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When Simi went in to see her mother at the police station, she was told that her mother won’t be able to speak to more visitors as she currently wasn’t in her right frame of mind. And with confusion in her heart, she turned around and left.

Meanwhile, back at Micheal’s house, Alisha was quite confused about whether to go for both Mrs Ifemi’s husband and her son or If she was to focus on one.

“So, now that both father and son have called and would like to meet, who amongst them do you suggest I go out with? Or, I’m I to go out with the two?” She asked staring at Micheal.

“No, going out with the two won’t be necessary. Because the main reason why I asked you to approach both the father and son is just in case one didn’t call. I never knew they would both fall head over heels for you this way. Nevertheless, since they’ve both called, then we will just go with the main target” He said.

“Which is?” Alisha asked.

“Mr Wale Ojo. The man who countlessly defiled my mother” Micheal said with a stern face.

“Okay, so Taiwo has no use then?” Alisha asked.

“Yes. For now, just tell him that your partner watches your every move so it won’t be easy to meet with him” Micheal said.

“Then what if he finds out that she is going out with his father?” Samson asked.

“Then that will even make the game more interesting. She will simply tell him that his father is the partner she has been telling him about. So if he still wants her then at least we will get to watch father and son fight dirty over a girl that they both won’t have” Micheal said with a smile.

In the evening of the next day, Micheal and Alisha went out to meet their respective targets.

“Hey, be careful and please take care of yourself,” Micheal said to Alisha as she was about to enter Samson’s car.

“You too,” She said with a smile.

“Don’t forget to keep me updated,” he said.

A few moments later, Micheal arrived at the exquisite bar where he met with Simi. They both engaged in a lengthy discussion that got Simi wanting to have Micheal.

When they were done drinking and chatting, Micheal found out that she was already drunk and so, he offered to drop her off at her place.

Whereas, that has been Simi’s plan all along. As she purposely didn’t bring her car with the intention of getting Micheal to drop her off at her house.

Arriving at Mrs Ifemi’s house, Micheal took Simi in and laid her on the couch in the living room. And while he was trying to leave, Simi grabbed his hand holding him back.

“Where are you going?” She asked sitting upright.

“To my home of course,” Micheal responded looking around the living room.

Just then, his eyes fell on the very spot where he stood waiting for his mother on the day he was sold off to his adoptive parents. Then looking to a different corner of the room, his eyes fell on the exact spot where his mother once collapsed from days of doing rigorous house chores on an empty stomach.

He was still lost recollecting his memories when Simi’s words snapped him back to reality.

“Hey, Micheal. I’m talking to you” She drunkenly said pulling his hand.

“Huh? What were you saying?” Micheal asked staring confusedly at her.

Just then, Simi stood up and faced him. Then staring at him, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor now revealing her underwear.

Seeing this, Micheal was completely lost for words as he couldn’t understand what was going on.

He was still staring at her in confusion and curiosity when she reached for her bra and began trying to unhook it. And instantly, Micheal quickly held her hand preventing her from doing so.

“And what are you doing?” He asked staring confusedly at her.

“Come on stop acting like a kid. What other reason is there for a grown woman to take off her clothes before a full-fleshed man like you? Well, in case you don’t know, I’m horny and it’s been long since I last received a good touch from a man. So right now, my whole body and everything that makes me a woman is yours to explore. For all I want is to feel you inside of me” Simi drunkenly said.

“Simi stop this. You are drunk” Micheal said.

But she immediately shut him up by crossing her finger on his lips.

“Shhhhhh! Stop the pretence. I know you like me just like I do. And I believe we are both adults and we both know what we want. So why the pretence when I know that deep down you want it to? Come on Micheal, make love to me” She said slowly running her hand through Micheal’s chest. She was about to reach for his n****e when Micheal firmly grabbed her hand and took it off his chest.

Then he bent down, picked up her dress and wore it back on her. Then placing both palms on her shoulder, he said,

“Look, Simi. I am not after your body. So don’t waste your time trying to seduce me. And right now, you need to get some sleep because you are drunk okay? Do have a good night” He said.

And without hesitation, he turned around and walked away leaving Simi in disbelief.

“Why is he different from others? Now I think I have sincerely fallen for him” Simi who was only pretending to be drunk, said while clenching her chest as Micheal walked away.

