The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 15

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(She’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)


I lifted her up in my arms and carried her to her room.

I told Jordan to go to bed but he’s as stubborn as I am.

Put down Natasha on her bed quietly as to not wake her.

I smiled and kissed her smooth chocolate skin, she’s just soo perfect.

I can’t wait to see my son or daughter, I bet there gonna look just like her.

I looked at jordan to see he’s staring at me, hmm I wonder why?

“Hey its time for bed let’s go” I said to him but he ran from me giggling.

I chased after him and caught him, He’s definitely getting punished.

I started tickling him as I brought him to his room, the house was filled up with his laughter.

I reached his room and dropped him on his bed while he smiles at me widely.

“Daddy…. Do u love mommy” he asked.

What does thials boy know about live he’s just 5.

I chuckled…

“Yes.. I love your mommy with all of my heart” i told him.

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

“I love u daddy❤” he said.

Am really blessed to have a son like him.

“I love u too son❤ good night” I turned off the lights and gave him a forehead kiss then left.

I went to my room and took a warm shower.

I wasn’t feeling sleepy soo I told one of the maids to bring me some creamy coffee.

I sat down on the balcony staring at the view.

Then my mind drifted to how natasha and I made love.

How I squeezed and sucked on her beautiful br*est.

How I kissed her sweet lips and held her wide hips.

How I pushed my inches down into her.

How she screamed out my name and sinked her nails into my back.

If i continue to think of her am gonna get a hard on gosh.

I miss her so much….

Thats it…. Am sleeping in her room tonight……


Tears streams down cheeks as I lay there on the hospital bed.

I couldn’t do anything because I was hand cuffed to it.

I saw the hospital door open and Noah’s parents walked in.

“Honey are u OK.. How are u feeling” his mom asked.

“Am…am fine” I said still crying, I let my obsession lead to my doom.

“I can’t believe it….. That dark skinned girl is pregnant for noah…” I heard his father say.

Am not surprised… I knew she would end up pregnant for him.

He does love that girl.. He looks at her in a loving and caring way.

Even I’m pregnant for one of those guys who r@ped me…..

I won’t abort the baby though… I know am gonna end getting a life sentence but still, am not getting any younger.

“What are we gonna do… We can’t let them be together” his mom said.

Am seriously getting annoyed by these two.

I looked and saw Mr ramirez smile widely… And evil smile.

“I have the perfect idea….. Were famous… And so is noah… We need to get his fans to start throwing shades at her to drive her away.. Then he can live with Skylar in peace” i heard his father.

My eyes open wide in shock… What they can’t do that can’t they see those two are happy.

“What… Noo leave them alone” I shouted but they literally ignored me.

Soon after they went on live and started crying.

Saying that natasha has corrupted noah and because of her he hates them.

Natasha has enough to handle…. Pregnancy, the rape issue… Now this.

Shes gonna end up leaving them….. And i cant do anything to stop that.


Imagine…. Noah’s parents😒

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