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(Few hours before Micheal visited Ifemi holdings)

Micheal who had been wondering how and why Mrs. Ifemi and Chief Anthony’s collaboration in the child trafficking business hasn’t been exposed to the police all these years, assigned his investigator to investigate further into the business and find out more detailed information about their system of operation and how they’ve been able to stay safe all this while.

Sunusi later returned after digging further and gathering more information about the business. And met Micheal in his house.

“So, how did it go? Were you able to find more interesting secrets?” Micheal asked sitting on his couch.

“Yes, sir. Everything is in here” Sunusi said handing a brown envelope to Micheal who took it from his hand and began going through the contents.

“While I’m going through the files and the pictures attached you can go on to briefly summarize the details of the investigation,” Micheal said.

Then nodding in affirmation, Sunusi said,

“Alright. I just discovered that Chief Anthony of Anthony groups, owns a private orphanage home and he also runs a charity organisation which is mainly to reach out to children from poor homes,” He said.

Hearing this, Micheal couldn’t help but wonder what having an orphanage home and running a charity organisation has got to do with the issue at hand.

“So……? What has that got to do with his involvement in child trafficking?” Michael asked staring at him confusedly.

“From my discovery, there are lots of dubious and evil activities going down in that orphanage home as well as the charity organisation”, Sunusi said.

“How do you mean?” Micheal asked leaning forward with curiosity written all over his face.

“Chief Anthony is not a philanthropist like he claims to be. He is a demon and a wolf in sheep’s clothing who sells children in his orphanage home in the form of adoption” Sunusi revealed.

“What!” Micheal exclaimed in disbelief.

“He sells those children to both people at home and abroad,” Sunusi said.

“This is wickedness. So the reason why the police and the people are yet to find out about their illegal business, is simply because Chief Anthony makes the child trafficking business look like a legal adoption?” Micheal asked in disbelief.

“Exactly. Once he is done negotiating the price with his clients. He goes ahead to prepare adoption papers making it seem as though, the children were legally obtained” Sunusi said.

“Same way I was sold off 25 years ago,” Micheal said to himself.

Then to Sunusi, he asked,

“What about his charity organisation? What has that got to do with all these?” Micheal asked.

“People think that his Charity organisation helps take kids off the street. But in reality, his foundation is just a means to deceive the public. He uses that medium to gather more homeless children and put them in his orphanage home. And aside from that, I gathered that he has young girls kept in a secluded area” Sunusi said.

“And what does he do with those girls?” Micheal asked.

“He pays them to get pregnant and sell their children to him immediately after birth. He goes as far as sending his staff to go into the streets convincing young girls who got pregnant out of wedlock, to accept money and sell their children to him after birth” Sunusi said.

“Oh, my goodness!” Michael exclaimed in disbelief.

“One more thing, I also found out they have a means by which they recognise their clients,” Sunusi said

“Which is?” Micheal asked.

“They have a card called the pass card,” Sunusi said.

“Pass card? What’s that?” Micheal asked.

“It is a card used to identify their clients. And without that card, they won’t disclose their business or identity to you” Sunusi said.

“This sounds interesting. Do you know how can I get this card?” Micheal asked.

“Through a man named Tunde who works as the chief security officer in Chief Anthony’s warehouse,” Sunusi said.

“A chief security officer?” Micheal asked in shock.

“Actually, he is not a true security officer. He is an ex-convict who now works for Chief Anthony” Sunusi revealed.

When Micheal revealed this to Alisha and Samuel, they were both shocked beyond words.

“Hearing this now I am completely ashamed to call that man my uncle. Like how can he be so wicked and heartless?” Alisha asked.

“You know, for the first time, I have come to agree that I was indeed lucky to have been sold to my late adopted father who at least took me as his son. Because from what I just found out now, I’m sure that some of those kids who were victims of child trafficking like myself, might have ended up in the hands of a ritualist or someone worse” Micheal said.

“Exactly Micheal. You are damn lucky” Samson affirmed.

Then turning to Samson, Micheal said,

“Samson get ready. You are going with me to get the pass card while Alisha will go look for a way to get Mr Wale Ojo’s attention” Micheal said.