Meanwhile, Alisha and Mr Wale were at a bar having a drink. And while they were drinking, Alisha got a call from Micheal.

“One minute please,” Alisha said excusing herself from the table.

And quickly, she walked to a corner and picked up the call.

“Hello, how is it going over there?” Micheal asked as soon as she picked up his call.

“Everything is going well. We are just drinking at a bar,” Alisha said.

“Okay, I think you’ve got to come up with an excuse to leave that place. Because I’m coming to pick you up” Micheal said.

“Alright, I will text you the location. Just let me know when you get here” Alisha said.

“Alright. I will call Samson and let him know that I will be picking you up” Micheal said.

“Alright. See you soon” Alisha said.

When she finally got off the phone call, she texted her location to Micheal after which, she returned to her seat with a smile.

“I hope everything is okay?” Mr Wale asked.

“Sure. It was just a business call. You know how stressful and demanding business can be” Alisha lied.

“Oh, okay. What business are you into?” Mr Wale asked.

“I’m into real estate. And I’m also an investor. I invest in lots of profitable businesses. In both foreign and local currencies,” Alisha lied convincingly.

“Wow. You are indeed a hardworking woman. And I must say, I’m quite impressed” Mr Wale said.

“Thank you. But I feel flattered though” Alisha said acting all shy.

“No need to feel flattered because I just told you the truth. So tell me, won’t you like spending the night with me? I mean, that should be the next step for us to get to know each other. Or what do you think?” He asked rubbing Alisha’s hand.

“Hahahaha. You are such a straightforward kind of person and that’s one thing I like about you” Alisha said stylishly freeing her hand from his grip.

“Really? So is that a yes?” He asked.

“Of course daddy. But definitely not today” Alisha said with sadness on her face.

“But why?” He asked.

“Because I have a lot of things bothering my mind lately” Alisha lied.

“Things like what exactly?” He asked.

“Business of course. You know, because of the current economy, people hardly invest in my business these days. And that has been weighing me down lately and I’m beginning to get discouraged” She lied acting weak and sad.

“Hey, you don’t have to be discouraged okay? Not when I am here for you. And as long as I’m in your life, you will have nothing to worry about” He assured.

“But daddy, it’s not about the promises. Because I have been disappointed by lots of men who made empty promises to me in the past. And as such, I don’t take men’s promises serious again” Alisha said.

“It’s an insult to compare me with other men who aren’t equal to the task. Because I am different. I don’t say a thing and do another” He said.

“But Seeing is believing you know,” Alisha said.

“Alright. What proof do you need?” He asked.

“How about you invest in my business? That way, I can rest assured and convinced that you meant every word you just said” Alisha said.

“Okay, in that case. I will prove how sincere I am to you by investing in your business. So are you happy now?” He asked.

“Of course daddy. The next time we meet, I will make sure to come with the necessary documents for the business finalisation. And that day, I will make sure to ride you like no one has ever done” Alisha said rubbing his beard.

And this got Mr wale smiling helplessly from ear to ear.

“I can’t wait,” He said.

Just then, Alisha’s phone rang. Looking at her phone screen, she found out it was Micheal.

“Alright Daddy, I think I will have to leave now. My driver is here already” She said standing to her feet.

“So soon?” He asked holding her hand.

“Yes. But I promise to spend the whole night with you the next time we meet,” Alisha said.

“Make sure to keep to your promise,” He said pointing at Alisha who gave him a fake laugh.

“Trust me. I will fulfil my promise the very moment you fulfil yours” Alisha said rubbing his beard.

When she stepped outside, she saw Micheal’s car parked at the other end of the parking lot. And without hesitation, she walked up to his car.

And when Micheal saw her, he quickly opened his car door and let her in.

Sitting next to Micheal, Alisha leaned in her seat and heaved a deep sigh of relief.

“How did it go in there?” Micheal asked staring at her.

“I never knew I was a born liar and an actress until today. My goodness. I portrayed my character so well that at a point I began to wonder if at all it was me speaking” Alisha said.

Hearing this, Micheal couldn’t help but scoff.

“What about you? How did yours go?” Alisha asked looking at him.

“Well, it turned out that she didn’t know much about the company. But I think she has fallen for me seeing how she tried seducing me today” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Alisha quickly stared at him with jealousy and curiosity on her face.

