Clever episode 25

Episode 25 ( Final)

I drove out while dialing Geoffery’s number but he wasn’t picking up, I drove to his house. I packed outside his gate while I walked into the compound, I knocked at his door and he opened ushering me in without a word.

“Thank you for the gift, I love it,” I said

“You are welcome” he replied coldly

“I am sorry, I would have called to let you know Johnson was taking me out i…” Geoffrey cut me off

“Hey, you don’t owe me an explanation, I understand he is your husband and I was his driver. It’s ok really” Geoffery said

“Geoffrey I am sorry, I didn’t mean to treat you that way, I like you but I am in love with Johnson…I just don’t want things to end between us badly” I explained

“it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize to me, I mean I knew you were didn’t force me into loving you,” he said

“I wouldn’t be pushing through with the application, my family needs me and Johnson is a changed man and he deserves a second chance,” I said

“I know you wouldn’t be able to push through, I sense you still love your husband a long time ago, well I wish you all the best. I have no personal issue with your husband except for the way he treated you, I am glad he has changed” Geoffery said giving me a sad smile.

He stood up and hugged me, I knew his love was pure and I wished he find someone who will love him back. We promised to remain friends, as he wished me well with Johnson.

I drove back to my house but Johnson and the kids had left, I drove to his house and walked in, Johnson was in the sitting room looking at our wedding pictures, I cleared my throat and he jerked off. He rushed to hug me with tears flowing down his eyes.

“Please don’t leave me” he pleaded, I held his face in my hands and looked into his eyes, “I am coming back home,” I said.
Johnson hugged me up high crying and laughing with joy, he rushed to go call the kids from their room as he broke the news to them, they all hugged me happily.

” how about your school,” Johnson asked trying to dry his tears.

“I never applied,” I said smiling at him.

“I love you so much and will enroll you to any school of your choice” Johnson pledged happily.

Johnson kept to his words, he is now a loving father and husband, he made me his Finance Accountant, I am also a masters holder .
Johnson opened a fashion school for me and Our kids spend all of their holidays with us, sometimes we travel out for vacations as a family.. my Family is whole and Happy Again..

The End💕💕

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