Pregnant for my boss

Pregnant for my Boss
Episode 1
Sandra you will have to abørt this thing you have in your stomach, I mean get r!d of it. I didn’t signup for it in anyway. Charles; Sandra’s boss said.

Sandra was a young promising girl of age 24, she just concluded her first degree and finished serving her father’s land, Youth service.
She got a Job in charles Williams Firm as his secretary. Her full name was Sandra Obidike. Igbo girl who hails from the eastern part of Nigeria, From Enugu state. She was Dark skinned girl, clear definition of black is beautiful, Tall with her pointed nose and beautiful lips.

She had started working with Williams Charles some few months back. She was naive but intelligent, The way she walked was intriguing. It all started one Friday evening when Charles Williams had to stayed past time in the office and Sandra had to wait for her boss to finish and help out with what he was doing.

Little did she know that the boss was facing a rough day at home and he purposely stayed in the office to avoid going home to his wife who constantly nags at him. Sir it already getting late. Sandra told the boss.

You can go. the boss told her, but she noticed the glass of alcohol drink on the table beside her boss, Have you been drinking? Sandra asked her boss. Yes I have been drinking, I want to drink away my sorrows, Charles told sandra.

Sandra went over to his table to collect the remaining glass of wine and bottle in his boss hands. She took the glass and drop it on the other end of the table, You have to go home now, your wife would be worried. Sandra said.
She doesn’t care. She doesn’t. Charles replied.

As Sandra made effort to carry up her boss, their head met together, Do you know that you are beautiful. The boss said. Charles was already drunk. I need to take you home. Sandra replied him. I want to Kiss you, can I? please. To forget my sorrows. Charles told Sandra.

Sandra was looking at her boss sacred and shaky, You are drunk sir. Sandra said. But not too drunk to notice how beautiful you are. the boss replied and kissed her. Sir please don’t that. Sandra replied. I wish I met you before her. Charles told Sandra. You are drunk sir. Sandra replied.

Charles kissed her again, and that was it, she couldn’t resist. She couldn’t figure out why she gave in that easily. And since then, they two has been secret lovers. Charles would always tell Sandra how he had intention of filing for divorce with his wife for over a year now. The divorce never happened.

Not until now she learnt that she was pregnant and she thought it would be a reason to make their relationship public, because she had already fell deeply in love with her boss. You will get r!d of that thing in your stomach. The word of Charles kept ringing in the ears or Sandra. Was I been played? Did he ever loved me? Was I used? Several thoughts ran through the mind of Sandra.

Sandra decided to think of way to be in the life of Charles ones again. Charles came back home later that day at night, He was obviously drunk. You didn’t tell me You had married a new wife. Veronica. Charles wife said.

Sandra was seated on the next couch in Charles house, She had already told Veronica, Charles wife, what had happened. Sandra make yourself comfortable as you can see our husband is drunk for the night, There is still food in the kitchen incase you are hungry. Tomorrow we will discuss this properly. Use the bedroom by the left. Veronica told Sandra and went to bed.
A JM Konet Original story

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