“She did what?” She asked.

“You heard me right. She tried luring to bed” Micheal said.

“So, what did you do when she tried seducing you?” Alisha asked steadily staring at him.

“I walked away of course. Besides, there’s no way I’m ever going to have anything to do with her. And that’s because she is related to me. Remember, she is my second cousin or how is it even called?” Micheal asked staring at Alisha who folded her arms and gave a sigh of relief.

Then to herself, she muttered,


“Please fasten your seat belt we are about to hit the road,” Micheal said.

But Alisha simply ignored him. And seeing this, Micheal had no choice but to lean in and help her in putting on her seat belt.

Raising his face, his eyes caught Alisha’s lips and his eyes lingered on them for a while before he quickly buckled her seat belt and leaned back in his seat.

While they were driving home, Alisha couldn’t help but ask,

“Micheal” She called out in a calm tone.

“Yes?” He responded focusing his gaze on the road.

“Is anything wrong with me?” She asked with sadness in her eyes.

“I don’t understand. What are you talking about?” He asked glancing at her with confusion.

“Is it that difficult for you to reciprocate my feelings? Or aren’t you aware of my feelings for you?” She asked focusing her gaze on the road with pain in her heart.

“Alisha…” Michael tried speaking but she quickly interrupted.

“What? Do you want to remind me that I am not your type again?” She asked

“No Alisha. That wasn’t what I wanted to say” Micheal said.

“Micheal we even kissed the other day and since then, you’ve never for once brought up the topic. And it made me feel stupid and awkward because I have fallen in love with you Micheal. I don’t know when It happened but I just know that, you now own a special place in my heart. I’m not supposed to be saying this but, I believe it’s only best I let it all out once and for all instead of dying in silence” Alisha said.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel that way Alisha” Micheal apologized with remorse in his eyes.

“No need for the apology. I already knew you don’t love me and yet, I kept pushing my luck hoping that your heart would change someday. These days, I easily get jealous over seeing you with another woman. Just now, while you were talking about Simi trying to seduce you, my heartbeat was racing out of jealousy. I know it’s weird to say this, but while I was listening to you talking about your late girlfriend, I somehow got jealous of her. Like, I was even jealous of the dead wishing I could as well matter to you the way she did. But I guess that won’t be possible in this lifetime. And that’s because your heart belongs to her alone and nobody else” Alisha said with tears looming in her eyes.

Hearing this, Micheal quickly parked his car in a corner and stopped his car engine.

Then taking a deep breath, he turned to Alisha and said,

“Alisha, the truth is, I have been holding back my feelings. I’ve been avoiding and fighting my emotions all this while. As I now see you differently compared to when we first met. And right now, you are unimaginably the most beautiful woman in my life. And of a truth, since I kissed you that day in the car, I haven’t stopped thinking and imagining doing it again with you. Like, the memory is still stuck in my head. And Alisha, I have come to love you and that’s why I didn’t react when you kissed me at the fake wedding. I honestly do not know when it started but all I know is that I’m currently so in love with you that I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I just couldn’t accept my feelings or tell you about them because I was scared and I felt like I’m not deserving of your love. Cause I believe staying with me will only expose you to danger. And since I’m not ready to lose you, I had to suppress my emotions and hide my feelings from you” Micheal said staring steadily at Alisha who couldn’t believe her ears.

She simply placed her palm on Micheal’s cheek and then staring into his eyes, she said,

“How about you forget your fears for now and learn to live in the moment? Because as far as I’m concerned, there shall be no recurrence of the past” Alisha said

Hearing this, Micheal slowly grabbed a strand of Alisha’s hair and began twisting it around his finger while deeply staring into her eyes.

And after a while, his eyes suddenly flickered down from her eyes to her lips and at this point, Alisha’s breath stuck.

And when she couldn’t bear his stare anymore, she tried turning away but Micheal placed his palm on her cheek and turned her face back to his. Then still staring into her eyes, he said,

“Alisha I have fallen for you. And looking at you right now, I just realized that you are just my type” He said.

Hearing this, Alisha couldn’t help but blush effortlessly.

Then staring at her with longing in his eyes, Micheal slowly leaned towards her. And then lifting her chin with his palm, he lowered his lips against hers and slowly planted a deep and pleasurable kiss on her Lips.

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