The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 12

πŸ“πŸ«πŸŒΉTHE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKINπŸŒΉπŸ«πŸ“(Shes a dark skin beauty, hes an arrogant Cutie)


Noah picked me up and brought me to the bed despite all my pleadings.

He dropped me on the bed and i rolled Over to my stomach trying to go but he caught me.

He bent my hands behind my back preventing me from moving.

He laid on top of my back and began massaging my a*s.

He smacked my a*s while kissing my back.

After some more persuasions I decided to let him do what he wants to me.

He flipped me over for me to lay flat on my back.

He began stripping my clothes piece by piece.

I was only left in my bra and panty.

He stared at my body lustfuully, I could see his d*ck and woah…….

Lord help me!!

He took off his shirt and wow he looked hottttttt.

He started taking my bra off… I just closed my eyes.

Within a few seconds I felt something warm on my bre@st.

I gasped and open my eyes only to see noah sucking my n*pples.

He licked it and suckked it while playing with the other.

I put my hands In his hair moaning out his name.

Gosh! I love this feeling.. I dont want him to stop.

He started taking my panty off i was scared but reassured me that everything is ok.

He took off my under wear and started kissing my n@vel.

He kissed all over me and left love bites gosh.

He got off me and started taking his pants off.

He was Now naked And i saw his d*ck…. HOLY SHIT.

Thats 3 times the size of the guy who raped me.

He came and knelt down between my legs while i closed my eyes and covered my face.

He got a bottle and poored some liquid out of it.

He rubbed it on his d*ck.

He opened my legs and he penetrated me.

“Ooh…. noah….” It still hurt.. But noah went slow.

“Am sorry” noah said going deep.

Gosh! The further he went its like i saw stars spinning around my head.

He went pretty deep inside of me and I groaned.

I turned my head side ways trying to adjust to his size but he was damn too big.

“Mmhhmm… noah…” I Called out his name sinking my nails in his back.

Soon after I no longer felt pain… Only pleasure.

He went slow and deep.. He thrust in fast as well sometimes hard but then he goes slow.

He came over me and started kissing me.

He lifted my legs to his shoulders still kissing me.

He grinding his d*ck inside of me I can’t describe how good this feels….

After a while he started going deep and fast, I started m0aning into his mouth.

He trapped me between him and the bed holding me down.

He started going faster and faster deeper and deeper.

Every thrust fills me up leaving no space.

I finally managed to disengage from the kiss.

“Ahh.. Noah.. Mhm.. Arrgh” I m0aned out so loud gosh I couldn’t control it.

I screamed out as I gripped him tight.

He started sucking on my neck which was so amazing.

After a few minutes we both climaxxed and laid on the bed.

Noah ej@culated in me ugh!

Noah held on to me dragging me close to him.

It hurt though….. A lot….. but it felt so amazing.

“Natasha……” Noah cooed.

“I love u…. And am gonna prove it u I promise…. I love u..” He said as I was getting sleepy….

My mom was right….. Noah does love meπŸ€πŸ‡.

If this is what love is…. If this I what love feels like…. I wanna feel it forever.

“I love u too……” I said and slept off like a baby.


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