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(3 months ago)

Micheal returned to Spain and kept a low profile observing the situation on ground before making his return known to anyone.

While in hiding, Micheal learned that he was presumed dead due to his long absence, coupled with the false rumour of his death that was being spread by his adoptive uncle (Marco).

He also discovered that in his absence, his uncle had taken full control of his late adoptive father’s business and had converted his clients into his. He did this, by making them believe that Micheal had died and was never going to return.

Then, with anger in his heart, Micheal took time to devise a strategy to get back at his adoptive uncle, with whom he had unfinished business.

To Micheal, It was better if they both lose their rights to the business than to let his adoptive uncle run it. And with this in mind, Micheal formed a gang that kept sabotaging his uncle’s goods. This act ended up creating a misunderstanding between his uncle and his buyers, who became unhappy with his poor delivery service as they kept receiving stories instead of the goods (drugs) they had ordered or paid for.

Marco Pedro (Micheal’s adoptive uncle) on the other hand, was beginning to lose potential buyers because of his boys’ constant failure in delivering his goods to his clients. And this made him feel displeased.

He hated the fact that his boys kept coming back to him with the same story of being sabotaged by a certain gang on their way to delivery. And at a point, he ended up subjecting them to severe punishment to get them to tell the truth. For he suspected that they were trying to play a smart move on him.

But unfortunately, this didn’t change anything as the problem continued. Then at a point, Marco decided to swap his delivery boys. Yet, they still returned with the same old story.

But the most frustrating part was that Marco didn’t encounter any attack when he finally decided to go deliver his goods to his clients himself. But when his boys do, they usually come back with the same old story and complaints that pisses him off.

Meanwhile, Micheal ended up converting most of his uncle’s buyers into his. And by selling his uncle’s goods to them, he was eating the fruit of his uncle’s labour and was steadily making enough cash from it.

As this went on for a month, Marco who had lost most of his goods as well as his biggest buyers to Micheal, became hell-bent on finding the gang members that have been sabotaging his goods. While he was still on it, he then heard that there was a new drug lord in town whose customer service and delivery were the best compared to his.

When Marco heard the news of the new drug lord whose praises were being sung all over the streets by buyers, he became greatly disturbed. Because one thing Marco hated, was having a competitor. And that was the main reason why he despised Micheal and his late adoptive father who were both his competitors in the field.

Then Marco who was curious to know who his new competitor was, sent one of his boys to carry out an underground check on the new drug lord. Then a few days later, he returned with some information he gathered across the streets of Spain.

“What did you find out about the new competitor?” Marco asked.

“From what I gathered, the new drug dealer is not a learner in the field. People say he delivers like a pro. And his customer service is said to be top-notch. But the surprising and confusing part is that, no one has ever seen the face of this new drug lord who goes by the name MP” His boy responded.

“MP……? That’s quite a unique name I must say. But if no one has ever seen his face, then how do they make their order and how are the goods delivered to them?” He asked.

“Well, just like you, he has boys who take care of orders and those who make supplies on his behalf” His boy responded.

“Hmmmm” Marco sighed deeply. “How then do I get to see him?” He asked.

“I was told you can book a VIP appointment to meet with him one on one. But that would cost you lots of cash” His boy said.

“Who cares about the amount it would cost? All I want is to see him. Then when I’ve known his face, I will then eliminate him before he sends us off the market,” Marco said.

“What about the gang that has been sabotaging your goods? Shouldn’t we go after them first?” His boy asked.

“Not yet. For now, we have to focus on catching the bigger fish. I want you to make further enquiries about his VIP appointments. And make sure to book a slot for me no matter how much it would cost” He said.

Then with a bow, his boy responded,

“Yes, boss”

Then leaning back in his seat, Marco began rubbing his thump faintly on his lips.

“MP…..?” He asked.

The next day, Marco’s boy went to book a VIP appointment with the new drug dealer. And when the news was brought to Micheal, he scoffed and said,

“I knew he would be eager and desperate to meet with me. But I never expected it to be this soon” Micheal said.

“What should we do about him?” One of his boys asked.

“Book an appointment for him. But make sure to charge him high,” Micheal said drinking from his glass cup.

“Are you really going to meet him?” His boy asked.

“Not yet, I’m just going to toy with him for a while. Besides, this is another way to make money” Micheal said.

Marco’s boy returned after successfully booking a VIP appointment with MP the new drug dealer. Then with excitement, Marco got ready to finally meet with his new competitor.

When the day finally came, Marco went over to the venue which was a casino. He patiently waited for Micheal who didn’t show up. Then after waiting for hours, one of Micheal’s boys met him and informed him of his boss’s inability to meet with him that very day. As he was currently occupied and busy.

Hearing this, Marco couldn’t believe his ears. And of course, he immediately flared up knowing how much he had spent just to meet with the said boss. And to make matters worse it was a no-refund transaction.

