The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 6

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(She’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)


🔞+scene down below+🔞

I sighed as I walked out of her room.

Recalling the conversation of her and her mother.

Yup! I heard the conversation… I can’t believe she thinks I’m a player.

She doesn’t care about me…. Then why should I care about her then.

Scratch that I can’t stop caring about her.

I feel the same way about Her just like the way I felt about simone(jordans mom).

Gosh remembering there conversation it hurts to know she thinks that I’ll use her.

I can’t believe shes a virgin with such a killer body.

I didn’t even know…. Shes 21 for crying out loud where the hell can u find a 21 year old virgin.

Well….. She is right, I am a player… After simone broke my heart I started using s*x as a way to forget about her.

I chuckled Remembering how natasha beat skylar.

Natasha is really a work of art theres no doubt about it.

But…… Her mom though…. How could she tell I that i have a huge crush on Natasha just by looking into my eyes.

I need to stop staring into people’s eyes.

Especially Natasha’s… What if she knows that I like her…. Well technically its love.

I scoffed and went into my room.

I headed straight to the shower right away.

I took off my clothes and stepped in letting the cold water beat on my skin.

Then my mind drifted to when natasha laid down jordan.

The only reasons I was smiling is because:
1. It looked as if she was his biological mom.
2. Her a*s pushed out and damn………

Recalling how she walked towards me the first time we met.

With her bre@st bouncing like a water balloon and how her hips swayed made my d*ck erected.

Shit…. I hurriedly took a shower and got dressed.

I need to get this girl off my mind…….


I walked into the club and saw the str1ppers going up and down on the poles.

I saw some others ones grinding there asses on various guys.

Gosh I need some hot s*x right now.

I walked over to the bartender and ordered some tequila.

I gulped it down immediately…. I didn’t take anymore drinks after that.

I don’t wanna get drunk and f*ck any of these strippers then they get pregnant and have my child.

Some time later I saw a hot str1pper walking my way seductively.

She’s got a sexxy b0dy but not like Natasha’s.

I winked at her and she immediately knew what I wanted.

Minutes later I took her to the bathroom and made her go on her knees.

She unbuckled my belt and took out my d*ck.

She gasped at the size and smiled seductively.

She started str0king it down gently.

She then put her m0uth on it and began suck1ng on it.

For some reason all I could of was Natasha’s killer body.

How wide her hips are…. How big her b*tt is…. How big her b00bs are…. This made my d*ck rock hard instantly.

I held on to the b*tches hair and pushed my inches inside her mouth.

She gagged a bit but I could care less.

I started mouth f*cking her… She held on to my hips while I banged her mouth.

I while after I got bored and told her to stand up and hold on to the sink.

She bend over and pushed out her a*s as I spre@d her legs.

I shifted her p@nty and put some lubricant on my d*ck.

I slapped her as cheek making her moan.

I started pushing my 1nches into her.

“Mmmm, oh my god….” She mo@ned as a i pushed in deeper.

Around 45 minutes later I ej@culated on her @ss paid her then left.

I decided that I would treat natasha.

I went to a supermarket and bought some ice cream, cookies, chocolate, candy and flowers of course.

I just hope she doesn’t bite my head off though………

I went home after I finished shopping.

Recalling how the women in the supermarket was flirting with me I chuckled.

Dont they know that only natasha has my heart…….

Imma tell y’all a secret…… For some reason… I just feel like am the one she’s saving her self for…..

Gosh!! That girl has really done something to me.

I got home and went inside and saw Skylar there.

And Natasha telling her to get out…. Damn it I totally forgot about her.

Y’all see what Natasha did to me😩😩.

I walked over and as soon as skylar saw me she ran to me.

Wow she recovered fast……

“Baby!!!” She screamed and ran to where I was.

Ok lemme me tell y’all another secret….. I have no feelings of somewhat for this girl.

Honestly the only reasons why I dated her was because she seemed nice…… Remember… I said SEEMED.

She isn’t a nice person she cant cook nor clean She isn’t the type I wanna spend my life with.

“What are u doing here?”I asked giving her a cold look.

Natasha just put her hands on her hips.

Damn she’s really lava🤒🤒.

“Baby I came to see u” she said putting her arms around my shoulders.

I removed her hands forcefully.

“Get out” I stated feeling annoyed.

“But baby…..” She tried saying but I cut her off.

“I said get the f*ck out” I yelled at her.

Natasha just watched the drama in amusement.

“Its because of her isn’t it!!” She yelled back pointing at natasha with her fake crocodile tears.

“I thought we had a future together what tha hell!!” She said crying I scoffed.

“What are u still doing here u need to leave” I said rolling my eyes.

“This isn’t over your mine!!!!!!!” She shouted and left ugh I can’t believe I dated her gosh.

I walked over to natasha and smiled.

“Soo… Why are u up soo late” I asked.

“I was hungry for some ice cream but u don’t have any” she said standing akimbo.

I opened up the shopping bags and gave her the ice cream I bought.

She squealed like child as she got it.

“Strawberry chocolate chip is my absolute favorite” she said smiling.

I love when she smiles and even more knowing that I caused her too…..

I took out the flowers and gave her… She opened her mouth in shock as she got them.

“Omg lillie’s are my favorite flowers thanks!!” She said and then kissed my cheek and ran off still smiling with the flowers and ice cream.

Am gonna love having her here……………..


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