“So, do you think the pass card will be given to us just like that?” Samson asked.

“No. They have a code. And from the pictures I’ve seen, I think I can easily pull that off. After all, I am not called Micheal Pedro for nothing” Micheal said with a mischievous smirk.

And that was how Micheal and Samson were able to get their hands on the pass card by following the right code and procedures just like they had seen in the pictures Sunusi gave him.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Present day.

Micheal and Samson returned home to meet Alisha already waiting for them in the living room.

“Hey, welcome guys,” She said waving at them with an apple in her hand.

Seeing the apple in her hand, Samson quickly rushed up to her and asked,

“Is this not the apple I have been preserving for myself all this while? Why take my apple?” He asked pointing at her.

Hearing this, Alisha quickly took a bite from the apple and said,

“Oh, so it was yours? I’m sorry I didn’t know. I just saw it in the fridge and decided to taste it” She said chewing the apple annoyingly.

“So because we left the key of this house in your care for the first time today, then you went through the fridge and took my apple without telling me first?” Samson asked.

“How was I supposed to know it was yours in the first place when It’s not as if you had your name written on it,” Alisha said taking another bite.

Seeing her take another bite, Samson immediately snatched the apple from her and they ended up running around the room fighting for the apple.

Meanwhile, Micheal who wasn’t in the mood for their childishness was busy worriedly thinking about his mother and the deadly game they were playing.

And when it seemed like they won’t stop running around anytime soon, he simply went upstairs straight into his room ignoring the two of them.

When he entered his room, he sat on the edge of his bed and pulled out his wallet which had Jesse’s photo in it. He took out her picture from his wallet and began staring at it.

While staring at the picture, he couldn’t help but smile.

“I hope you are doing great over there Jesse. Because I am not. I am currently going through a lot these days and it’s making me wish you were still here. You alone know how to ease my stress and worries. I really missed our little fights, our chit-chats, and the days of no laws allowed. There are lots of things that I would have loved to share with you but too bad you aren’t here anymore. I miss you Jesse I really do” Micheal said rubbing his finger around her face in the picture.

While he was still staring at the picture, Alisha who was still running from Samson, suddenly barged in and came running toward him.

Seeing her running in his direction, he immediately tried putting back the picture in his wallet. But before he could do that, Alisha missed her steps and fell on top of him.

Samson who was running after her, entered the room. And immediately he saw the two of them in that position, he silently tiptoed out of the room and shut the door behind him.

“And, what do you think you are doing?” Micheal asked glaring at Alisha who had been staring deep into his eyes since she fell on him.

“Why does it seem like my heart is about to explode from staring at you?” Alisha muttered.

“And, what’s that supposed to mean?” Micheal asked with a stern face.

“Can we stay this way for some time?” She asked with desire in her eyes.

“Look Alisha, I’m not in the mood for your jokes right now. So please just get off my body” He said pushing her off his body.

And immediately he did this, he stood up and left the room leaving Alisha lying on the bed with her face staring at the ceiling.

When she finally stood up to leave, she saw Jesse’s picture on the floor.

“And, who is this?” She asked picking the picture from the floor with curiosity in her eyes.

“Is this his girlfriend? He must have loved her a lot seeing how he kept her picture with him. I’m jealous of her” She said.

Just then, Micheal stepped back in and immediately he saw Alisha staring at Jesse’s picture, he immediately snatched it from her hand with force. And in that process, the picture tore.

Seeing the picture tear suddenly ignited anger in Micheal’s heart. And in a thunderous tone, he asked.

“And, what have you done?” Micheal screamed angrily at Alisha who was startled by his sudden change of mood.

“Micheal, I’m sorry I just….” Alisha tried explaining.

But before she could finish the sentence, Micheal had already pushed her out of his room.

“Why can’t you ever let me be? You are always in my business against my will” He screamed at her sending a shiver of fear and shock down Alisha’s spine.

After he said these words, he then slammed the door in Alisha’s face.

And all Alisha could do at that moment, was break into tears. For she was deeply hurt by his actions.

“Why am I crying? And why does this hurt like I’ve been stabbed?” She asked hitting her chest with tears streaming down her eyes.

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