This infuriated Marco so much. But since he knew what he wanted, he went on to continue booking several appointments with MP who still didn’t show up after constantly taking the money he paid for the booking.

And before Marco would realise what was going on, he had spent an unbelievably huge amount of money in a space of one week while trying to meet with MP who kept cancelling their appointment.

Marco’s attention was wholly focused on meeting with MP (Micheal) while Micheal was busy making more money from his goods which he kept sabotaging and the cash he kept sending in for bookings.

And in a space of two months, Micheal had saved enough money from selling his uncle’s goods and from charging him for bookings. When he was sure to have saved enough, he then decided to meet with his uncle.

(At Marco’s mansion that night)

That night, while Marco was sleeping, he suddenly had a nightmare where Micheal shot at him. And with sweat all over his body, he jolted up from his dream and began panting helplessly looking around like a scared cat.

Just then, he noticed that the door of his room was wide open. Then with fear and curiosity, he called out to his boys but none answered.

Then slowly and anxiously, he got off his bed and went on to peep through his door when he suddenly felt a long sparkling sword pointed at his neck from his back.

Seeing this, he quickly turned around only to see Micheal pointing a sword at him. And with fear, he quickly leaned back to the door shutting it. Then with a smile on his face, Micheal said,

“Mucho Tiempo sin ver a Marco” in Spanish which means,

“Long time no see Marco”

And that was the last thing Marco remembered.

When he finally regained consciousness, he opened his eyes and found himself sitting on a chair opposite Micheal in his room.

“Finally, you are awake,” Micheal said smiling at him.

But then, Marco who was scared of what Micheal might do, couldn’t help but ask,

“Micheal, qué estás haciendo?” In Spanish

Which means,

“Micheal, What are you doing?”

“What I know how to do best. And that is, punishing evil men like you” Micheal responded with a smile.

Then staring at his prosthesis hand, Micheal asked,

“I see you’ve got yourself a prosthesis hand,” Micheal said.

Hearing, this, Marco immediately hid his hand.

“Micheal. Just don’t try anything stupid” Marco said.

“Is that a threat?” Micheal asked staring at him with his arms folded.

“What exactly do you want from me, Micheal? Haven’t you done enough already? What else do you want from me you asshole” Marco yelled.

Hearing this, Micheal simply leaned back in his seat and took a deep sigh. Then in a calm tone, he asked,

“Why did you go about spreading false death rumours about me? Did you despise me that much?” Micheal asked.

“Yes, Micheal. I despise you a lot. I never liked you right from the very first day my late brother brought you home. Because you took away the love he had for me. And to make matters worse, he left everything he owned in your care. Why would he do such a thing for a black stranger who he picked up from the streets of Africa?” Marco asked.

“Wow! So were all your actions towards me based on mere jealousy and envy, because I stole your brother’s heart and at the same time, took possession of his wealth after his death?” Micheal asked.

“Exactly,” Marco said.

“So, was that why you framed me for murder?” Micheal asked.

“Yeah. And you were so lucky to have escaped then. Otherwise, you would have rotted in jail” Marco said.

“I understand that you hate me, Marco. But what about Jesse? What did she do to you? What exactly was your reason for killing her? I mean, She was just an ordinary girl who has done nothing wrong to you” Micheal said.

“Don’t blame me for Jesse’s death. She was just unfortunate to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. So her death was not my fault but hers” Marco said.

“And, my father?” Micheal asked glaring deeply into the eyes of Marco who was shocked as to how Micheal knew about his involvement in the death of his adoptive father.

“So my hunch was right after all?” Micheal asked with a scoff.

“Yes, I killed him. He was such a coward who deserved to die anyways” Marco said.

Hearing this, Micheal stood up and turned to leave leaving Marco in utter confusion.

“Why are you leaving? What are you up to Micheal?” Marco asked with curiosity.

Then turning back to Marco, Micheal said,

“It was nice having this conversation with you. But I think you will have to tell the rest to the police” Micheal said.

“What police are you talking about?” Marco asked looking confused.

Just then, Micheal pulled the door open letting in some police officers who have been listening to their conversation.

“Micheal, what do you think you are doing?” Marco yelled.

“Doing the right thing. Marco” Micheal responded with both hands in his pocket. Then as if reminded of something, he said,

“One more thing, Marco. Thanks for your constant bookings. It was fun while it lasted. And, don’t worry I promise to put the money to good use” Micheal said with a wink.

“What? How dare you Micheal, do you think you can go scot-free? You are a drug lord too. Remember?” Marco yelled.

Hearing this, Micheal who was about to leave, paused and asked,

“What drug lord are you talking about? do you even have proof? And, what kind of drug lord does not have drugs in their blood? Because my test results stated that my blood is drug-free” Micheal said with a shrug.

