List Of Items Not Needed For Interviews

Top things not required during Interviews.

Some candidates are usually confused when I get to the end of the interview sessions and I let them know if they have any questions for me.

From those shocked, puzzled, bland, excited or are you kidding-me-kind-of look, I just laugh. Interviews shouldn’t be too fraught with negative energy. We all have been there.

So I want to drop those things we don’t really need for interviews but which some of us out of ignorance still ask about:

1. Ethnicity or race
2. Faith/ Religion
3. Home Address is not same as location
4. Bank Statements
5. Marital Status or reason why someone is unmarried.
6. Why you have a gap on your resume.
7. How måny children do you have
8. Personal details of previous employers.
9. Payslips

Quite unnecessary! What other things have I forgotten, feel free to add.

Basically, the primary comsideration should be:

👉🏽What are you bringing on board?
👉🏽Do you have a track record if experienced?
👉🏽Do you meet the criteria for the role?
👉🏽Are you passionate about your job?
👉🏽Do you have the right attitude to fit in?

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