The bodyguard episode 3



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A few hours before the incident at the club. Micheal was in his room when Samson knocked and walked in.

“Hey, dude. Would you like to go clubbing with me tonight?” Samson asked with a bright smile displaying across his lips.

“Nah!” Micheal said with a scoff.

“You know, you’ve been refusing to take a tour with me since you arrived in Nigeria. Like when did you suddenly love staying indoors?” Samson asked folding his arms.

“I guess I just want to take some time away from the outside world. At least, to reflect on my life and what awaits me in the future.” Micheal said.

“And you think staying indoors is what will help you best? Come on man, let’s go clubbing and get that brain functioning” Samson said.

“Hey man, what’s outstanding about Nigerian clubs anyway? Is it anything compared to that of Spain?” Micheal said.

“Trust me Micheal everything about Nigeria club is outstanding. And If you come with me tonight, you are going to be glad you did. Because there will be lots of things to make it memorable. Starting from the music, the girls, the vibes and all that shit that brings out the wildness of a man” Samson said.

“But I don’t want any of that right now,” Micheal said.

“Trust me, Micheal. You need it. Your body needs it” Samson urged.

Then after much persuasion, Micheal reluctantly agreed.

“Alright then, I’m in, it’s not like you would have let me be anyways,” Micheal said.

“Yes!” Samson jubilated in his heart.

And that was how Micheal ended up in the club that night. And It was while he had stepped out to go ease himself that he ended up saving Alisha.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Present day.

When Micheal was done knocking out the guy who was dragging Alisha earlier, he readjusted his sleeves and turned to go. Then quickly, Alisha ran up to him and grabbed his hand.

“Who are you?” Alisha asked smiling brightly at him.

But Micheal who was still curious and confused with how she was firmly holding his hand, couldn’t help but cast a curious look at her from head to toe.

“I am Micheal Pedro. Any problem?” He responded still looking at her.

He was still trying to understand what Alisha was doing when she asked him the most unbelievable and shocking question he has ever heard.

“Micheal, can you be my bodyguard?” Alisha suddenly asked with excitement in her tone.

“What?” Micheal asked with his eyes widened in shock.

“Yes, please be my bodyguard,” Alisha said with a smile.

Hearing this, Micheal who couldn’t believe his ears, quickly hit off her hand from his.

“Are you being serious right now?” He asked amidst shock.

“Yeah. Have you thought about monetizing your fighting skills? Trust me this will be a good opportunity for you to make real money by protecting me” She said.

Micheal who was still shocked kept staring at her in disbelief.

“This is unbelievable. I really can’t believe you are seriously asking Micheal Pedro to become your bodyguard. You sure do have some nerves and guts that don’t suit a lady. Like what the fuck? Is this how you go about asking strangers to become your bodyguard?” He asked.

“Not really. You are the first” Alisha responded.

“Wow! I’m the first which means I actually do look like a bodyguard to you right?” He asked.

“No. But your fighting skills do. And you don’t have to overreact over this. Besides, I will be paying you enough money and trust me, you won’t regret this” Alisha said.

“Oh, I see….! It’s obvious you’re one of those rich spoilt Nigerian kids that think they can buy just anyone. Like why the fuck will Micheal Pedro become a bodyguard? You’ve got to be kidding me because the thought of it alone makes me cringe. You know what? I will just go in there and act as if nothing happened. Because I truly didn’t hear any of these” He said in annoyance.

And with a stern face, he left Alisha and returned inside.

He walked up to Samson and quickly grabbed a drink which he hastily gulped down his throat.

“Hey man, what’s going on?” Samson asked as soon as he noticed the look on his face.

Micheal didn’t say a word until he had emptied the bottle halfway. Then hitting the bottle on the table, he clenched his fist.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Samson asked looking worried and confused.

“You never told me, girls, in Nigeria can be crazy,” Micheal said.

“How? What happened?” Samson asked.

“I still can’t believe the nerve of that lady” Micheal added with a frown on his face.

“What lady are you talking about?” Samson asked looking around.

“I still can’t believe that a lady had the guts to ask me to become her bodyguard,” Michael said.

“What bodyguard are you talking about? You are getting me more confused Micheal. What’s going on?” Samson asked.

Micheal then leaned in and whispered what transpired between him and Alisha to Samson who burst out laughing.

“This isn’t funny man,” Micheal said.

“I’m sorry it’s just that I can’t help but find it funny. Hahaha,” Samson laughed.

“This isn’t funny Samson. This is like an insult to me. Why the hell did she ask such a thing from me?” Micheal lamented.

“Maybe because you look like a bodyguard” Samson teased and Micheal gave him a stern glare.

While they were still talking, Alisha walked up to them and passed a piece of paper which had her phone number boldly written on it.

“Bye, Micheal. Do well to call me” She said with a wink.

As soon as she left the club, Samson quickly tapped Micheal

“What is it?” Micheal asked.

“Is she the girl?” He asked.

“Yeah” Micheal responded with a nod.

“Jeeez! Man. That girl is beautiful. And I can bet my balls that she has fallen for you” Samson said.

