Into The Unknown episode 11


Chapter 11

Chachi and Arinze arrived in Kaduna the next day and took the short trip to Dumebi’s house. As they entered the house, Chachi was shocked when he saw Dumebi right there in the living room amidst her family members. She looked older and thinner, but it was unmistakably Dumebi.

“Dumebi, is this really you?” Chachi asked in disbelief.
“Yes, it is me, Chachi. I survived and I made it back home.” Dumebi replied.
Chachi rushed forward and embraced her tightly, and both of them wept, releasing years of pent-up pain, hopelessness, and fear. After the emotional reunion, Dumebi narrated the harrowing ordeal of being kidnapped.
“The kidnappers, who belong to a religious sect, refused to release me when they discovered I was a medical student. They needed another medical personnel for their group. They had two nurses but no doctor. I was forced to marry one of the sect leaders who already had two wives. I wasn’t maltreated, but I had no freedom. I couldn’t leave the settlement without an escort. My chance to escape came when one of the leader’s sons was shot and needed medical attention. They couldn’t go to the hospital so, I convinced them to let me pretend he was my brother, we lied, saying he was shot by robbers. They were reluctant but eventually agreed to treat him. While at the hospital he needed a blood transfusion, and the man assigned to watch me had the same blood type. While his blood was being taken, I took that opportunity to slip out of the hospital and into a delivery truck, and that was how I moved from one settlement to another until I reached the Nigerian border.”

Chachi was overwhelmed by her story. “Oh my God, what an experience! But thank God, you made it out. After all those years, I recently prayed to God, asking Him to bring you back home if you were still alive and He answered.”
“I think we need to get her to the hospital immediately” Arinze announced.
Dumebi expressed her concerns. “No, you can’t take me to the hospital right away. If the press gets wind that I escaped the sect leader Kalifa will find me. He had become very fond of me; he wouldn’t let me go easily. What you need to do is get me and my family out of here immediately. His men are already searching for me that I’m sure of.”
Arinze suggested a plan, “If we leave now, we can catch a flight back to Abuja,”

Dumebi objected, “No, not Abuja, his influence in Abuja is strong. We need to go to Lagos, his influence in Lagos is not that strong.”
Chachi Made some calls, and they arranged for some military men to escort them to the airport. They bought tickets for Dumebi and her family and they left their life behind in Kaduna.

Once they arrived in Lagos, Chachi Lodged the family in an apartment and took Dumebi for a thorough check and fortunately, she was found to be healthy. Eventually, they were able to talk.
“I’m sorry Dumebi, it’s all my fault, if I hadn’t pressured you all this wouldn’t have happened to you,” Chachi confessed.
Dumebi reassured him “Chachi, you can’t blame yourself. It could have happened to anyone, I agreed to go. It was just bad luck that I was in that place at the time. I never blamed you. I prayed for you to cope with my absence. I know how you can be.”
Chachi explained how he coped “It was a difficult time, I had a major mental breakdown, and my parents had to step in. I vowed, to remain celibate, threw myself into my work and channeled my pain into being a successful lawyer.”
Dumebi comforted him “Oh Chachi, I’m so proud of you. But, you don’t have to do that to yourself, there is someone out there for you, you shouldn’t let guilt consume you for so long.”
“I just couldn’t do it.”
“So, you mean you never met anyone or you did but decided not to be with them?”
“I met someone recently, but now that you are back that is over.”
Dumebi insisted “No, Chachi, I can’t stay here. My family and I are not safe, we need to leave this country. Please chachi you have to help us get out. I also want to finish medical school and I don’t want to be married yet, I’m sorry. If you and this lady love each other, I suggest you get married and be happy, you have my blessing Chachi.”
Tears welled up in Chachi’s eyes as he embraced Dumebi.
Chachi used his connections to relocate Dumebi and her family abroad where she could resume her medical studies and rebuild her life.

Chachi returned to Abuja, and his love story with Ifeoma continued to flourish. They had overcome their pasts and navigated the challenges that came their way, emerging stronger and more committed to each other.

Chachi and Ifeoma eventually got married opting for a quiet wedding out of respect for Uche’s grieving parents. Their marriage was filled with happiness though not without life’s usual challenges but their faith in God remained their source of strength.

Chachi and Ifeoma’s relationship proved that with God, time, patience, and strong determination, it was possible to rebuild trust and find happiness again.

The End!

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