Clever episode 23

Episode 23

My father and siblings have been pleading with me to return to my family and the more I tried to explain myself to them, it was making sense even to myself.

I have been preparing for my birthday in a little way, it would be my first birthday celebration since I got married. Johnson has always forgotten my birthday or did he just not care!!

It was in three days and I had called Johnson to let in know I will come to pick the kids up the next day. I did not reveal to him it was for my birthday.

Johnson brought the kids himself instead, I had just made dinner so I invited him to eat, he ate the food with so much joy. I smiled as I watched him.

“Anita you Still love him” that was my subconscious teasing me

I smiled and wished things could go back to the way it was but my trust in him was broken.

The next day I called my dad and siblings to get ready by 3 pm I would be taking them out. I dropped the call and then heard a knock on the door, it was 7 am and Geoffery doesn’t come to my house that early.

I went to open the door and I was shocked at who it was….Johnson standing in front of my door with a beautiful cake and flowers.

“My love, I am here as an imperfect man, trying to celebrate my home, the mother of my children, the wife of my youth. I know I have never recognized your birthday, but i wished to start today and promise never to stop celebrating you. Happy birthday, my love” johnson said with tears dripping from his eyes.

I was all teary as I watched him speak, I collected the cake and hugged him.

“Thank you so much,” I said cleaning my tears.

Johnson offered to take us all out with my family and I accepted. It was a great evening for me having all my loved ones together to celebrate my birthday and graduation.

After the party, Johnson drove us home but the kids insisted he spent the night at my place, so I accepted.

I knew it was a trap from my family and kids…the way we were all over each other at the party was so obvious.

Heaven knows I so much wished he will make love to me as I was all heat up, but I didn’t want to make the first move, fortunately he felt same way.

Johnson kissed unexpectedly as we got to the room, i reciprocate without hesitation, i helppd him tight and i mosn to his kissed. He fumbled my breast making me to moan louder, he lifted me up and took me to the bed caressing my body and kissing it like a hungry baby.

Johnson made sweet love to me like he never did before….


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