The Unfaithful Husband episode 40

Written by Henry Zibima

At long last 🤩
Episode 40 (FINALE 😍)

Jennifer’s POV

I still found it hard to believe that Femi was the one worried about Esther’s future. But it was what he said next that swept me off my feet.

“If that’s the case, I’ll take full responsibility for everything. I’ll take care of all the bills till she graduates from the University.” Femi said confidently.

“Are you serious??”

“Sure” he answered

“Wow! I can’t believe this! You’ve really changed” I said delightfully.

“Of course”

“Wowww! this is a miracle, I’m lost for words…but Femi you have to promise me one thing”

“What’s that?” He asked.

“That you’ll not fail to do what you have said”

“Why will I? Jennifer as long as my salary can take care of it, I will ensure she receives quality education. We can send her to a private university just as we intend doing for our children”.

“Wow!” My mouth opened wide agape.

“If I say I’m not surprised then I would be the biggest liar on Earth. Femi I am stunned! It feels like a dream to me”

“Jenny, this is reality. I mean it when I say I have changed for good.”

“Hmm… okay. I just hope this new version of you will fade away”

“Trust me, I have changed. I’ve turned away from all the rubbish I used to do. It’s only a fool that would go back to his vomit, and I’m not one”

“It’s okay, I’m just shocked, that’s all. I mean; after all you did, who wouldn’t be?”

“You are right. I don’t even know why I was so blind, it was lust that took over me. Whenever I came across a beautiful lady, I would always feel this strong urge to have sēx with her, and if I wanted it, I’d go for it. I was like a terror in my workplace and it was the female students who fell victim. Most times, I would ask them out politely but when I see that they are reluctant, the next step was to threaten to fail them. The lust I had was enormous, I was out of control, like a train that had gone out of its track. Nothing could make me realize that what I was doing had repercussions, not even what happened to Jacob.”

Femi paused and I listened keenly.

“There was a time when Jacob once advised me to do away with Sonia, that was after he lost his job. Still, my ears remained stiff and neglected caution. All I can say is that I’m a lucky man.”

“You are, I just thank God you’re changed now” I said.

Everything still felt unreal to me, Femi’s change was honestly a huge surprise. Before then, I could even swear that Femi would never turn away from his promiscuous lifestyle, I never thought it was possible. But as fate would have it, he changed within the twinkle of an eye.

Esther was very lucky though. I was so so glad that she could now further her education, the best part was; I wouldn’t even be the one to pay the bills. Wow, it was like a miracle. I could only imagine how Esther would react when she gets to hear about it.


Esther was seated on the couch in the sitting room, her hand on her jaw. She looked very worried, her gaze was on the floor even though her concentration wasn’t on it.

“Esther” I called.

She was taken aback, she didn’t see me come in.

“Yes ma” she answered swiftly.

“You’re not going back anymore” I announced.

“Ma… I’m sorry but I don’t really understand what you just said”

“I and my husband have decided we won’t send you back to the village anymore. We’ve agreed to continue funding your education” I smiled, I couldn’t conceal my happiness.

Her jaw dropped, she must have been so shocked she couldn’t say a word.

“Wow!!” She finally spoke.

“Thank you very much ma, thank you. God bless you ma”

“But you have to take your studies seriously and put in your best so you don’t let us down”

“Yes ma… yes ma. I won’t let you down ma… I promise”

“And there’s one more thing you need to know… My husband will be the one to cater for everything”

It took her some seconds to comprehend what I had just told her.

“You mean Uncle Femi?” She pointed like he was standing before us.

“Yes, he has decided to take full responsibility for providing whatever thing you’ll need”

“Wow!” Her eyes shone brightly.

It was a real shocker!

There was still one more person I had to speak with- her mum.


Esther’s mum was even happier than Esther was when I broke the news to her. I told her what we had resolved to do and she was in full support. She kept on singing praises unto God and from the sounds I heard; it was obvious she was dancing. She thanked me over and over again, raining lots of blessings on me and my husband. Butterflies filled my belly and I felt satisfied that I had touched someone’s life.


It was a very long twenty-four hours to me. Lots of amazing things happened and I concluded it was the best day of my life, I actually took note of the date and it has become an unforgettable day for me.

As I lay on the bed that night, I smiled at how everything had come to play. Surely, God didn’t let me down.
. .
. .
My husband later walked in, a bag in his hand. He brought out a small box from it and gave it to me”

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Open it” he said.

Carefully, I pressed it open. It was a jewelry box.

“Wow” I heard myself say. I tried to recall the last time Femi got me a gift but I couldn’t place my head on anything.

“My love” he said softly.

“I know I have hurt you a lot, I failed to care and look after you. I know I have caused you emotional trauma, but now I’ve realized how irresponsible and careless I was, I broke you a thousand times, shunned the people that loved me from the depth of their hearts. I know what I did was very immoral but I need your forgiveness. I want you to take me back as your husband and not just as the father of your kids. I want to love and cherish you, take care of you and be a part of you. I want us to grow old together, side by side. Jennifer, I need your forgiveness” he said taking hold of my hands.

I blinked and tears dribbled down my cheek. I wasn’t sad but I cried because I felt the exhilaration of victory.

“I’ve forgiven you” I said.

“Thank you so much, my darling” Femi said, he leaned closer to me and placed a peck on my forehead.

“I’ve missed you a lot”

“I’ve missed you more”

“How about we do it this night” Femi bit his lips seductively.

“It’s being years…” I said in burning desire.

“Don’t worry my dear” Femi slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

“I’m all yours!”


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