The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 3

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(Shes a dark skin beauty, Hes an arrogant cutie)


I saw 3 black cars pull up in the parking lot and a blue ferrari.

Some huge men came out of the black cars behold who came out of the blue one.

He was tall and very very handsome he had Grey eyes just like jordan omg is that jordans father??

That motherf*cker looks rich, damn he is rich.

But yet still his son looks like this.

And he treats his son like this, and he lets that bimbo abuse his son??

Nope not my type 🤷🏻‍♀.

He had lots of muscles u could see it through the shirt he wore.

You Can see his hard abs also.

Don’t get me wrong am not drooling but when I see a hot guy a girl gotta look.

He didn’t see me though and jordan was still asleep.

Then i saw a woman step out…… Eww why does have to wear soo much make up.

That must be skylar the soo called model and jordans step mom.

If i was jordan I would run away too.

Look at her she looks ridiculous.

Fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake hair, everything is fake I bet her soul is too.

Honestly though noah looks like a nice guy he’s very handsome, muscular, and he has beautiful black hair.

Damn now i know why naomi loves hot guys soo much.

They still didnt see me though soo i decided to go over there and say hi.

Believe me when I say this when noah saw me he was shocked.


We searched the whole mall but couldn’t find Jordan.

No I can’t lose him not now not ever.

One of my boys came and said a man said he saw him.

I ran outside leaving skylar.

I reached outside and saw them talking to the man.

Soo apparently jordan hopped onto his truck but he didn’t notice until he stopped the truck.

He saw jordan when he jumped out of the truck.

But When he came around to look for jordan he was already gone.

“So where is he” I asked.

“Look all I know is that I stopped my truck at a grocery store and he climbed off as well

So basically he must be at that grocery store u can search for him there” the man said and hopped in his truck.

He told me where the grocery store is though soo as of now Im on my way there.

“Noah! Noah wait” i heard sky calling.

Sh*t i totally forgot about her.

“Come on sky we gotta move I need to find jordan”

“I’m coming, gosh my feet hurt soo bad”

“My son is missing an your complaining about your feet??”

“Look calm down ok where Gonna find him” she rolled her eyes.

Sometimes i wonder why am even with this girl.

“I hope soo” with that we hopped into my car and zoomed off to the location.

We reached the location in about an hour.

Were currently looking for my son.

Where is he, he couldnt have gotten far right?


Someone shouted I turned around and I froze.

My mouth dropped instantly.

It was a girl who looked in her twenties.

She was wearing a green dress that reached her Ankles and it was skin tight.

When I saw her the universe stopped instantly.

Her hips were huge and round her, br**t bounced as she walked to me.

Skylar was calling me but I couldn’t even answer her.

This girl has a very very tiny waist and she was beautiful.

I have never seen such beauty before.

And she wasn’t even wearing makeup.

And she had…… Wait she has……brown skin.

Not any brown skin.


her skin looked smooth and cool just like chocolate despite the sun being hot.

And omg…… She was with Jordan.

Wtf he was sleeping peacefully on her shoulder.

He looks like a baby damn.

I am soo gonna punish him.

He knows what hes doing he wants me to fall for this girl.

…….I hate to admit it but I already am.

I gotta say though I have never seen him so peaceful in a long while.

“Hii are you noah” she asked ask smiling gosh who made this girl.

“Yes….yes I am noah.. Naoh ramirez” i said nervously what is she doing to me.

I saw jordan moving, apparently hes woken up.

He rubbed his eyes and looked at her.

“Mommy……” Wait wait wait a damn minute did he just say mommy.

This boy is gonna get me killed.

“Aww look who’s woken up” miss chocolate skin said smiling.

Whaaaat I don’t know her name OK….

By now Jordan was giggling.

Ugh this boy of mine.

He turned and saw me, ……you know what this guy did…he smiled.

“Yh hmm so I found your son crying while I was going to the grocery store” miss chocolate skin started explaining.

“When I first saw him i thought he was homeless cause of how dirty he looked

He looked tired and hungry soo the money i was suppose to buy groceries with I used it to buy food for him

I also bought him toys and played with after that I decided to look for u

We were walking and searching then jordan got tired

I lifted him up in my hands and put him to sleep

For about half an hour I was searching for u with him on my shoulder

But before he fell asleep he did something I find weird

He said (I LOVE U MOMMY) I was shocked

I wanted to ask why he said that but I let it slide

But he keeps on calling me mommy and I don’t know what to do” she explained I was shocked.

“Ohh and by the way my name is Natasha” she said smiling.

This girl really put a spell on me.

I turned my gaze to jordan who was smiling widely while hugging her.

“Miss natasha am so sorry about this he totally disappeared from my site” I said.

“Is there anything I could do to thank u for looking after my son??”

“What no, its OK your son is an amazing kid, u should take care of him more though and play with him regularly”

“I know but its not that simple am a dancer and a singer soo im pretty famous and busy soo its hard managing them both”I said feeling frustrated.

“That’s the reason why my girlfriend is here she takes care of him while am working”i said ponting at sky.

“Care? Care of who jordan??” she asked then busted out in laughter.

“Look mr noah if she was taking care of your son he wouldn’t have run away, I suggest u pay more attention to your soo called “girlfriend” apparently theres more to her than it meets the eye” she said still laughing.

Whatt does she mean by that???

(There’s more to her that it meets the eye)

I looked at skylar Who was giving natasha A death glare.

Jeeze women are soo complicated.

But then suddenly jordan dropped the bombshell.


Jordan shouted whaaaaaaat………………….

Haha noah and natasha finally meet😂😂
Soo…… Seems like naoh already likes natasha hmm🤔

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