Why Nigeria Switched The Driver’s Seat From Right To Left

Did you know that before 1972, Nigerian driver seats were on the right side of the vehicle? However, in April 1972, under the leadership of Major-General Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria made a dramatic shift in its transportation system, moving from right-hand to left-hand driving. Factors Influencing Change: 1. Increased International Trade As Nigeria’s trade with surrounding […]

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THE OSOGBO WAR OF 1840 After the Fulanis systematically captured and made Ilorin their territory, they sacked the old Oyo Empire in 1835/1636 . They were still not satisfied with their victory; they wished to extend their rule deep into the heart of Yoruba land. Thus in 1840, they set to capture Osogbo , a […]

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List of Top 20 Traditional Rulers Dethroned in Nigerian History

1. Ooni of Ife – Ogboru Ogboru is 19th century Ooni of Ife dethroned mischievously by Ife Palace Chiefs who got tired of his 70yrs long reign. He was deceived by trick to come out of his place to come and see something at the Atiba square of the ancient Ile-Ife town and wasn’t allowed […]

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