The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin +18)

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🍓🍫🌹(She’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)


“Bye guys!” I shouted out to my my family as I set for work.

Hii guys u already know who I am soo theres no need for any intro.

“Hii sexy” “damn! where did u get that fat ass from” “hii cutie”.

The men said I as I walked past them to go to work.

Sighs this happens every morning.

Its kinda irritating though, I work as a waitress at a restaurant.

And I work as a cashier at a super market.

Honestly I have always wanted to be a neurosurgeon.

It was my dream growing up, but my family is poor and me being the eldest child had to drop out of college to take care of them.

Oops I forgot to tell u am not an american, well actually am African american.

My dad was offered a job here in america soo we came here thinking life would be easy but it wasn’t.

My dad lost his job 3 months ago soo I have to work to buy food etc etc.

I was soo deep in thoughts that I didnt even hear my friend calling me.

“Natasha!!” she shouted again.

I turned and saw her standing with a frown on her face and her hands on her hips.

“Am soo sorry naomi” I said with a pout.

“What were you thinking about” she asked looking worried.

“Its nothing OK let’s just go”

Naomi and I have been best friends since I moved here with my family.

She always looks out for me and I love her for that.

Shes a lil rebel also, she believes that rules were meant to be broken.

We work at the same restaurant soo we always walk together in the mornings.

But me being me totally forgot and now she’s pissed.

“Come naomi am sorry please forgive me” I said making googly👀 eyes.

“(Sighs) were bestfriends yunno u can talk to me if something is bothering u”

“If those dudes who keep hitting on harasses you just tell and imma beat there asses” she said looking pissed.

“No naomi am ok let’s just get to work before were late” she nodded in agreement.

We continued walking until we reached The restaurant.

We walked and started cleaning immediately before the morning rush.

Soon after customers came in and we started serving them.

Obviously….. Some of the men were hitting on me.

This one guy grabbed my a*s but I stepped on his toes smirked at him and walked off.

“Good move miss chocolate skin” naomi said smiling at me.

“Stop Calling me that u silly girl”

We laughed and continued working.

My parents always said that my skin looked like chocolate For some reason.

I didnt believe until Naomi started calling me ‘miss chocolate brown’.

That girl is something else😂.

We finished working by 12:00 p.m.

We bid our good byes and left.

She went home…… Well at least that’s what she said.

Me knowing Naomi knows shes gonna go to a bar and find a hot gut to sleep with(she’s american BTW).

I on the other hand is a virgin as u all may know.

And I have never had a boyfriend before.

I smiled at the though of that crazy girl.

Soon I was making way to the grocery store cause I have to be back at the supermarket by 5.
Soo after that I was 3¼ way to the grocery when I saw a boy.

He looked dirty as if he was homeless omg who’s child is this.

He had cuts and bruises all over his body.

Omg poor boy wait…is he crying …*t hes crying.

Mee being a nice person walked over to the little boy.

“Heyyy are u OK??” I cooed.

He looked up at me and damn he was sooo cute😲.

How can one human being soo cute.

He looked at me with tears streaming down his face.

Omg it touched my heart💔.

Wtf happend to him😒.

I went on my knees and hugged him he cried when i did that.

“Shh its OK its OK” I cooed.

I disengaged from the hug and questioned him.

“What happened to u?” I asked.

Then he started telling me what happened and OMG.

He’s been through a lot .

“Stay right here am gonna get u something to eat OK ” I said.

He just nodded weakly, with the money I was suppose to buy groceries with I went to a fast food joint and got some food water and toys.

I went back and we sat down and ate.

Omg he ate the food like a hungry lion.

After that I gave the boy the toys I got for him.

“Omg I love superman yay!!” He shouted happily.

Seems the toy i got lifted his mood.

I smiled he’s soo cute.

“What’s your name!?” I asked.

“Jordan what’s yours??” He said giggling.

“Im Natasha”

“U have a beautiful name”

“Thank u” i said smiling sweetly.

If only I knew what would happen next……….

Natasha and jordan finally meet …hmm

Who’s ready for noahs pov?¿?

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