“What nonsense are you talking about? How is that even possible?” Marco asked in awe.

“Ask the police for further explanations when you get to the station. Have a good night’s rest Marco” Micheal said giving him a bow.

After the arrest of Marco, Micheal who had secured enough money for himself, resigned from selling illicit drugs and began living his life as a law-abiding citizen of the country. But then, something was missing.

Despite his victory and newfound freedom, he still felt incomplete inside. Like a piece of him was missing. He took days trying to figure out what it was that was missing until one day, while going through his stuff, he came across the pictures he took with Alisha during their fake wedding. And while taking a look at the pictures, he suddenly realized how much he had missed Alisha and would like to be with her at that moment.

Then with her in mind, he placed a call to Samson who during their discussion, informed him of Chief Anthony and his cohort’s appearance in court. And with the date in mind, he flew back to Nigeria to witness their trial.

That day after the trial, it was indeed Micheal that Alisha saw. But since he wasn’t ready to face her, he quickly dodged her.

When he returned to his house, he called Samson who came over and handed him his keys. It was while discussing with Samson, that he got to know of Alisha’s birthday.

And with the knowledge of Alisha’s parents, Micheal went to the birthday venue to surprise Alisha.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Present day.

Waking up the next morning, Alisha while half awake, stretched her arm hoping to touch Micheal who was no longer in the bed with her. And immediately she noticed his absence on the bed, she quickly opened her eyes and got out of the bed with her body wrapped with the bedspread.

Then making her way to the bathroom, she kept calling on Micheal while hoping that he hadn’t gone back to Spain leaving her behind again.

When she couldn’t find him in the bathroom, she returned to the bedroom and was heading to the door when Micheal walked in.

“Hey babe, you are awake,” Micheal said smiling at her.

And with tears in her eyes, Alisha quickly embraced Micheal who firmly held unto her.

“Babe, are you alright?” He asked in a calm tone leaning his chin on her shoulder.

“I was scared that you might have gone back to Spain leaving me behind again. Please don’t leave me Micheal” Alisha said with tears.

Hearing this, Micheal smiled and said,

“That won’t happen in a million years”

Then freeing himself from her embrace, he held her cheeks with both palms and said,

“From now on, I have no plans of leaving your side ever again. So feel relaxed. Okay?” He said.

Then with an affirmative nod, Alisha responded,

“Okay,” She said.
Then placing both palms on her shoulder, Micheal said,

“Now, go put on your dress and come to the living room. I have a surprise for you” He said smiling.

A few moments later, Alisha stepped out of the bedroom and was walking down the staircase into the living room when she saw petals of flowers littered all the way from the staircase to the living room which had been well decorated with balloons and flowers.

Seeing this, Alisha covered her mouth with shock written all over her face as she walked down the staircase.

Now standing in the middle of the living room, Micheal walked up to her with the brightest smile she has ever seen. Then holding her hands and staring into her eyes, he said,

“You know, at first, I thought loving again would be impossible. I also thought that you weren’t my type. But girl, you changed that mindset of mine. And Little did I know that there will come a time when I will fall helplessly in love with you. And you know, while I was away these past three months, I figured out that my life wasn’t ever going to be complete without you in it. And so, I have decided to make you a part of my life forever” Micheal said.

Then going on one knee, he brought out a ring from his b****t pocket and held it up with a smile.

“Alisha, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to grow old with you. I want to live a normal life like everyone else with you beside me. So please will you do me the honour of being my wife, my companion, my friend and the mother of my unborn kids?” Micheal asked Alisha who was simply smiling while fighting back tears.

Then with an affirmative nod, she stretched forth her left hand and said,

“Yes, Micheal. I will” She accepted.

Then with excitement on his face, Micheal slipped the ring into her finger. Then standing to his feet, he reached for her lips and kissed her passionately. After that, he pulled her into a tight embrace.

Just then, Samson, Jane, and Alisha’s parents came out of their hiding places clapping in excitement.

Seeing them, Alisha felt elated as her jaw dropped in shock and excitement.

“Congratulations girl. You did it at last” Jane said embracing Alisha.

“Thank you, Jane,” Alisha said with excitement.

Then she went on to embrace Samson and her parents.

“Congratulations Alisha. I still can’t believe he is choosing you over me though” Samson teased

And this made Alisha smile.

Then she moved to her father, and embraced him,

“Congratulations my child” Mr Nicholas said rubbing her back.

“Thank you, daddy,” Alisha said smiling from ear to ear.

Then she walked up to her mother who couldn’t contain her joy.

“Congratulations my princess,” Her mother said rubbing her back.

“Thank you, mummy,” Alisha said.

Then walking back to Micheal, she wrapped her arms around his waist in a long embrace that got her smiling from ear to ear.




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