Why You Should Check Your Phone Browsing History Before Traveling Abroad

[]I just remembered what a younger colleague of mine in the US told me.
When he was traveling to the US years back, he was delayed at the airport by US immigration.
They were interrogating him and some others.
For more than one hour he was delayed. The person waiting to pick him up was worried too as she waited.

He said, one of the interrogating officers asked for his phone and he instantly gave it to him.
He said the first place the guy went to was his browsing history.

“Why did you have to Google AK/47?” The guy asked.

He said when he heard the question he smiled and the guy was surprised.

“Can you answer the question please?” The guy said.

“Can I have my phone back so I can show you why sir?” My guy replied.

The officer handed the phone back to him and my guy went into his picture folder and showed him some photos of himself at work.
He is an artist and shortly before the time of traveling, he was handling a sculpture project of a Soldier. So, he needed the picture references of AK/47 to get a perfect job.

The officer looked at him and got convinced.

He said, some of the other guys were taken to the room for deportation. Some of them were Nigerians and they were already crying.
My guy was freed and he has since been living there.

Be careful of browsing history when traveling.
The devil can use anything to kill someone’s joy.[]

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