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While Micheal was still staring at the CCTV footage of the man in black that killed his mother, his phone rang.

Staring at his phone, Micheal realized it was a strange number calling. Then he reluctantly and curiously picked up the call.

“Hello, who am I speaking with?” He asked with a calm tone.

Just then, he heard a familiar voice laughing over the phone.

“Micheal Pedro. I hope you loved the gift I sent you?” The person asked.

“Who are you and what gift are you talking about?” Michael asked.

“I am chief Anthony. I hope the death of your mother was able to teach you a quick lesson?” He asked.

Hearing this, Micheal burst out laughing like a madman.

Hearing him laugh, Chief Anthony couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person he was.

“Are you seriously laughing right now?” He asked in amazement.

Hearing this, Micheal stopped and with a frown on his face he said,

“Congratulations Chief. You’ve successfully unlocked the beast in me. A man who went as far as touching and killing an innocent woman who is on a sick bed is nothing but a heartless demon. And it takes a more heartless demon, to send that demon to six feet below. Thank you so much for signing your death wish and for choosing the easier way to your grave. I will be giving you a gift soon too. And I hope you like it too” Micheal said with a smirk.

Hearing this Chief Anthony burst out laughing.

“You think those empty threats of yours would scare me? Come on Micheal, by now you should have known that I am not just an easy nut to crack. I am the master in this game and you are nothing but a puppet. I hope this little warning of mine helps put some senses into you. So that next time, you won’t cross your boundaries by getting involved in a family issue you knew nothing about when it all began. And before I forget, I want you to keep in mind that this is just the beginning Micheal. More gifts await you and the ones you care about. But for now, I will leave you to mourn your unfortunate mother. And just so you know, you caused her death. You killed her with your stubbornness” Chief Anthony said.

Hearing this, tears dropped down from Micheal’s eyes. And with a stern face, he said in Spanish,

“Me Siento mal al decir esto, pero eres un Anthony de Carne muerta”


“I feel bad saying this, but you’re a dead meat Anthony”

And then, he immediately ended the call.

(Back at Chief Anthony’s office)

When the call ended, Chief Anthony stared at his phone and said,

“How dare he use curse words on me? And by the way, what language was that?” He asked.

Hearing this, Silas who was scared couldn’t help but ask,

“Anthony, are you sure you did the right thing by taking the life of that woman?” He asked.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony quickly turned and glared at him.

“That bastard bit more than he can chew when he stepped on my toes in the board of directors meeting. How dare he ridicule me before everyone? How dare he act like a Mini God when he is just an ordinary bodyguard? He brought this upon himself and I’m what I did, is what any man in his right senses would have done” Chief Anthony raged.

“Look, I just hope your decision is right this time. Because this is his mother we are talking about. You killed his mother and definitely, he might want to get back at you for that” Silas said.

“Wait a minute Silas, whose side are you on?” Chief Anthony asked.

“The winning side. Which is your side” Silas responded in a calm tone.

“Good. Then stop spitting trash” Chief Anthony said.

(Back at the hospital)

When Micheal ended the call, he turned to the doctor, and said,

“Doctor, please help me deposit my mother’s body in the morgue (mortuary). I will come back for her when I have the right to bury her” He said tapping the doctor’s shoulder.

Then as he turned to leave the control room, the doctor asked,

“What then do you intend to do with her killer? Shouldn’t we inform the police about this?” He asked.

Then turning to him, Micheal said,

“No need to get the police involved in this because those people are somehow above the law but definitely not above Micheal Pedro” He responded.

When Micheal returned to his late mother’s ward, he met Alisha who have been sitting and crying beside her lifeless body the whole time.

“Nanny Bunmi you can’t leave like this. I haven’t even told you that I and Micheal are now together and now you are gone? Please nanny Bunmi I beg you to wake up. Don’t die on us like this Please” Alisha cried.

Seeing her this way, tears began to flow down Micheal’s cheeks. He then walked up to his mother’s lifeless body and checked her neck only to see some finger marks on them.

“She was indeed strangled to death,” He said to himself.

Then looking around the room, he saw the portrait of him and his mother lying on the floor. When he bent to pick the portrait, his eyes caught a necklace that was on the floor beside his mother’s bed.

It was a gold necklace that had the letter “T” as its pendant. And quickly, he picked it up from the floor and deeped it into his pocket. Then walking back to Alisha, he made her stand after which, he pulled her into a warm embrace.

“I’m sorry Micheal,” She said amidst tears.

“It’s okay Alisha. At least I was able to give her most of the things she needed before she was killed” He said.

Hearing this, Alisha quickly freed herself from his embrace and asked,

“Killed? By who?” She asked.

