The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 4

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(She’s a dark skin beauty, he’s an aroggant cutie)


What tha hell?????

Did he just ask if natasha could be his mommy.

This boy is gonna get me in trouble.

I looked at natasha who was now shocked by what he said.

Jordan was only giggling like a baby and kissed her on her cheek.

Wait a minute……… They do look good together.

Maybe it isn’t such a bad idea.

I was gonna go to Skylar and talk it out with her then Natasha.

But she was soo angry that she turned pink.

What is wrong with this girl ughhh🤦🏻‍♀.

She then smirked.

OK something is about to go down.

“No no and no that negro b*tch cannot be your mommy” skylar said.

Natasha’s mouth dropped.

What the heck is wrong with skylar why would she say that.

I stared at her in confusion.

She stared back at me still smirking.

“What? I mean why would he want that dark skinned wh*re to be his mother….. I mean look at she’s just a cheap dirty a*s b*tch

Look at me I’m rich I’m beautiful and have class she’s just a nobody” Skylar stated while smiling.

Natasha was soo shocked that she couldn’t even do anything.

“What the heck Skylar wtf is wrong with u” I stated angrily.

She just shrugged it off giving me a whatever look.

I looked at natasha to see that she put jordan down and was taking off her shoes.

She tied her dress in a small knot and made a pony tail with her locks(yeah she has golden locks).

She stood up and gave Skylar such a look that my blood froze instantly.

The atmosphere changed.


Within the blink of an eye natasha pounced on skylar like a hungry lion.

Natasha is very heavily loaded while Skylar is on the slim side.

Soo yeah skylar fell to the floor immediately.

She screamed as she landed on her back with natasha on top of her.

Natasha instantly started beating the cr*p out of sky.

Sky was on the floor screaming In pain.

A huge crowd was now present.

I signalled my body guards to Part the fight but Natasha wasn’t planning on stopping.

Cause she beat up my guards as well.

Then she jumped Up in the air and landed on Skylar who was now shedding tears and begging her to stop.

A warning to everybody📣📣.

Dont start a fight if u cant finish it.

I ran to where they were fighting in hopes of parting the fight but half way there natasha gave me such a look that I stopped dead in my tracks.

F*ck this girl is soo evil.

I guess looks can be deceiving after all.

Everyone was videoing the fight even news broadcasters were here.

“NATASHA!!!!” We hear another girl scream.

Everyone looked at her.

She looked hot but not as Natasha.

She and natasha both looked at each other and before I knew it the girl ran To skylar and started ripping her clothes.

She ripped off Skylar’s hair.

Wtf I thought that was her real hair.

They continued to beat sky Up until jordan spoke Up.

“Mommy no stop it!!” Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at jordan.

He ran to nat with tears in his eyes he hugged and begged her to stop.

Natasha who was now in tears hugged Jordan and cried with him.

It was such a beautiful scene that everyone started crying.

Tears came streaming down my cheeks as I watched the mother and son scene.

I don’t know what happened to me but I just ran to where they were and hugged them both.

The scene was soo amazing that everyone forgot about sky.

Even the girl who jumped in the fight joined in the hug.

Soon after people one by one joined the hug.

Police officers, the broadcasters, the guards.

Everyone it was truly beautiful.

Thats it no matter what I have to make nat jordans mommy they look beautiful together.
4 hours later************

I had to pay each of the police a million dollars as to not make natasha go to jail.

Sky went to the hospital because She broke a few bones.

The scene of what happened earlier was all over the news.

Everyone was talking about the fight and how natasha Was doing some mother and son bonding with jordan.

As for me I am soo happy for some unknown reason.

Right now we are currently in a limousine taking Natasha and Naomi home.

Soo…. Apparently those two she devils are friends.

Well that was obvious from how naomi saw natasha beating skylar and joined the fight.

“Natasha” I called softly.

She looked at me and smiled shes really pretty.

“Umm… Am sorry about everything that happend today

And I wanted to ask if you could be my sons mother….” I said feeling nervous.

She looked at me a while then turned her gaze to jordan who stared at her with pleading eyes.

Her friend was busy drinking champagne.

“Hmm…….yes but i have some conditions”

“Sure anything”

“My friend and my family must have mansions, both houses Are suppose to be loaded with food and house hold appliances,

my family should get ten million dollars while my friend gets eight and I’ll move in with u guys” she stated with a serious look on her face.

Naomi looked at her with tears In her eyes.

“Well then natasha consider it done… Jordan meet your new mommy”i said smiling.

“YYYAAAYYY I LOVE U DADDY” Jordan Shouted as he pounced on me.

These two really love pouncing on people.

I smiled and kissed his forehead its been years since i heard him say that.

Meanwhile Natasha was just hugging naomi who was crying.

Thats it………..from this day on am gonna make a promise to myself.


Soon after that we took naomi home she couldn’t stop thanking me.

By tomorrow naomi And natashas family is gonna be in there mansions.

We reached natasha’s house and she explained everything to her family.

They were soo happy they screamed in joy and hugged her.

Jordan was looking jealous soo he squeezed his way through and hugged Natasha.

I just smiled at the drama.

I havent felt soo happy before.

And this is all because of the girl with chocolate brown skin.

Before we got here we went shopping and bought lots of groceries and clothes and shoes and etc……

The atmosphere Has changed the place is now filled with warmth and joy.

Some minutes after natasha made me stay longer than usual and she cooked.

I must say this Girl is really a chef…………

who agrees that Skylar deserves the beating🤣🤣🤣🤣

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