The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 13

πŸ“πŸ«πŸŒΉTHE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKINπŸŒΉπŸ«πŸ“(She’s a dark skin beauty, hes and arrogant cutie)

I woke up feeling pains between my legs.

Then the memories from last night came flashing…. I blushed about It.

Then I felt a pair of warm hands massaging my br*est.

And someone s*****g on my neck.

I knew that it was noah obviously, I shivered under his touch gosh this guy!

Noah turned me around for me to lay on my back.

He 0pened up my legs and began kissing me hungrily.

Gosh! We made love last night and now he wants to do it again.

Is he aware that due to his d*cks size i have pains between my legs.

‘Oh please… The guy wants some more chocolate and u have more than enough to spare’

My subconscious mind said…. And once again I gave into Noah’s popular demand.

He slid his tongue into my mouth swirling and twerling.

He roamed his hands over my br*ast down my belly and then to my v.

He used his hand to play with my cl*t making me m0an into his mouth.

He disengaged from the kiss and started attacking my br*st still f*ngering me.

“Mm mm… Noah… Oh god…. Dont stop” I m0aned out as noah worked wonders all over my body.

He stood up with his D*ck rock solid…. Shit he’s definitely gonna damage my walls again.

He raised up my legs and placed on his shoulder.

He put the liquid thing on his d*ck again.

He positioned himself properly and began rubbing his d*ck on my cl*t.

“Noah…. Stop.. Argh” I m0aned out… Why is he teasing me.

“Tell me u want it….” Noah said still teasing me.

“Yes… Yes I want it…” I said getting impatient.

He pushed his hard c*ck into me.

“Mm mm mm mm” I moaned out as It went deeper into me.

He pushed all his inches into me and began riding me.

Thrusting in pretty deep and my moans just got louder and louder.

He just kept on going and then began whining slowly into me.

He took out his d*ck and began to rub it on my cl*t gosh not this again.

He stopped and turned me over.

This time my a*s was up in the air with my back arched.

He smacked my a*s cheek and began massaging it.

He started penetrating my v from the back and this time I told him not to go deep.

He nodded and began thrusting in from the back.

And there we were again…… Having s*x.

He finished after some time and on dropped the bed beside me panting.

Gosh I dont think i can take any more s*x my v really hurts.

I don’t think I can even walk gosh!!

He kissed my forehead and being saying.

“Natasha… I know that maybe your not ready for a relationship… Its ok I understand,

Just know that I’ve been inlove with u for so long now, and I wanna take care of u,

Treat u like a queen, cook for u, clean for u, I want u to be the mother of my future kids,

But I understand that your still in shock of what happened…. Soo I’ll Wait Natasha… I’ll wait until your ready” he said staring deeply into my eyes.

He.. He understands.. I didn’t have to even tell him.

I love him too….. But I’m scared and paranoid etc etc.

He knows…. He’s really an angel.


After that I took a shower and put on some oversized clothes.

The brought me breakfast soo I don’t have to come down.

I took pain killers to ease the pain down there.

*knock knock* I heard a knock at my door.

I went and opened it and saw noah and jordan smiling at me widely.

I ushered them in immediately.

“Mommy…. Are u ok now” Jordan asked.

“Yes am o……” I was saying when i felt the sudden urge to puke and ran into the bathroom.

OK what tha hell……………..


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