed his hair while biting her lips as she moaned pleasurably into his ears. And at this point, Micheal had to quickly pull away leaning back in his seat.

“What happened? Why did you stop?” Alisha asked staring curiously at him.

“Because if I go any further, I might not be able to keep myself under control like I’m doing now,” He said rubbing his palm on his forehead.

“And who said you should hold back? Come on Micheal you can’t turn me on and back out like that. We need to finish what we started” Alisha said folding her arms with displeasure on her face.

“Hey, is that anger I see on your face?” Michael asked pointing at her.

Hearing this, Alisha simply rolled her eyes at him and clicked her tongue after which, she focused her eyes outside the window with anger on her face.

Seeing her reaction, Micheal couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“This is serious. Why do I keep meeting horny girls today?” He asked amidst laughter.

Placing his palm on Alisha’s shoulder, Alisha quickly hit his hand off her shoulder with a glare.

“Don’t touch me Micheal” She warned Micheal who couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Alright. Why don’t we go to my place so we could finish what we started? Since obviously, that’s what you want” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Alisha simply ignored him while focusing her gaze on her side of the window.

“Alisha, I’m sorry okay? I promise once we are home, I will make sure we complete what we started here. But for now, can you at least put on your seat belt?” Micheal asked in a calm and soothing tone.

Hearing this, Alisha simply smiled and put on her seat belt.

“I can’t believe we are already fighting on our first day in a relationship. My new girlfriend is indeed a drama queen” Micheal said shaking his head. Then staring at Alisha he asked,

“My drama queen. Can you at least smile for me?”

Hearing this, Alisha frowned her face the more with her arms still folded. Then laughing at her, Micheal quickly started his car engine and drove away.

While driving to his house, Micheal’s phone began to ring. Then, staring at his phone screen, he realised it was the doctor calling.

“Why is the doctor calling me?” He asked taking his phone.

Hearing this, Alisha dropped her act immediately and began staring at him with curiosity.

“Hello doctor,” Micheal said as soon as he picked up the call with a smile.

“Micheal, come over to the hospital right now,” He said.

“I hope all is well with my mother?” Micheal asked.

“Micheal, your presence is urgently needed at the hospital,” He said.

“Alright. Alright. I will be there soon” Micheal said ending the call.

And without hesitation, he made a U-turn speedily driving to the hospital.

“Micheal, what’s going on?” Alisha who was curious and confused asked.

“The doctor just called to say my presence is urgently needed at the hospital. I just hope my mother is all right” Micheal said with his heartbeat racing faster.

“Relax Micheal, your mother will be alright. I’m sure they just spotted some issues that need some financial settlements. Nothing more” Alisha said rubbing his shoulder.

“I just pray so,” Micheal said looking restless and anxious.

A few moments later, they both arrived at the hospital and hastily made their way to Bunmi’s ward. But on getting there, Micheal found his mother’s body covered with the hospital bedspread from head to toe.

Seeing this, Micheal’s heart sank immediately with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Alisha on the other hand, stood frozen with her hands covering her mouth in disbelief.

Michael whose life had just shattered, staggered as he walked towards his mother who was now lying lifeless on her hospital bed.

When he finally got to where his mother’s body was laid, he slowly pulled down the bedspread till he could finally see her face. And the moment he confirmed that she was the one, he felt a sudden weakness in his bones. Then with his entire body vibrating in shock, he fell sitting on the floor with disbelief in his heart.

“No, No, My mother isn’t dead,” He said shaking his head in denial.

Then with full force, he got off the ground and made his way to the doctor’s office.

(Inside the doctor’s office)

Micheal angrily stormed into the office with anger and grabbed the doctor by his collar.

“Why is my mother dead?” He asked fastening his grip on the doctor’s collar.

“I understand how you feel right now. But please calm down let’s talk about this calmly and maturely” The doctor pleaded.

A few minutes later, they both sat facing each other when the doctor began.

“I’m sorry for your loss Micheal. The truth is, her death came as a surprise even to me ” The doctor said,

“What do you mean by her death came as a surprise?” Micheal asked staring curiously at him.

“I know she is mandated to die soon but definitely not now. And that’s because, when I checked her pulse this evening, everything was normal and okay. So I don’t understand why she is suddenly dead” The doctor said.

“Wait a minute. Does that mean she was killed or what are trying to say?” Micheal asked.

“Some finger marks were found on her throat” The doctor revealed.

“What are talking about?” Micheal asked staring curiously at him.

“What I mean is, it’s obvious that someone strangled your mother” The doctor revealed.

Hearing this, Micheal fell back on his seat with his eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

A few moments later, Micheal and the doctor went to the hospital control room and reviewed the CCTV footage.

And after some hours of cross-checking the CCTV footage, they stumbled upon the CCTV record of a young man who went in and out of Bunmi’s ward wearing black clothing from head to toe with a face mask and a face cap.

“This must be the killer,” The doctor said pointing at the screen.

“You will become dead meat once I find you,” Micheal said clenching his fist.

Just then, his phone rang. Staring at his phone, Micheal discovered it was a call from a strange number.

Then reluctantly picking up the call, he said,
“Hello, who am I speaking with?” He asked with a calm tone.

Just then, he heard a familiar voice laughing over the phone.

“Micheal Pedro. I hope you loved the gift I sent you?” The person said.

“Who are you? And what gift are you talking about??” Micheal asked.

“I am Chief Anthony. And I hope the death of your mother was able to teach you a quick lesson” he said.

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Chief Anthony had assigned one of his boys to follow Micheal around for some days. And through the information he gathered from tailing Micheal, Chief Anthony got to know that Micheal had a sick mother who was in the hospital.

So in order to get back at Michael and teach him an unforgettable lesson, he instructed the terminator to kill Bunmi in the hospital and so he did.

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