The bodyguard episode 26



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An hour after Micheal left the police station, Simi dropped by and informed her mother of her father’s current condition and how he was hospitalised and diagnosed with stroke after being found with illicit drugs in his office that morning.

But upon hearing this, Mrs Ifemi recalled what Micheal had said to her an hour ago. And instantly, she had a change of heart and decided to reveal the truth about Chief Anthony as she believed that he was the one behind her husband’s current predicament.

Meanwhile, when the news of Chief Anthony’s involvement in child trafficking broke out, Silas after contacting Chief Anthony, was about to flee from the country when Micheal came to his house.

When Silas saw Micheal, he fell to the ground with fear in his heart.

“Going somewhere?” Micheal asked standing at the door.

“What do you want from me?” Silas questioned trembling with fear.

Hearing this, Micheal left the door and then went on to sit on Silas’s couch.

Then dipping his hand inside his pocket, he was about to bring out the necklace his mother’s killer dropped at the hospital on the day she was killed, when Silas who thought he was reaching for a gun, quickly laid down on the floor and began to plead for his mercy.

“Please I beg you. Don’t kill me. Please I had no hands in your mother’s death” Silas pleaded with his entire body shaking in fear.

“Hey, relax, I am not here to kill you but to ask you a few questions regarding my mother’s death,” Micheal said.

Then throwing the necklace to Silas, he asked,

“So tell me, who is the owner of that necklace?”

Hearing this, Silas took the necklace from the floor and began to examine it. Then after some minutes, he said,

“This belongs to the terminator,” He said.

“And, who is that?” Micheal asked.

“A hired killer whom my brother contracted to carry out shady acts for him” Silas responded.

“Oh…, I see..,” Micheal said nodding his head. “So do you by any chance, know where I can find this terminator? You know, his contact or his house address” Micheal inquired.

“Sure I have them both” Silas quickly responded with fear in his heart.

“Alright then, do the needful” Micheal said.

And without hesitation, Silas gave Micheal the phone number and house address of the terminator. After which, Micheal took back the necklace from him and then hit him to unconsciousness so he wouldn’t run away from the police like he was planning to.

When Silas lost consciousness, Micheal carried him from the floor and laid him on the couch. Thereafter, he left the house and went in search of the terminator.

Arriving at the said address which was a trench area, Micheal asked around for the terminator but was told he wasn’t around the vicinity at that moment.

“In that case, I will go and return,” Micheal said.

When Micheal returned home, he met Alisha who had been waiting for his return.

Immediately she saw him walk in through the door, she ran up to him and embraced him.

“I’ve been waiting for you all day long,” She said resting her head on his chest.

“I am here now. Did you miss me?” Micheal asked stroking her hair.

Hearing this, Alisha freed herself from his embrace. Then wrapping her arms around his neck, she lowered his face and gave him a peck on his lips.

“I miss you is an understatement compared to how much I wanted to see your face,” Alisha said.

Then returning the peck on her lips, Micheal said,

“I am here now. So feel free to use me as you wish” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Alisha burst out laughing. Then pulling his hand, she led him to the dining table where she had already served some food.

Micheal’s heart immediately skipped the moment he saw the food on the table.

“What is going on?” Micheal asked smiling with fear in his heart.

“My second trial. I want you to taste it and tell me if it’s tasty or not” Alisha said.

Then pushing him into the chair, Alisha went ahead to serve him a little portion of the food she had prepared. Then sitting opposite him, she fixed a steady gaze on him with curiosity in her eyes.

“Go on and taste the food” Alisha urged with a smile.

Micheal who was so scared of having another running stomach reluctantly and fearfully scooped the food into his mouth.

Then staring curiously at him, Alisha asked,

“How is it?” She asked dying of curiosity.

“Do you want me to be truthful?” Micheal asked.

“Sure, why not?” Alisha asked.

“Okay, the rice is half cooked, and the source is a pit spicy, sour and salty,” Micheal said.

Hearing this, Alisha’s mood suddenly changed like a snail returning to its shell. Seeing her expression, Micheal quickly stood up and walked up to her.

Then turning her face towards his with both palms on her face, he said,

“Hey babe, you don’t have to feel sad about this okay? Besides, It’s normal to make mistakes you know?” He said trying to cheer her up.

“But I want to be able to make you good meals,” Alisha lamented with tears looming in her eyes.

“And you will after you’ve had enough practice okay? It’s all a matter of time. So don’t feel bad about not being able to make a good meal today. Because with constant practice, you will be able to do that without stress tomorrow. And trust me, you did well today compared to your first attempt. That’s how fast you are improving” Micheal said.

“I’m sorry Micheal,” Alisha said fumbling with her dress with sadness on her face.

“You don’t have to be sorry Alisha,” Micheal said smiling at her.

“But…..” Alisha was yet speaking, when Micheal lowered his lips towards hers, and passionately kissed away sadness from her heart.

When it was night, Micheal drove her home and wished her goodnight after giving her a peck on her forehead.

And just a few hours after he dropped her off at her house, her parents came saying she was taken away by some group of men.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Present day.

After reading the letter, Micheal checked his wristwatch only to realise that the time was 9:25 pm. And without hesitation, he quickly went into his room and changed into an all-black outfit. Then without giving it a second thought, he dashed out of the house and headed towards his car.

“Micheal, please be careful,” Mr Nicholas said to him with sadness in his eyes.

Hearing this, Micheal turned around and smiled sadly at him.

“Please, endeavour to return alive,” Samson added.

“Sure. I will. Just put me in your prayers” Micheal said.

Then without further hesitation, he hopped into his car and speedily drove away.

“Dear heavens, please let my daughter return to me alive” Alisha’s mother prayed in her heart while staring at the sky.

“May the heavens protect you two” Alisha’s father prayed in his heart.

Arriving at the location which was an old abandoned warehouse, Micheal parked his car at a distance and went in through the back.

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