“Chief Anthony” Micheal responded with a sad smile.

“What? But why? What dispute does he have with nanny Bunmi that led him into killing her unjustly?” She asked.

“My mother didn’t do anything to him. He only harmed her to get back at me for helping your father during the company election. I guess he felt insulted that he had to retaliate to put me in my place. But unfortunately, he just signed his death wish” Micheal said.

“This is unspeakably unbelievable. How can one person be this mean, devilish, and heartless? What has this innocent woman ever done to him? Honestly, I am so ashamed to call that devil my uncle. Because he is not human at all” Alisha said with anger in her tone.

“I will make sure to crush him myself. So you don’t need to worry about it” Micheal said.

When Alisha got home, she told her parents what has happened and they were completely dumbfounded as to how heartless Chief Anthony had become because of his greed and selfishness.

Meanwhile, that night, Micheal called Samson on the phone and told him to get him a gun.

“I need a gun,” He said.

“A gun? Micheal, what’s going on? I hope all is well?” Samson asked over the phone.

“No Samson. Chief Anthony just killed my mother” He revealed.

“What? How dare he do that? You know what? I’m definitely getting you a gun from the black market tomorrow. That motherfucker doesn’t deserve to live” Samson said.

While Micheal was still on the phone, he heard his doorbell ring.

“Hold on Samson it seems like someone is, at the doo,r,” He said.

Then ending the call, he walked up to his door and pulled it open only to see Alisha standing before him.

“Alisha, why are you here by this hour of the night? I thought I already dropped you off at your house?” Micheal asked.

“My parents gave me permission to come spend the night in your place,” She said without a smile.

“Okay….., but why?” He asked.

“Because you need a companion in times like this Micheal. You can’t simply mourn your mother alone you know” She said making her way into the living room.

“I guess they are right,” He said shutting his door.

Later that night, as Micheal lay down to sleep in his room, Alisha came into the room and lay next to him. She rested her head on his arm while Micheal gently stroked her hair.

“Micheal” She called out in a calm tone.

“Yes?” Micheal responded with his eyes fixed on the ceiling.

“What do you intend to do with Chief Anthony?” She asked.

“I had wanted to let him face the law but it’s now obvious that he doesn’t deserve that favour. And as such, I plan to make his life a living hell by pulling down and destroying everything he worked so hard to build over the years. That’s what I plan to do with him. So that next time, he won’t dare to mess with a drug lord” Micheal said.

“How about Mr wale? Should we abort the mission?” She asked.

“No, you and Samson will complete the mission while I focus on dealing with Chief Anthony,” He said.

Then early the next morning, Micheal woke up to the aroma of a sumptuous meal coming from his kitchen. And with curiosity, he found his way to his kitchen where he found Alisha cooking.

He walked up to her and embraced her from behind.

“Good morning” He greeted staring into her pot of food.

“Good morning Micheal. You are finally awake” Alisha said smiling.

“What are you making?” He asked giving her a peck on her cheek.

“A meal specially prepared to help lighten your mood,” She said with excitement. Then turning her face towards Micheal, she said,

“In the meantime, go brush and come wait for your breakfast in the dining,” She said.

And with a nod, Micheal left the kitchen.

A few minutes later while Micheal was patiently sitting in the dining waiting for his breakfast to be served, Samson walked in.

And immediately Samson saw Micheal sitting in the dining, he quickly walked up to him and sat beside him.

“Hey dude Good morning, why are you sitting here?” Samson asked.

“Alisha is making me breakfast in the kitchen” Micheal whispered.

“Oh….!” Samson said nodding his head.

“Were you able to get the gun?” Micheal asked.

“Yeah. It’s in my bag” He said tapping the bag he was carrying.

“Alright. Thank you man” Micheal said tapping his shoulder.

“I’m sorry for your loss bro,” Samson sympathised.

“Thank you” Micheal responded with a sad smile.

Just then, Alisha walked into the dining carrying a tray of food which she placed before them on the table.

“Chef Alisha” Samson hailed rubbing both palms in excitement.

“Goodmorning Samson” She greeted with a smile.

“Morning. I hope the meal is as sweet as you look this morning?” Samson asked impatiently waiting to have a taste of the meal.

“There’s only one way to find out you know,” Micheal said.

Then when Alisha was done dishing the meal, she gave Micheal a peck on his lips before leaving the dining to return the tray to the kitchen.

Seeing this, Samson who wasn’t aware that they were now dating, turned to Micheal and asked,

“Bro, what just happened? Why did she give you a peck on your lips?” Sampson asked staring at him with curiosity.

“We are now dating” Micheal responded with a blush.

“Huh? You and Alisha are dating? No, that’s not true. That’s not even possible because you two are like cat and dog” Samson said in disbelief.

