The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 2

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓 (She’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)


Hii everybody as u already know am Noah Ramirez.

I am a very wealthy guy, a billionaire to be precise.

Am also a dancer and a singer a very famous guy😁.

I worked hard to get here though, my story isn’t like the ones where guys get huge inheritance from their family.

I had to work hard to get here, even though my parents are filthy rich.

Back then when I was 18 my parents kicked me out saying I had to make it on my own.

I had a girlfriend back then and I really loved her💖.

She was my first but I wasn’t hers, I didn’t care though I just loved her.

I would work hard and get money soo I could buy expensive things for her.

But little did I know that she was using me.

After a while she got pregnant I was soo happy☺.

We werent rich but who cares.

I took care of her even more.

I spent hours on top of hours working to give her a good life.

Apparently it wasn’t enough though cause after she gave birth i found out that she was having sex with my best friend while she was pregnant.

She wasn’t even mad about it, she left with him the other day and left our son with me.

It was heart breaking honestly I gave her everything and she still did this to me.

But I couldn’t sit around feeling sorry for myself I have a son to feed.

Soo I picked myself up worked and when I was 23 I became rich.


Cause I was a good dancer and soo I recorded song and dance videos of myself so yeah that’s basically why.

I loved my son really much soo I work hard soo I can give him the best life as possible.

When he was two I saw my sons mother on the news.

I apparently she was caught up in illegal things and she borrowed some money from a gang leader.

But she couldn’t pay it back so she was killed.

Yet again I was heart broken because after what she did I still loved her.

I still hoped that she would come back.

But unfortunately life took its toll on her.

When my son was 4 I finally got over her and started a new relationship with a model.

Hey name is Skylar Shaw she is beautiful hot and smart.

Plus she loves my son😄.

As of now we are at a mall shopping for Skylar.

She loves shopping soo much, she has loads of clothes some she hasn’t even worn yet.

Sky really looks happy but my son isnt.

Before I met sky jordan was always happy.

But now hes always sad, I often wonder why though but i still dont know.

Speaking of jordan where is he??

“Jordan!!!” I shouted but got reply I started searching for him immediately.

Omg!! No I can’t lose jordan no no no.

“Baby what wrong” I herd sky asking as she cat walked towards me.

“I can’t find jordan have u seen him?!”

” What no I thought he was behind me”

F*ck i should have paid more attention to him sh*t.


Am tired of living with my stepmother I can’t take it anymore.

While no one was looking I ran as fast as I could until I saw a truck.

I hopped into the back and cover myself so no one would notice.

I hate my stepmother and I hate my father.

Your maybe wondering why??

Well let me tell you.

Father said my real mommy was dead and before she left us with another man.

Soo I never saw my real mommy.

But daddy was always taking care of me.

I hate the fact he’s barely around nowadays.

My daddy is famous and I understand that he has to work to provide for me and am ok with that.

When my daddy is around he always plays with me.

But I know for a fact that deep inside, my daddy is still hurt by what my biological mommy did.

My daddy and were happy until that biatch🙄 called skylar came and is trying to take him from me.

Am very smart even though am just 5 years old.

That stupid woman is not good for my daddy.

When daddy is around she’s an angel towards me but behind his back she’s a total she devil.

She makes me massage her feet, wash dishes, clean the house, and bring food to her while she does nothing.

This idiot can’t even cook🤦🏻‍♀.

One time I broke a plate while washing and she walked up to me and pushed me off the chair and I broke my nose.

She then gave me a resounding slap and said I should not tell daddy that I fell.

I did as she said and daddy punished me because he said the reason why it happened is because I play too much.

My daddy never takes my side but am not giving up on him.

Am gonna run away for a while and find a new mommy and a wife for daddy so that he can finally leave that bimbo.

I heard the truck start so I stood still where I was.

About an hour later the truck stopped and I jumped out.

I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me and then stopped and sat down near a grocery store.

Then when I recall everything that happened to me I started crying.

For hours people saw me and walked past me and I was hurt deeply.

Why are people soo mean😭😭😭.

I was still crying when I heard a angelic voice asked if am OK.

I looked up at her and at that moment its its the universe stopped moving.

This women was heavily loaded….if u know what I mean😉.

Her skin though it reminds me of chocolate its soo beautiful shes so beautiful.

This women makes my already ugly step mama look hideous.

When i looked into this woman’s eyes I knew that she would be my mommy.

Yes mission accomplished I have found my new mommy😂😋.

Now its time to use my acting skill on her she will surely have no choice but to be my mommy.

She went and bought food and toys for me she is soo kind she is a goddess.

Yes!! This woman is amazing.

She told me I should not cry because superman wouldn’t.

She even played with me she pretended to be cat woman and I was superman.

She ran while I chased her and she made me catch her then take her to jail(not a real one though).

I love my new mommy soo much❤❤❤.

After that she said she was gonna help me find my daddy.

But I was soo tired that my legs hurt.

And I couldn’t walk anymore.

But life is soo amazing when u have a loving and caring mommy.

Mommy lifted me up and carried me on her shoulders like am a baby.

I was soo happy😄😄😇 tears came of my eyes.

I have never felt soo loved before I knew it I was drifting to sleep soo before I did I said something out loud.


And after that I slept like a baby.


Whaaaaaaaat? Did he just call me mommy.

Well I shouldn’t be surprised cause after how his step mother treated him u can’t blame the kid.

I had lots of fun with him today he’s an amazing kid.

I was still searching for his parents when I saw the most beautiful human being ever……….

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