The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 14

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(She’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)

🧖🏽‍♀ NATASHA’S PIV 🧖🏽‍♀

I rushed into the bathroom and began puking my guts out.

Thats weird… This has never happened before.

Unless… No, no no no.

It can’t be ok.. No it can’t.

“Natasha are u OK?” I heard noah ask.

“Noah.. Come here plz” I said sobbing, within a few seconds he came to the bathroom.

“Natasha are u OK? Why are u crying?” Noah asked looking sad.

“I.. I.. I……. I think am pregnant” I blurted out.

Noah just stared at me with wide eyes.

“And..and the worst part is… I don’t know who the father is” I said.

Noah hugged me instantly, why? Why is my life like this?

“Natasha… What are u talking about? Natasha am the father of this child” noah said looking happy.

Oh my gosh! I was soo sad that I forgot we had s*x.

“Think about it Natasha.. U got.. Yunno.. A week ago and the doctors checked your body,

They didn’t say u were pregnant… And we recently made love….. natasha your carrying my baby!” Noah explained getting even happier.

Omg hes right! If I was pregnant the doctors would have told me.

Whaaaaaaaat! Im carrying a child…. A person… In my stomach.

Noah hugged me soo tight not wanting to let go.

“I’ll call a doctor to do a checkup on u to see how old it is” noah said he was soo happy ive never seen him so happy before.

He rushed out the bathroom to call the doctor while I washed out my mouth.

“Mommy…… What’s going on?” I heard jordan ask.

“Jordan honey.. Errm.. You’ll be having a sister/brother soon!” I said to him and he screamed in joy.


After some time of waiting the doctor finally came and ran some test on me.

We’ve been waiting for about 2 hours now to see the results.

As soon as the doctor came walking towards us we all stood wanting to her what he has to say.

“Doc what does it say? Is she pregnant?” Noah asked impatiently.

“Calm down sir noah we’ll get to that in a few seconds” the doctor said sitting down.

We all sat down and watched the doctor as he fixed his glasses on properly.

He took some papers and began staring at them then he smiled.

“First of all…. Congratulations miss natasha your going to be a mother…” He said and everyone screamed in happiness.

I just sat there not knowing what to do cause… Yeah im pregnant…. But what if the baby is for the rapist.

“(Clears throat) second is………” The doctor began and everyone kept quiet.

“Your child is one day old… Soo the father of your child is obviously sir noah” the doctor said and i jumped on noah.

I cant believe this…. Am gonna be a mom…. And noah is the child’s fathers.

I just cried tears of joy… Am soo happy right now.

Soon after that the doctor left and we were celebrating.

Jordan, noah and i sat down and decided to watch a movie.

But when i saw the news my mouth dropped.

‘Famous model skylar shaw was raped and beaten up badly and Is also going to court’

‘Apparently the famous model was the one who sent the men to rape natasha a young 21 year old dark skin woman’

‘Although… everyone calls her either (the queen of the red carpet) or (THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🍫)’

Wait…… What……

Congrats NOASHA🤰🏽💦💦💝

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