“Hahahaha” Micheal burst out laughing.

“This isn’t funny bro. You need to tell me how it happened. Like, you hated this girl so much before. So what happened?” Samson asked in disbelief.

“Love happened bro. Please go on and eat. Your food is getting cold” Micheal said.

“Crazy things are indeed happening,” Samson said shaking his head in disbelief.

As soon as Micheal and Samson had a taste of Alisha’s meal, they both turned and stared at each other with their eyes widened in shock.

“Bro, it seems as though, your girlfriend has a good relationship with salt. Because I’m not understanding what in the name of salt is going on in this food” Samson muttered.

“I am equally confused,” Micheal said staring helplessly at the food.

“You know what? I’m out of here” Samson said.

But as he was about to stand up from his seat, Alisha returned to the dining room and Micheal immediately pulled him back to his seat.

“I hope you guys are enjoying the meal?” Alisha asked sitting opposite them with a bright smile.

“Yes. You did an amazing job in preparing this meal” Micheal praised.

Hearing this, Samson lowered his hand under the table and pinched Micheal who glared at him.

“Really? I was so worried that it won’t taste nice. Because actually, this is my first time cooking” Alisha revealed with a bright smile.

Hearing this, Samson and Micheal turned and looked at each other with surprise.

“What?” They both turned and chorused.

“Yes. Any problem?” She asked.

And they both shook their head.

“Not at all. We are just surprised that you were able to make such a tasty meal as if you’ve been cooking all your life. But tell me, who has been preparing all the food in your house?” Michael asked.

“My cook of course” Alisha responded.

“Oh, I see….” Micheal said nodding his head.

“Hey, why don’t you hurry up and finish your meal? It’s getting cold” Alisha said.

“Yes, it is” Samson muttered staring at Micheal who quickly took Samson’s food and poured it into his plate.

“Why did you do that?” Alisha asked.

“Because Samson doesn’t have an appetite. So I will just eat his portion” Micheal lied.

Hearing this, Samson started giving Micheal a signal not to eat the food. But in order not to make Alisha feel bad, Micheal ignored Samson and forced himself into eating the food.

And when he was done, Alisha asked,

“It seems like you enjoyed the meal. Should I add more?” She asked.

Hearing this, Samson and Micheal immediately shouted.

“Nooooo!” They both chorused.

And without hesitation, they quickly stood up and left the dining room.

“What was that about?” Alisha wondered.

Then scooping her portion of the meal, she took a spoon and immediately spitted it out of her mouth.

“Jeez! This is damn salty. How was Micheal able to eat this without complaints?” She wondered.

And thanks to Chef Alisha, Micheal ended up frequently visiting the toilet that day as he instantly developed a running stomach from consuming her salty meal and this made Alisha sad.

“Why did you eat the food knowing it was too salty?” She asked Micheal who had just returned from visiting the toilet for the 10th time.

“Because I’m aware that you put a lot of work into the preparation of that meal. So I didn’t want you to feel bad” He said.

“But still you shouldn’t have eaten it. Now, look at the condition you’ve put yourself into” Alisha lamented almost crying.

“Hey, babe, trust me, I’m fine. It’s just a running stomach. Believe me, It will be gone once I take the drugs that Samson went to get for me” Micheal said.

“I’m sorry Micheal. I was only trying to cheer you up but I ended up making you sick instead” She lamented remorsefully.

“It’s okay Alisha. I believe you will do better once you go through some cooking tutorials” Micheal said holding her hand.

(The next day at Chief Anthony’s house)

Chief Anthony was sleeping in his bedroom at about 12:15 am when his phone rang.

He reached for his phone and picked up the call without checking who it was that was calling him.

“Hello,” He sleepily said as soon as he picked up the call.

“Hello, Chief Anthony. I hope you’ve heard the news?” The person asked.

“What news?” He asked scratching his head.

“Haven’t you heard that the entire building of Anthony groups is currently on fire as we speak?” The person asked.

Hearing this, Sleep immediately left Chief Anthony’s eyes as he quickly jolted up from his bed and sat upright. Then staring at his phone screen, he found out that it was Micheal who just called.

“Micheal, what are you talking about?” He asked with his heartbeat racing.

“Go confirm for yourself,” Micheal said bursting into laughter.

Ending the call, Chief Anthony was about to dial the number of his security man when a call came in from Silas.

“Hello, Silas. What is it?” He asked with his heartbeat racing.

“Brother. All your years of hard work is currently in flames as we speak” Silas revealed.

Hearing this, Chief Anthony let go of his phone as it slipped from his hand and fell to the bed.

“Micheal, what have you done?” He asked in disbelief.

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