The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 5

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(She’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)


OK…… I know what your thinking…….maybe I shouldn’t beat her so badly.

But how dare she🙄.

Look guys am not the type to have beef with anyone.

Nor to fight anyone but she crossed the line.

How could she embarrass me like that ugh.

Poor jordan he had to witness that side of me I can’t believe it that’s so embarrassing.

Well atleast thats all over with.

Soo now am currently at home.

Can u imagine… Am the mother of a child I never gave birth too.

The reason I asked for those things from noah.

Is because naomi deserves it.

I mean shes my friend shes always there for me when I need her.

She’s truly an angel and I want her to have the best life as possible.

As for my family they deserve what they are getting too.

I want them to be happy, as for me.

Am not the type to like expensive things.

I work with what I have am not the flashy type.

I can wash clothes with my hands, I can cook and I can clean.

I’m more of a simple type of female.

Right now were currently at my parents house.

I’m making dinner.

Its a famous jamiacan recipe.

Rice and red peas with stewed chicken.

In jamiaca they normally prepare that meal on christmas or every sunday.

Noah and Jordan are In The living room with my brothers and sisters.

I was seasoning the chicken when my mom walked in with a calm look on her face.

“Mom” I called while washing of the seasoning of my hands.

“He likes u” my mom suddenly said.

I stared at her in shock.

Wtf is she talking about.

Noah…. Likes…. Me…..

Is this woman feeling okay.

“Mom what are u talking about he doesn’t like me”

“Natasha dear… Haven’t u seen the way he looks at u”

“Mom that’s it am going back to preparing dinner” I said turning my back to her.

“Honey u can say whatever u want.. But that boy is in love with u” my mom said shrugging.

“Mom am not in the mood ok”

“Look honey whether u like it or not hes inlove with u”

“Mom, haven’t you heard of this guy he changes girlfriends the same way he changes shoes

Every week he has a new girlfriend mom that guy can’t fall in love

Haven’t u heard stories of him and how he just f*cks girls and dump them????

Mom I’m not falling for a player like him mom not now not ever

Am only going with him because of jordan ok mom soo can u stop now” I said feeling annoyed.

“(Sighs) its ok honey i know you don’t trust him but I’ve seen how he stares at you

He’s in love with u and you’ll soon fall for him honey

And I can put my head on a rock and swear that he won’t break your heart honey

Cause I can also tell thats he been heartbroken before

But do what u want ok sweetie believe what u want

But that noah guy is inlove with u and you’ll soon realize it”

With that she walked off.

Ugh my mom can be soo dramatic how can a player fall in love.

There called players for a reason yunno.

Even if what she’s saying is true which am 100% percent sure isn’t.

I won’t fall for him.

I won’t let anyone play me, take my virginity and leave, or break my heart.

Im keeping myself for my soul mate.

‘What if what shes saying is true’

My subconscious mind said.

I suggest u shut the h*ll up i don’t wanna hear that crap.

Love?? Oh Please.

Am not interested in no such thing.

🌿45 minutes later……🌿

Currently everyone is now seated at the table eating.

“Wow this taste amazing” I heard noah say while eating.

“Thanks so much noah” I said smiling.

He smiled back then I looked at my who was enjoying the scene.

She’s such a drama queen.

We finished eating and now am currently saying goodbye to my family.

Yeah noah has already made arrangements for the things I asked about.

By this time tomorrow my family and Naomi will be in there mansions.

“Byeeeeee everyone” I shouted as the limousine drove off.

They waved to me gosh they look soo happy.

This is what u call goals💕💕.

Jordan was now sleeping peacefully.

Wow hes the splitting image of his father.

Noah is currently on his phone doing whatever.

Am just looking through the window.

But I couldn’t help but notice noah looking at me every now and then.

Oh whatever…..


The limo stopped at the most huge and beautiful house I ever saw.

Omg look at it.

Noah stepped out immediately…

Thats rude🙄…. Wth he came and open the door for me smiling widely.

Ugh this guy…

I lifted jordan in my hands and put him on my shoulders carry him inside.

Wow this place is really amazing, being rich is awesome.

Soon after we reached inside and a wow escaped my lips.

The floor was tiled in blue…. Well actually all the floor is glass.

It has the designs of sharks on it.

It basically has a 3d painting of the ocean.

Gosh I like this place.

“U like it” I heard Noah’s voice.

“Like it omg I love it” he chuckled.

“Well in that case……. Welcome home”

I like this place 100% percent.

“Hmm noah where’s jordan room” I asked still looking around like a lost kitten.

“Come with me” I followed him and he led me to jordans Room and OHHH HELLL NOOO.

The place is astounding his bed was huge and his whole room was in blue and purple.

And the balcony is wow.

I rested Jordan on his bed quietly as to not wake him.

I kissed his forehead, I was about leaving when I turned and saw noah staring at me smiling widely.

Ok that’s weird, I didn’t know what to do soo i just stood there.

“Thanks for doing this I really appreciate it” he said still smiling.

Ok this guy really likes smiling.

“Sure no problem” I said feeling nervous by his gaze.

Ok what the hell is wrong with me.

“Come lemme take u to your room” he said and walked out.

I just followed behind him.

He brought me to my room and its unexplainable.

It was pink and red with glitter all over the place.

Wow I think I like the rich life already😁.

“Natasha…….” Noah cooed umm why do I feel soo nervous.

“If there’s anything u need or if u want someone to talk to, u can ask the maids to escort u to my room”

Gosh why do I feel soo nervous and shy.

“Umm ok thanks goodnight” I said shyly.

“Goodnight…” He said softly and walked away.

I closed the door and sank to the floor what’s wrong with me………

Hmm do u guys think noah is actually inlove wit her or is it just lust he’s feeling🤔

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