The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 17

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(she’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)

After i left natasha I hopped into my white and gold limo and left for the interview.

Although….. I don’t why… But something is bothering me.


After about 45 minutes of driving we finally got to the interview.

My body guards were also trailing behind me in some black lambo’s.

As soon as the limo stopped My guards came and opened the door for me.

I stepped out and as soon as the reporters saw me they rushed to me.

I ignored themand went to the interview.

I went inside and walked straight to where the lady will be asking me questions.

It was a live interview and more than 10 billion people will be watching.

As soon as the host saw me she ran to me and ushered me to sit.

“Hello everyone its our favorite singer and dancer Noah ramirez” she said staring into the camera.

We were sitting opposite from each other.

I smiled and waved into the camera.

“Soo noah…. Rumors have been going around about how u got a dark skinned girl pregnant… Is it true?”

“Yes it is”

“But.. Umm.. Noah… Aren’t u and skylar shaw dating….?”

“We broke up” I said calmly.

“Noah… Rumors has also been going around that she seduced u and had sex with u soo she could take all your money….?”

I choked on the water i was drinking… Wtf is this lady talking about.

“What? No she didnt seduce Me what are u talking about?”

“Noah… Umm havent u seen the viral video….?” She asked looking confused.

“Wha… What video?”

She took out her phone and showed me a video of my parents talking about how natasha seduced me etc etc.

I immediately called home and jordan picked up…. He was crying.

📞Jordan why are u crying….
📞…mommy is gone.. I felt my heart break as he said that…….

He then began telling me how the people at the mall insulted natasha and threw things at her.

After that she packed her things while crying and is on her way to the airport.

I told jordan to stay home and that i love him.

I know what i have to do, i stood up and dragged the camera down and looked at it intensely.

“Listen up everyone… Natasha isn’t a whore and a slut.. She is a sweet angel and I love her with all my heart…

My parents are liars natasha never seduced me… I was the one who fell for her deeply and made love to her she didnt do anything….

I cant believe u guys are taking sides right now….. Haven’t u guys heard the news that Skylar set her up to be raped…. What kind of heartless racist assholes are u guys…..

And now all because of your bullshit and your stupidity natasha is on her way to the airport… U guys just drove her away from me…

Yunno what… F*ck all of u… Am done with music and dancing… If u guys can’t accept the fact that Natasha Is the woman I love then u guys aren’t my fans am officially retiring from music and dancing….

Am gonna marry natasha and live happily ever after and u guys and my parents can go and eat a d¡ck…

My parents kicked me out and i had to make it on my own soo they shouldnt be talking about tasha…..

Good riddance to all of u raggedy b¡tches” i said with tears streaming down my cheeks.

I left and rushed to the airport ignoring all of the red lights and police cars… Am coming Tasha dont give up on me yet……..


I’m currently on my way to the airport.

It breaks my heart to leave it really does, but i have no choice.


I finally reached the airport, I paid the cab driver took my luggage and began going in.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as the memories of noah and jordan started rushing in.

I hate to leave but I just can’t stay, I’ve caused enough problems already.

“Natasha…” I turned sharply and saw a huge huge hugeeeeee crowd behind me… I looked at the man who called my name.

“Natasha we are fans of noah Ramirez… And on behalf of all of us and others who couldn’t make it… We just wanna say sorry” the man said.

The people starting bringing out plack cards with ‘were sorry’ ‘plz don’t leave noah’ etc on them.

I turned to leave when someone called me again.

I turned and it was noah running to me.

He hugged me not wanting to let go.

“Noah stop I have a flight to catch….” I tried saying but he just crashed his lips on mine.

He kissed me desperately not wanting to stop.

“Natasha please don’t go… Forget them OK! We can move from here and start a new life OK please just stay” he said with tears streaming down his cheeks.

The crowd started chanting ‘natasha don’t go, natasha don’t go’.

Soo yeah am not leaving… Am gonna stay and fight for our love.

“I’ll stay” I said and immediately noah lifted me up in his arms swirling me round and round.

Then he let me down and moved away from me….

He got on his knees and took out a small box with a huge diamond ring in it.

“Natasha…. You’ve been through a lot.. And am sorry for that.. But I couldn’t help but fall deeply for u… Natasha.. WILL U MARRY ME… AND BE MRS RAMIREZ….” He said and tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Yes… Yes noah.. Yes I will marry u” I said and he stood up and placed the ring on my finger while the crowd began to roar like a lion…….


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