Ugly Dilemma episode 10

Ugly Dilemma
Episode 10 (final episode)

“This makes sense alot, so your lover Ms.Gina killed my step sister. You two blamed it on me and now am here fighting for my freedom “, I cried out.

“Greg how could you? You still went behind me to be with your first lover, oh my God “, Bella cried out.

“Mrs Greg you are Going behind bars for life, for killing an innocent woman. As for you Mr Greg you are an accomplice, to the death of Debby and also the death Gold your ex”, the lawyer stated.

“But I didn’t kill any body, am innocent”, my father yelled.

“Oh no your not, now I get why your around all the killings but you where never involved in any. You wanted to get rid of the two women in your life so you can be free to do what you do best (womanizing). Therefore you invited investigator Stan to help with the case so you won’t be a suspect and then when Stan was digging deep into the case and realized there was something more you sent your lover Ms.Gina to snuff the life out of Stan. I believe Stan was fighting for his life when her jewelery fell on the crime scene”, I revealed.

“That jewelry was your wife’s jewelry but you took it and gifted it to your lover Ms.Gina, isn’t that right? I questioned.

Everyone went quiet, the detective was shocked and wondered how I placed everything.

“Say no more kiki, these people will rot in jail. Your lover Gina confessed everything and she will also rot in jail”, the lawyer stated.

I was set free, I saw the guilt and pain in their eyes for the very first time. I could feel their loss and regret, I walked out of the room.

I felt bad for the death of my step sister Debby, I walked home and got all my things out of the house. I moved back to school since I had an apartment there, the case of my late sister spread like wide fire.

They announced the culprits showing the faces of my step parents and Ms.Gina. people in school sympathized with me, but then some thing lovely happened.

I was sent an email by Interpol, to work with them. They needed my skills of being there investigator so I accepted, beside school was getting too toxic for me. I needed a new environment to think and explore.

I was trained, and taught everything I needed to know. I received my first star, and got my first case as a high leveled investigator.

Sometimes life throws to the darkest part just help you find who you actually are. Just like they say life happens, it happens to make you happen.

The end.

Tishania Ginikachi

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