“Unfortunately, she’s not my type,” Micheal said glaring at Samson who burst out laughing.

And knowing full well that Micheal wasn’t going to take the piece of paper Alisha dropped on the table, Samson quickly took it and dipped it inside his pocket.

(A few hours later in Chief Anthony’s house that night)

The guy who had wanted to drag Alisha away from the club, went back to report his failed mission to chief Anthony who had contracted him to kidnap Alisha as a means to threaten Mr Nicholas.

“Where is the girl?” He asked looking at the guy whose face was swollen from the punches he had received from Micheal.

“I’m sorry chief. I had successfully captured her and was about to drag her to the car when one guy attacked me and knocked me off.

“What nonsense are you blabbing about right now? What guy could have been strong enough to knock you off when he is not even a trained military personnel? What sort of childish excuse is this? I paid you handsomely to get this job done but you ended up messing it up” Chief Anthony fumed angrily.

“I am sorry Chief. I promise this won’t repeat itself” He apologised.

“Yes of course it won’t repeat itself because you are fired” He yelled.

“But chief…..” The young man tried talking. But Chief Anthony quickly shut him up.

“….leave my house this instant and never return you bastard” Chief Anthony raged.

And without a word, the young man left his house.

(Back in Mr Nichola’s house)

Alisha retired to her bed that night with the memory of Micheal fighting off the guy that had wanted to drag her away. Meanwhile, she kept the incident that happened at the party a secret from her parents. Because she was aware that once her father finds out about that, he might restrict her from stepping out completely.

The next morning, Alisha woke up staring helplessly at her phone. Hoping to receive a call from Micheal.

“Why hasn’t he called?” She wondered.

And throughout that day, she kept staring at her phone hoping that Micheal would give her a call but nothing of that nature happened.

She was still in her room staring at her phone when she heard a knock.

“Come in!” She reluctantly said with a sigh.

As the door opened, she raised her head only to see her best friend Jane.

“Oh my goodness!” Alisha screamed out loud. Jumping out of her bed, she pulled Jane into a tight embrace.

Jane was Alisha’s best friend who had just returned from the states where she had gone to complete her studies.

After a while of pleasantries, they both sat on the bed to discuss further.

“So tell me, who is the new guy?” Jane asked casting a suspicious look at Alisha.

“What new guy?” Alisha asked looking confused.

“Don’t give me that pretence look. Because it’s written all over you with the way you have been impatiently staring at your phone as if expecting a call from someone special” Jane said.

“Oh! That? Well, unfortunately, it’s not what you think.” Alisha said.

“Really? then what is it? I’ve noticed you’ve been restlessly staring at your phone all this while. So you can’t deny it” Jane said.

After much persuasion, Alisha decided to let Jane on the truth.

“Listen jane, what I’m about to tell you, must remain a secret between us,” she said pulling her ear.

“Alright, I promise to keep it to myself. So what’s going on?” Jane impatiently asked.

Hearing this, Alisha leaned in and whispered everything to her ears. When she was done narrating her encounter with Micheal, Jane was speechless.

“Oh my! Is he that good-looking?” Jane asked covering her mouth in amazement.

“Trust me, girl. That guy is just way too perfect. You needed to have seen him fight. It made me feel like he was my armour. A prince who came to rescue his princess” Alisha fantasised.

“Snap out of it girl. You might not get what you want this time. And if I may ask, are you sure you just want him as a bodyguard and nothing more? Because I don’t understand why you are being crazy over him this way” Jane said.

“Trust me I just want him to be my bodyguard and nothing more,” Alisha said.

“But, don’t you think you should tell your father about the attack in the nightclub? What if someone is really after your life?” Jane asked.

“No jane. I can’t do that” Alisha said shaking her head in disapproval.

“But why?” Jane asked.

“Because my father will prohibit me from stepping an inch outside this house and I wouldn’t want that for myself. Besides, once I have that guy as my bodyguard, no harm will ever come to me” Alisha said.

“So what if he doesn’t call?” Jane asked.

“Then I will go look for him. He can’t escape it” Alisha said.

A few moments later, her mother walked into her room.

“Alisha, your father would like to see you for a moment,” She said.

“Alright. I’m coming” She said getting off the bed.

When she walked into the living room, she saw four hefty men standing beside her father.

“Daddy, you sent for me,” She said still looking at the men.

“Yes, I did. I called you so you can make a choice. Please take a close look at these well-trained men and pick two bodyguards of your choice” He said.

“Come on daddy. This isn’t happening again. None of these men pleases my taste” She said.

“Alisha!” Her father yelled angrily.

“Alright, daddy. The truth is, I already found a bodyguard for myself” Alisha said.

“Who is he? and where is he?” He asked.

“He hasn’t officially begun work yet. But before next week runs out, you will see him” She said.

“In that case, you have until this weekend to introduce him to me. Otherwise, you will have to go with any bodyguard of my choice” He said.

“Yes daddy” Alisha responded with a smile.

But deep down, she knew she was in for a mess.

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