The Girl With A Chocolate Brown Skin episode 15b

🍓🍫🌹THE GIRL WITH CHOCOLATE BROWN SKIN🌹🍫🍓(She’s a dark skin beauty, He’s an arrogant cutie)


I ran to the bathroom to puke like jeez! This pregnancy thing just isnt working out.

But…. Skylar… How could she do this.

She’s the one who set those men up to rape me…..

I dropped to the floor, tears streaming down my cheeks.

How could she….. I know she hates me… But to make me get raped…. She ruined my life.

I laid down on the floor crying my eyes out…. How could my life turn out to be this way.

Then i touched my belly… I smiled remembering I have a little person inside my tummy.

I can’t believe I’m pregnant gosh!

Ive always wanted to be a mom…. But I was scared.

And am still scared to leave the mansion….. Gosh! Am really scared by what happened.

Wait a second…. The news also said that Skylar was also raped….. I don’t even know if I should be happy or not.

But then a again… I can’t let this get me down…. I may have been raped.. But I have to be strong.. Both for me and my baby.

I giggled as I rubbed my tummy… I cant wait until him or her is born.

I got up and began to wash out my mouth when I heard some commotion downstairs.

I walked down there carefully and saw noah and his parents arguing..

“Skylar has gotten raped and your just here doing nothing!” I heard his mom shout.

As soon as they saw me they became more angry.

Yunno…. Am starting to think that Noah’s family is racist.

“Ohh shes the reason your not visiting skylar huh!” His father shouted.

“Skylar and i aren’t in a relationship whatever happens to skylar isnt my problem… ” i heard noah say.

“How can u be soo cruel…. Did this witch put some Form of spell on u?” his mother said.

I don’t know why… But am just really really calm.

Am literally just watching the drama i have no intention Of somewhat to argue with these people.

“Hey!! U won’t speak to her that way!! Shes the mother of my unborn child soo she is my priority!!” I heard noah shout angrily.

His parents looked at him then me in shock then anger.

“No.. No this is unacceptable!! I will not accept any grandchildren from that burned skinned woman!!” His father shouted angrily.

Then suddenly….. I felt a huge wave of hungry grip me.

I left them arguing and ran to the kitchen.

I took a huge bucket of ice cream, a box of chocolate chip cookies, strawberries and cows milk.

Then i sat on the floor and began devouring everything.

I have never felt soo hungry in my whole entire life.

Noah and his parents were still arguing while I couldnt stop eating.

After i finished eating I just became sleepy.

I rubbed my eyes and lay on the floor feeling soo comfortable.

After a few seconds i slept like a rock………..


I sat down with jordan and natasha feeling soo happy that natasha is gonna have my baby.

Remembering how i made love to Natasha…. And how she let me… Just made my heart warm up.

I love her soo much💖🍼.

Were watching tv when the news came on.. It said that skylar got raped and beaten severely.

I smiled in my mind😏.. Serves her right for making my chocolate queen go threw hell.

Natasha ran to the bathroom in tears, i was gonna go after her when my parents walked in looking angry.

They basically came here because skylar got raped and i didnt go see her… Like seriously why should I.

Soon after we got into a huge heated argument…. Honestly i dont care what they wanna say.

They dont own my life…. They kickek me out and i had to build my legacy on my own.

Soo who the heck are they to tell me who to love and dont love.

When i told them that natasha was pregnant they looked at me in shock.

Then they say that they wont accept my child as their grandchild.

NOONE….. GIVES….. A….. FLYING….. F*CK…..

i looked at the stairs and couldn’t see natasha.

I continued to argue with my parents until i got bored and kicked them out.

“Ha! Are u kicking us out? Your own parents” my mom asked in shock.

“Why…. Are U two still here?” I asked and they angrily left.

I looked at jordan to see him laughing soo hard he fell off the couch.

“Hey stop laughing and come on.. We gotta go search for your mother” I said while lifting him up in my arms.

We began searching but couldnt find her.

I saw one Of the maids and asked her where is natasha.

She said Natasha is In the kitchen sleeping.

Wait…. What………

I walked to the kitchen with jordan still in my arms.

I got there and behold…..

I saw her lying on the floor with about 3 empty buckets of Ice cream, 1 empty box of cookies and an empty container of strawberries… Not to mention 2 empty boxes of milk.

Gosh!…. She ate that much.

Jordan and i began to giggle.

I put him down and he ran to natasha kissing her on her cheek.

She looks just like a new born when she sleeps.

I walked over to her and sat beside her and kissed her neck then her face.

What would i do without this chocolate skin beauty.


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